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Things you shouldn’t use while brooding chickens Complete Guide.

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Avoid all these while brooding chickens

Good evening folks, I am Mr. Elvis Chris, A Standcode Official. I will be teaching about things you shouldn’t use while brooding chickens.

Of course, every chicken must pass through brooding before it gets to its maturity. proper brooding explains how far and lucrative your business of chickens will turn or be at the time of harvest.

At times there are unfortunate’s that usually happens in some farms while brooding chickens, I have been to a farm where a thousand birds got burnt while brooding due to some improper arrangements by the farmer, so here today, I am teaching on how you can avoid this misconduct’s most farmers usually do while brooding chickens.

Burnt chickens in brooding house

Picture showing 1,000 burnt chicken while brooding in a friend farmer farm which Mr. Elvis Chris went to console about his loss.

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Using Carton for brooding chickens

This aspect is invalid though it works for some farmers and still does not work for many farmers. Using a carton can be dangerous while brooding chickens.

Previously, I went to a friend’s farm to console him on how his 2-day old chickens got burnt due to misconduct by him on placing a charcoal pot on a carton while brooding was going on. This incident happened during the harmattan season.

He placed cartons on the ground and was using the carton in place of woodshaving for the chicks floor, according to him, he heated the brooding room for many hours and later went out in order to bath himself in the bathroom.

After 30minutes, he came back to his farm, he found out that his birds are burnt including the cartoons.

This was a big tragedy that happened to him, he screamed over it and for over a week, he felt feeble about it. “this is most of the experiences and challenges you see while brooding chickens I told him”.

Now let’s move on to these features you should exclude while brooding chickens.

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Using Sand (Sandy soil) for brooding Chickens

The use of sand in place of wood shaving for infant chickens is toxic. Infant chicken is still tender, they can’t really differentiate the taste of feed from sand however, this will enable them to eat/feed on the sandy soil which is very toxic to their health.

Using sand while brooding chickens is very bad because it will cause chickens a lot of respiratory illnesses, it will definitely block their anus which will disable them from passing out dung, and in a way it will cause them hemorrhage arising passing out blood from the anus till death.

Using a bare ground/cement floor for brooding chickens.

Some farmers have grown the idea of using bare floor while brooding chickens, this is prohibited in the brooding system.

Using the bare floor will cause a lot of damages to infant Chickens, the essence of brooding Chickens is to ensure you help chickens regulate their body temperature since their mother is not with them to cover them with her wings.

Using the bare floor will result in a matter of coldness to chickens. it will make them feeble and chill.

The floor will absorb the heat that has been heated in the brooding room and this will however make the heat in the room cool easily because of the cement floor coldness.

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Using Feed bags for brooding Chickens
brooding chickens


The use of feed bags for brooding chickens is medium but there are things you need to consider before using this aspect.

If you know you can’t really observe Chicken poop please don’t use this feature.

The only benefit of this aspect is that it will help you detect early infection from the color of your Chicken poop, it will still help them to walk freely while eating and drinking on the first day.

But the wide demerits of this aspect is that it can cause more infection to chickens.

if you are using waterproof or feed bags for brooding chickens, it will definitely cause them to eat their poop/dung/stool/dung/feces each time the pass it out.

If one of your birds has an infection and decides to pass it’s dung out since the bag or waterproof can not absorb the dung liquid, other birds will come on it to eat or bath themselves of it and this will cause them to be prone to that particular infection.

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Using Sawdust for brooding Chickens

Sawdust for brooding Chickens


Sawdust is not recommended for chickens but in some cases of high wood shaving cost, you can use sawdust starting from the 6-7week of their age however, using sawdust to brood birds is toxic and is still equivalent to sand because chickens on the brooding stage cannot differentiate the taste of feed to sawdust.

when they eat sawdust, they can’t digest it to get nutrients rather it will cause them respiratory issues like coughing, gasping, and sneezing and it can still do wide harm such as blocking their anus while passing out dung.

Using a Stove for brooding chickens

Using a Stove for brooding chickens


Using a Stove as the only source of temperature to birds is toxic because of its carbon monoxide.

Birds need oxygen just as humans. If you don’t ventilate them well and use a stove during the brooding stage will cause them chronic respiratory issues.

In a different knowledge according to The University of Georgia Department of poultry science consisting of Dr. Brian Fairchild Extension Poultry Scientist.

“Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by brooders and furnaces when they are not operating properly that can lead to sickness and death for both humans and poultry. The reason that carbon monoxide is so dangerous is that it has a 200 time greater binding affinity for blood hemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen through the blood, than does oxygen. Thus carbon monoxide can prevent the transport of oxygen from the lungs to body tissues.”

In a piece of general knowledge and in a layman understanding of a final break down. Carbon monoxide is produced by fire or fuel smoke and this gas called (carbon monoxide) transport into the system of chickens to block the hemoglobin which transports oxygen through the blood to the other body tissues and organs.

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What is Hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin is a protein in the red blood cells of a living thing that usually carries oxygen to the organs and other tissues of the body and still transport carbon dioxide from the organs and tissues out of the lungs.

Pap Corn Chaff



  • Pap corn chaff is sometimes called “Akamu chaff, corn paste, corn chaff” in some dialects.


  • Pap corn chaff is poor in nutrition since the starch has been extracted out through sieving from a cheesecloth from the blended akamu mixture.


  • Akamu chaff is equivalent to PKC there nutritional content is low compared to a real starter feed.


  • However, akamu chaff and pkc are not guaranteed for infant chicks. 


  • Supplying akamu chaff will make your chickens unhealthy and it will also shorten their growth.


  • Akamu chaff or pkc will not protect your Chickens against infection since it has low/poor protein content.


  • Akamu chaff will make the wattle and comb of your flock to change a different color due to a lack of good nutritional content.

In my next lesson i will teach on how to prepare an organic multivitamin

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