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We are, a website dedicated to exploring solutions to human Health, Nutritional and Agro-farming challenges. seeks to provide simple and practiced solutions to common issues experienced in everyday life and livestock production (poultry). As a web user or knowledge seeker, we ask that you abide by our simple terms which include:

· Every article published on is free from plagiarism as we work diligently to make sure our articles are prepared from gruesome research and foolproof trials.

· As a content creator who decides to copy our content, we recommend you to give us a backlink on that particular post which you have copied as to enable to understand that you are using our post as a reference to your post.

· We have disabled Cookies for because it is not an E-commerce website.

· is not responsible for data deduction in your device. If you have complaints on data drainage, we refer you to talk to your internet service provider (ISP) as to know the data rates you are being charged, we advise that you contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as data transmission is a third-party to our service.

· We ensure your connection and is encrypted. We support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to establish an encrypted connection between and your browser. This link ensures that all data passed between your browser and remains private and integral. is a corporate company stands firm to upgrade and change their terms and conditions without your consent.

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