this you must know about website analysis

These you must know about website analysis

Today, I’m teaching about website analysis. Listen carefully, web analysis is not what people think it’s all about. A web having much of codes/Adsense than your content is very bad, make your content extremely higher…

category code of

wapka gurus category code must use

Today, I would be sharing a category code for users. Below are the steps to take. Login to Goto admin mode Click on Edit/Site Click on Create New page After creating your page…

you must read about these bounce rate

special ways of reducing your bounce rate

Today lesson is on search engine optimization and how you can reduce your bounce rate Most bloggers make this mistake in blogging. There are things bloggers don’t understand but in this epistle, I will make…

what you must know about automated and manual bots in seo

What you must know about Automated and manually bots

Automated and Manual bots There are certainly automated bots which can backlink you free only from 100 sites and they would create 1,000 backlinks for a premium account which was registered with them but you…

traditional seo

most steps you must know about traditional seo

 Traditional SEO Is No Longer “SEO” This you must impact on your brain. If you don’t understand anything, ask in the question forum. Decades ago, all things were all about keywords and keyword density but…

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