Read About Standcode Copyright Infringement

Its mandatory to know that articles posted on are protected by google copyright infringement & Protected by Copyscape

Articles stolen from standcode are notified to its administrators powered by copyscrape, coping of content from standcode without a backlink to the post copied are not authorized to help us
and to help your self decide giving it a backlink,

We run analytics to know when our post is stolen in other words
a user who reads and love to share our post to others on his blog will decide to copy and give a backlink to the post which he / she copied on standcode.

If analytics from copyscrape and other third party stations which we hosted on that reviews stolen content on our database shows analytics on our content,
defaulters who stole our content without a backlink will lead to
google site ban when reported from our console this will definitely ban
all search result you have practically worked for.

However this will be an alogrithm penalty
your search queries would decrease and most post which have been indexed will be un-indexed due the penalty given to you on piracy.

Standcode is not resposible for your penalty we only did what our privacy and terms notifies,

Guest posting is prohibited in standcode we dont support it however in future you would be notified if their is a change on it.

Viewing and reading from standcode means you have agreed to its terms and policy and copyright infrigement penalty batchs on every content submitted on priracy you must be resposible for any harm caused by you.

Standcode is the right full owner of its content, videos and files shared coping and stealing of its content will lead to the victim site ban of piracy from google when analytics shows on copyscrape,

signature of standcode management


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