Forum rules

All this Following simple rules and suggestions below can help you and other members in standcode, Yes, truly, poorly or miscategorized questions totally leads to confusion and diminishes the valuable forum content. this mainly makes our lives stressful and disorganized in sterilizing our content. However, following this rules, you can expect a great karma you must know the awesome looks on standcode! ignoring or breaking these rules will likely lead to post removal, warnings, eventual bans, and a possible account loss. Please follow the rules. Thank you!

1. Make sure you use Search Box Before Posting.
-we are currently improving search box limit not specified
– Forum Search

2. Choose the Right Forum to be specific.
– Posting to the right forum makes our moderators to solve your problems within few moments if not deleted.

3. Make a Topic Name (IMPORTANT) you must know.
– Make sure you write your topic name easily specified example “how can i install wordpress” topics such as “click here” “help me” will be ignored.

4. Dont exceed more than one Question per Topic.
– Make sure you dont post multiple questions in a same post it makes timer, search, tags, and other functions irrelevant.

5. Dont comment racist
– Dont abuse to comment racist in our forum abstainers will definitely get banned’

6. participant on camouflage
– Help us to help you. on no account should anyone claim to be administrator of standcode, adminstrators of standcode are indicated in forums with a message icon Standcode administrators are here and also their name are cloured “except participant whose name is in “black color“.

7. Tag Your Questions.
– Make sure you specify 3 tags in post the are required: (in your opinion), question category, and source of the question. You are welcome to use more tags as applicable. You can also TAG other people’s posts to make them more valuable.

8. Avoid posting of links (they will be deleted) and use the Kudos Button Instead.
– Standcode  is a specific place, therefore posting of external links are irrelevant and it will be deleted or changed to kudos button.

9. ONLY Questions from Reliable standcode Sources are Allowed Do not spam!
– Do not make things complicate to other members posting of question as spam are prohibited

Thank you! We appreciate your understanding and support. Good luck on Standcode!