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Elvis Chris

MR Elvis Chris, The official founder of Standcode Nigeria, A Nigerian, Imo state in Okwu Uratta. he's knowledge best deals on Computer existence, digital lifes and on agricultural science. He founded Standcode Nigeria during his research and vision on how to help people and how to improve the ability of the entrepreneurship in the society.

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Saddam ninhor
Share holder

Mr Ezeani Uchechukwu, AKA Saddam Ninhor, currently undergoing B. TECH programme in Microbiology at Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Ezeani uchechukwu has been a contributor towards the empire of Standcode Nigeria since 2018, he has associated with standcode company in other to improve life's. 

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Jackson Promise
Share holder

Mr N. P Jackson,  A citizen of owaelu uratta owerri, in IMO state Nigeria and a graduate of Uratta college as a citizen of Nigeria. mr jackson is a contributor and has joined standcode since 2019, he's an administrator of Standcode Nigeria. 

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