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Standcode is your plug for information regarding Livestock Farming (Poultry), Nutrition and Health issues. We work around the clock, with verified tests and proven trials to give you the best information.

We know you value the information you gain from us. We know it has helped you or the people around you. This is what we want. Your overall wellbeing is out concern.

The Resources we use.

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The website consists of broad space and bandwidths, which usually needs powerful maintenance. These are paid services we use to make sure that the website is uptime at all times, we work our best to make sure the website is stable without any downtime. Our uptime is 99.9% which takes a lot of resources from us. So, if you wish to help us more to keep Standcode server settled, you could donate to us.

We are doing our best, but we could do more. That more, is watered by the donations you make to us. The dynamic nature of the digital world means we are constantly working hard to fix bugs, remove lags, connect you with offline retailers for various products and services.

We thank you!

How to donate?

We have made this possible through these means:

Bank Direct- Send to Account Name: Promise Nwabude and Elvis Chris, Account Number: 2290020654, Bank Name: Zenith

Visa, Mastercard pay with ( Donate via Flutterwave)

Donate via Bitcoin this our bitcoin wallet address 3NikppQSPiHwd4EgVizQwGmoxBoY7aDgiP