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5 steps on How to treat prolapse in poultry birds Complete Guide

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Good evening, I am Mr. Elvis Chris. I will be teaching on prolapse in poultry birds. majority of farmers flock have died due to excessive infection the contacted from a prolapse blowout, however, After reading this manuscript which I have written, you will understand so many things on how to treat prolapse in poultry birds.

PROLAPSE in poultry birds also recognized as cloacal prolapse or vent prolapse is a situation whereby the tube through which an ovum or egg passes from an ovary comes out from a bird during her laying and does no switch back to her body.

Dictionary: prolapse: (n.) [pro-lapse’] the slipping or falling out of place of an organ (as the uterus); prolapsus; descensus; [L. prolapsus, fr. prolapsus, p. p. of prolabi to fall forward; pro forward + labi to glide, fall] (v.) [pro-lapse’] slip or fall out of place, as of body parts; “prolapsed rectum”;

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What you need to know about Prolapse in poultry birds

Caution: How to treat prolapse in poultry birds

Prolapse in broiler

Prolapse is not an infection or disease neither is it contagious to third parties birds rather prolapse can make birds vulnerable to infection due to the blowout on their anus, prolapse simply means the falling out of an organ from a bird or human body without the return of the organ.

Prolapse is not limited to layers, prolapse still happens in other species of birds like broiler and noiler, prolapse still exists in human beings. in this manuscript, I will cover all you need to learn about prolapse in poultry birds.

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Factors causing prolapse in poultry birds

Overweight: Birds with overweight or underweight that are prone to laying may develop prolapse due to the excessive laying tendency due to poor skeleton structure and muscle weakness.

Prolapse in poultry birds can also be caused by too much of deposition of fat around the reproductive organs. Low deposition of calcium will cause weak, and poor eggshell in laying birds which will however affect laying birds muscles from laying.

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What is calcium?

What is Calcium?

Calcium powder

Dictionary; calcium: (n.) [cal’ci-um] a white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light; the fifth most abundant element in the earth’s crust; an important component of most plants and animals; Ca; atomic number 20; [NL., from L. calx calcis, lime; cf F. calcium. See calx]

Facts about Calcium

Calcium cannot be produced by the body of a bird therefore it is required for a bird to eat food which is essential in calcium in other to grow healthy muscles for laying.

Insufficient calcium in birds system will make a layer bird lay soft eggs which will however make her find it complicated to export out from her system.

At times we farmers are happy that our laying birds are dropping big eggs (jumbo size), birds that lay big eggs will also be prone to prolapse because of the excessive stretch she performs while laying which weakens the cloacal muscles.

At the moment, there is no treatment available for prolapse in poultry birds since its an organ blow out. However, there are measures one will need to take in other to make sure his/her birds are safe when prolapse in poultry birds occurs.

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Prolapse Treatment in poultry birds

If you have found your birds with prolapse, these are the steps you will have to take in a way to save the life of your bird.

Step 1:
Move the affected bird out from the farm and down to the isolation house.

Step 2:
Do not stress the affected bird as she is passing through pains.

Step 3:
Wash and sanitize your hand gloves before using, or if you don’t own a hand glove, you can wear nylon on your hands but make sure it’s clean in a way to secure the bird intestine against infections from gram-positive and gram-positive bacteria.

Step 4:
Rub an oily lubricant like “Vaseline” on the gloves and use your fingertip to push in the tube gradually from the bird anus, make sure you don’t force it. At times, the tube is complicated to go in but gradually pushes it in.

Step 5:
If you have successfully returned the tube/organ to the bird’s ovary, at this point, don’t allow the bird to be in stampede or fear, don’t allow her to run or walk around, just make sure she is silent and cool, make sure she don’t pant or peck herself, all these is to enable the prolapse still and for it to remain as you have successfully pushed it in, if not, the prolapse will come out again once she pants or peck.

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Prolapse treatment indications for poultry birds
prolapse in poultry birds

Prolapse in poultry birds

Mix the combination of Vitamin electrolyte + Calcium and anti-inflammatory drug + A broad-spectrum antibiotics to make sure your birds come back to life again.

Vitamin: It reduces levels of stress in birds and supplies them with energy, it also helps in the prevention of infection due to the enforcement it gives the immune system. so why the birds are still recovering from prolapse, they need vitamins to help them stand against infections which they might contact from their anus blow out.

Calcium: It helps build good and strong skeletal tissues, calcium prevents birds from dropping soft shell egg, calcium will help them build stronger skeletal shapes as they recover from the blowout.

Anti-inflammatory drug: the reason why you have to add an anti-inflammatory drug to the combination listed is that the blow out which occurred in them is painful making them suffer a lot of pains, supplying them anti-inflammatory drug will help ease their pains while they recover.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics: The benefit of adding a broad-spectrum antibiotic to the formula is that it will help heal them against any gram-negative or gram-positive bacteria which have affected them during the blowout.

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