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Catalogue of foods that are poisonous to birds

Good evening I’m Elvis Chris, A standcode official. today, I will be teaching about food that is poisonous to birds that are mostly committed by most poultry farmers.

Foods that are poisonous to birds can put an end to the entire life of flocks you rear if you dont mind this article and continue to feed them wrongly.

I have been to a farm where I saw a farmer feeding beans raw chaff to her birds, surprisedly when I saw her feeding her flock the beans raw chaff, I shouted! I advised her about the damage she’s about to do to her birds with beans raw chaff, and immediately I said that she stopped and listened about the advice which I said and from that day, she never gave her birds beans raw chaff.

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However, Beans raw chaff is very toxic to birds, but I understood she was doing it out of ignorance thinking she is supplying a nutritious organics to her birds until I explained to her about the consequences she will have to bear if she continues to serve her bird’s toxic foods that will weaken them till death.

In this article, I covered incompatible foods that are poisonous to birds which can wipe off your flock if you decline to take precautions against them.

List of foods that are poisonous to birds.

Raw Beans
List of foods that are poisonous to birds

Raw beans containing lectin

Raw beans are very harmful and toxic, from my experience in poultry farming. it is not good to feed birds or pets with raw dried beans without it been cooked because uncooked beans contain Lectin/ hemagglutinin.

What is Hemagglutinin?

According to Wikipedia, hemagglutinin or haemagglutinin are glycoproteins that cause red blood cells to agglutinate or clump together. The process of the RBC’s agglutinating is called hemagglutination or haemagglutination.”

What is Avocado pear?

List of foods that are poisonous to birds

Avocado pear containing persin

This type of pear is a fruit human beings usually eat along with bread, I do enjoy eating Avocado pear with rice too. I can say, Avocado pear is my best fruit among all fruits in the world but here are demerits which it arises in poultry farming.

Avocado pear causes heart damage, respiratory difficult issues, weakness, and even will cause sudden death in birds because of its persin content which is toxic to birds.

Birds who are suffering from an avocado toxin cannot be treated and the poison has no antidote to cure, although, you can reach to your vet, ask him how he can help you revive them with some intravenous drugs.

If you do eat an avocado pear and it didn’t harm you does not mean its safe for other primary animals.

Avocado pear may have a negative effect on some primary individuals who are allergic to some certain foods/fruits however, the persin in avocado pear is considered fatty acid.

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What is persin?

According to Wikipedia Persin is a fungicidal toxin present in the avocado. Persin is an oil-soluble compound structurally similar to a fatty acid, and it leaches into the body of the fruit from the seeds.

Catalogue of foods that are poisonous to birds

Garlic containing allicin

Although, Garlic is an antibacterial that can be used against chronic respiratory diseases in birds such as; common cough caused by expired feed, secondly, the combination of ginger and garlic is a good antibacterial formulation of organics which can put an end to a lot of chronic respiratory issues.

I have taught a lot of farmers about using garlic to treat infections in poultry birds however, Garlic is good and also bad to birds but this all is in a different board game and it depends on how you use it to function.

If you use garlic in a proper way of usage, it will cure birds of their affected diseases but, if you use it wrongly, it will cause them death.

Garlic is an antibacterial to so many poultry infections, Garlic contains allicin which can cause anemia in poultry birds.

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What is Allicin

According to Dr. draxe, Allicin is defined as an organosulfur compound that is obtained from garlic. Garlic cloves (Allium sativum), a species in the Alliaceae plant family, actually produce more allicin via enzymatic reactions when the plant is attacked or injured.

What is Anemia caused by Garlic

Anemia is a deficiency of red blood cells.

Symptoms of anemia in birds include; weakness, lethargy, fainting and in severe cases death awaits. However, there is no specific treatment to anemia in birds, the treatment to anemia depends on individual differences in treating birds.

Treating flocks affected by anemia depends on your veterinary looking and examining to know for the particular toxin that caused the reaction and problems just like garlic.

It’s good you learn about controls and learn about these fruits and roots that are poisonous to birds in a way to secure your birds against toxins.

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The benefit of Salt to poultry birds?
Catalogue of foods that are poisonous to birds

Too much salt to birds is toxic

Salt is of good use to poultry birds for the good nutritional value of feed,

salt is also bad for animals if it is used improperly.

Salt improves the ability of the nerve to function properly in chickens, it makes feed to have taste for birds and enables birds to consume feed properly which will improve their growth and performance in poultry farming.

This same salt on the other hand is harmful and will certainly kill birds if you misuse it.

Many farmers do formulate their own feed without a well defined skilled nutritionist.

This happens because of the high cost of feed in the market.

Farmers who formulate their own feed without a good scale and mixture of nutrients will certainly formulate a feed that will be poisonous to birds.

This happens because most of them do not know the quantity of salt they will mix along with other feed nutrients and this will definitely make them formulate a feed poison.

Little quantity of salt is not poisonous to birds but using big quantity will certainly kill them all.

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It is good you learn about the types of nutrients you mix in a feed before feeding your birds in a way to secure them against any food that will be poisonous to them.

In my next article, i will teach on 5 steps on How to treat prolapse in poultry birds Complete Guide

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