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5 things Why Organic drugs kill your birds

Good morning Standcoders, I’m Mr. Elvis Chris. A standcode official. I will be teaching organic drugs and why it has killed a lot of poultry chickens.

Recently I read from the status of a farmer from a Facebook handler, he was complaining about how Tagiri, and other organic leaves have killed his flock without mercy.
Ahh, it’s a pity I replied at his timeline.


5 things Why Organic drugs kill your birds

Tagiri organic balls

When I first saw this unfortunate incident which he posted, I felt so bad and I understood the complications he had gone through by seeing his birds die why serving them an organic drug.

What are organic drugs?

Organic drugs are non-synthetic drugs, they are drugs produced from herbal leaves and roots such as; Papaya, bitter cola, kola nut, bitter leaf, garlic, aloe vera, pepper, ginger, neem leaf, lemongrass, and scent leaf e.t.c however, you need to be careful about organic drug preparation so that you don’t formulate a toxic drug to your chickens.

Some farmers who practice organic farming process leaves and roots excessively and this will however bring death to their birds because of excessive usage of some leaves.

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In preparation of organic drugs, there are certain amounts of nutrients from leaves and roots needed, using excessive organic leaves and roots in preparation of an organic drug will set down the life of your flock.

You can read about my previous article on How drug dosage error will kill your flock in a short time if you don’t practice precaution in poultry farming, this post is similar to it though the post is meant for those using synthetic drugs in poultry farming.

Several agriculturists who prepare drug does not have a guideline of the number of organic items needed, the prepare organic drugs randomly which are against their flock’s health.

These are mistakes farmers do when they are preparing organic drugs.

When preparing a particular mixture of drug either organic antibiotic or organic multivitamin, there are a specified quantity of leaves to be used and if the leaves are not used accordingly, there will be a failure of the drug in birds system.

These are what farmers do which makes their birds die even after they have used organic drugs.

Some Organics are to be processed through decoction to kill the anti-nutrients and extract the substance needed but some farmers will decline to pass the organics through decoction as instructed by the writer.

A bulb of garlic is to be used when preparing an organic drug but they will use 3 bulbs (This is excessive depending on the quantity of freshwater used during mixing)

2 leaves of papaya and bitter leaf is to be used for the organic preparation but they ignore and use a whole stem. (Excessive)

one bulb of kola nut is to be used but many farmers will fail and grind three for the mix. (Excessive)

mango bark is to be soaked for 36 hours to ferment before using but some farmers will refuse to leave it to stay up to that mentioned hours. (It’s premature and cannot work properly)

A maximum of 5ml of the organic drug is to be mixed with a 4litre drinking water but some farmers dont even care about the dosage, the serve their birds.

They dont even mix the organic drug with pure water as normal medication, All the do is to serve only the organic drug alone without dissolving it in 4-liter pure water.

The above are the major reason why some farmers have failed

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Guidelines on how to prepare an effective organics

guidelines on preparing organic drugs

guidelines on preparing organic drugs

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Preparing an effective organics for your bird’s deals by you measuring an appropriate quantity of organics.

Example; If you read an article concerning organic drug preparation, The first question you should ask the writer is; how many leaves and roots will you use for the listed formulation which he or she has mentioned in the article. secondly, you have to ask him/her about how many ML of organics will you supply to your birds each day after preparation.

You have to also ask him/her if the organics are to be dissolved in 4-liter drinking water or if you will serve the medication raw as decocted.

How to prepare an effective organic drug

  • Ensure the container/bowels are clean to disable pathogens.


  • Ensure you pluck the number of leaves mentioned in the article same applies to root too.


  • Ensure you know ones that will be processed through decoction


  • Ensure you know the number of ML to be supplied.


  • Ensure you properly refrigerate organics like tagiri in a fridge after using each day.


  • Things you dont need to do why preparing organics


  • Dont formulate your organics when you haven’t experimented with it before, it is risky.


  • Do not mix organics with synthetic drugs.


  • Do not serve raw organics to your birds because of the anti-nutrient in some organics.


Do not give weakened refrigerated also known as expired organics to your birds, it exposes them to a real microorganism attack.

In my next lesson i will teach on Catalogue of foods that are poisonous to birds

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