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horrible, How Alcohol affects poultry farmers this is horrific

What you must learn about Alcohol.

Good evening Standcoders, I’m Mr. Elvis Chris. I will be teaching about several viral diseases in poultry and how alcohol affects its existence.

A virus is any microorganism that can cause a viral infection such as the Newcastle virus, Infectious bursal disease also known as IBD in abbreviation or Gumboro disease.

  1. Poultry virus is not limited to the above listed, we still have other viral diseases in Poultry such as:
    Avian pox
  2. Infectious bronchitis
  3. Lymphoid leukosis
  4. Marek’s disease (visceral leukosis)
    In all, Viral infection can’t be cured but it can be controlled by proper care and arrangements.
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Recently, we were called to a farm where seventh birds die because of a viral infection, the farmer whose work is to rear his birds has been ignorant of his situation which warranted him to consult our company (Standcode).

How Alcohol affects poultry farmers

Standcode company


This man has given his flock a series of drugs such as antibiotics, anti-parasitic, gastrointestinal, and anti-coccidiosis drugs with no luck but his main problem was that he gave the virus a trace.

Note: To control a virus, give it no trace. Example: Disinfect and make sure the virus is not in the environment or footprints of human beings even though it’s in the bloodstream of your birds that doesn’t matter, they will stop to replicate in birds blood immediately antivirals are administered.

According to the farmer that consulted us, He said; he had given them all of the above drugs on a single dose per each day but due to the whole drugs were not giving him any good result on a single dose per each, he then combined the whole drugs (antibiotics + anti-coccidiosis + a multivitamin + anti-parasitic drugs) yet the result wasn’t good instead the mortality rate escalated.

Of course, the virus can’t be cured by the above drugs he used, The birds can’t be cured no matter how he combines all drugs until he does the right thing.

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According to the farmer, he learned that alcohol and disinfectant are the only substance that can kill a virus, and according to him, he also said; he learned that alcohol kills a virus and is the acting ingredient in hand sanitizers that kill viruses so this made him inject alcohol to some of his birds while he gave some to drink.

Sigh, You will never believe what happened.
The alcoholic substance which his birds drank and the ones he injected made them peck themselves, they run unnecessarily and fly unnecessarily from up to down.

The birds acted abnormally for the ones that drank it, and for the ones that he injected, they died and this made him call us for assistance, However, this brought about the explanation of why alcohol can’t kill viruses in a chick bloodstream.

Now Let’s look into the analytics and things that make alcohol kill viruses on the surface and why it can’t kill them in the bloodstream.

Why can’t alcohol kill viruses in the bloodstream?


A virus is too small to be seen by ordinary light, unlike bacteria. A virus is microscopic parasites that cannot reproduce themselves when they are outside the body which causes them to die within some minutes to hours depending on the type of virus due to they can’t produce their own protein outside the body of a fowl.

The volume of Alc/vol that usually kills viruses on the surface is Isopropyl Alc of 60% – 90% volume whereas this farmer bought and supplied alcohol of 45% volume, both for injection and the liters they drank.

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The aromatic schnapps dry gin was what he used for this experiment whereas whiskey or dry gin you drink or ones people sell at their shop which is ready for human consumption are below 60% percent volume whereas, on the surface, alcohol having below 60% volume cannot kill a virus.

When you supply an alcoholic fluid of 45% volume to your birds, when they drink it, their system will only take a little of not greater than 0.6- 0.10% volume which will circulate in their bloodstream which usually makes them drunk.

The 0.6-0.10% alcohol their system collected from the 45% volume in which the drank cannot kill a virus in their bloodstream because A virus needs a minimum of 60% volume to 90% volume to die.

Even when you force your birds to drink more dry gin in order to gain more Alc/vol  against the virus,
just note that the more your birds are drinking it will not still kill the virus because they will have to drink about 10 thousand liters before they can get 60-90% volume that usually kills viruses in the bloodstream, this means, they will even die first before they get cured.

How Alcohol kill viruses on a surface


Alcohol is a fluid that contains ethanol which is mainly gotten from fermented grains, fruits like palm wine.

we have three (3) types of alcohol, We have the Isopropyl, Methyl, and Ethyl Alcohol.

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What is Isopropyl Alcohol?

How Alcohol affects poultry farmers

Isopropyl Alcohol

In a short explanation, this type of alcohol is poisonous and it’s used by physicians as cooling agents, physicians use this type of alcohol to rub on the surface of a material or tool (e.g needles) for a proper germ neutralization, isopropyl contains up to 70% ALC which is eligible for virus disinfection.

What is Methyl Alcohol?

This alcohol is also called methanol, this Alc is mostly used by industries, methanol is an acting ingredient in Formaldehyde used in formalin production, some companies use this type of Alc to turn things into an explosive product. Methanol can also be used as paint remover. some methyl alcohol content is up to 95%  which is harmful to humans.

elvis chris with methanol

Mr Elvis Chris inspecting the quantity of formalin in a paint. formaldehyde is the acting ingredient in formalin while methanol is the acting ingredient in formaldehyde. Methanol>formaldehyde>>formalin are corrosive substance to human.

Some painters use methanol to clean/remove dried latex paint on woods, methanol is also converted to formaldehyde which is widely used in formalin production however, some paint companies use formalin for paint production because formalin contributes to help a paint active and disable it from decaying from a bacteria or fungal activity/growth.

Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol

This type of Alc is the Gin you see in shops that retailers sell for human consumption. this GIN is mostly made for people to drink in a way to change their mood and behavior, its an alcohol in beverages as an intoxicating agent. Ethyl alcohol is still toxic just as methyl and isopropyl.

The difference in these substances that produces alcohol is that Ethanol Alc is gotten from fermented fruits, grains, and palm trees whereas methanol is gotten from a medicated substance such as gas.

However, Alc from ethanol and methanol are eligible to shut off a life of a virus so far there percent or volume is up to 60-90% (none diluted).

Example of an Ethanol generating product

elvis chris at a palm wine tree

Mr. Elvis Chris illustrating about ways ethanol can be gotten from a palm wine.

Palm wine

Palm wine is a tree that produces a natural wine that is mixed with zero chemical, palm wine contains ethanol once it ferments.

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How does Alcohol kill viruses?

Alc, ethanol-based will shut off the life of a virus within a short time when applied on a surface because alcohol uses the method of “denaturation” on viruses which means it makes virus lose their natural ability or hormone to act.

In other words and in a different knowledge of explanation According to Carly Vandergriendt from Heathline said, Denaturation occurs when alcohol molecules bond with the fat membrane encasing a virus or bacteria cell. As the fat membrane is broken down, the inside of the cell — including all of its critical components — becomes exposed. It starts to dissolve, and the cell quickly dies.

However, since this farmer has injected some alcoholic substance into the bloodstream of his birds through injection, they died because alcohol was toxic to their system, and for ones that drank it was drunk.

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Both Alc from methanol and ethanol are eligible to kill off a virus however, it’s not advised to serve methanol or ethanol to birds because alcohol will never kill viruses in the bloodstream.

Methanol is very dangerous, during the pandemic of COVID-19, W.H.O, FDA, and some other health agencies warned hand sanitizing companies to reject using methanol as their acting neutralization agent in hand Sanitizer production because of methanol toxicity to human.

Alc can only kill viruses on the surface though denaturation.
Always be conscious of biosecurity in a way to disable viral activities on your farm.

In my next lesson i will teach on Things you shouldn’t use while brooding chickens Complete Guide.

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