About Us


Standcode is a website that Writes to Answer Questions, such as Question and answers which relates to articles that can help  bloggers, webmasters, non internet savy people about there needs in life, we share skills on each platform on each week. we write programmes and articles that helps people who came online to search for a particular problem.

We also teach about search engine optimization (SEO), Standcode was achieved on December 28th 2017 and was founded by Mr ELVIS CHRIS  later in the year 2018 he appointed Mr Saddam Ninhor as a chief excutive founder of standcode.

Standcode writes answers to every question which you felt that is un-answered, we have no restriction, we support every niche, this means we answer every question so far the question are specified correctly.

Sharing of skills is what we value most. Because we belive you can learn so far you have a step to take in life. However, standcode is here to answer all you have been seeking  thanks.