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Why Omphalitis have killed your day old chick

Omphalitis causing early chicken mortality

Good evening Standcoders, I’m Elvis Chris, A standcode official, today I will be teaching about ( Omphalitis ), A particular factor that will cause early mortality in poultry farming system.

Did you know day-old birds with its navel open could be a bacteria infection resulting Omphalitis?

When a bird navel is not healed or open this means the bird has a bacteria infection presently in his / her abdomen which is causing inflammation of the navel which will, however, lead to navel open and a wet spot on the abdomen and this will cause the death of the bird in a jiffy.

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Bacteria such as Coliforms, staphylococci, Pseudomonas spp, and Proteus bacteria are usually the bacteria responsible for this infection called Omphalitis as they have infected the yolk sac starting from hatching period.

In this lesson, you will learn all about this disease-causing early mortality in birds as you go forward.
After reading this article, you will understand everything about Omphalitis and how you have been losing your birds from the first day of brood till the 7th day without knowing it’s Omphalitis, due to poor hatching system from some chick production companies.

Omphalitis is a disease chick has, especially during their first week of life. This infection is a problem of the navel due to poor hatching from temperature regulation.

This infection is also caused by poor hygiene from hatching equipment which generates some of the gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria which usually attack chicks at their early stage of life after hatching.

Why Omphalitis have killed your day old chick

Omphalitis in poultry farming

Most of these bacteria which are culprits of Omphalitis in poultry farming include:

Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia coli

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This infection is usually caused by unhealed or infected yolks sac which however creates a loophole to a chick to develop Omphalitis, Omphalitis is also caused by egg cracks before hatched. It’s good to separate the good eggs from the bad ones in a way to harvest healthy chicks.

This infection is also known as
Navel infection in birds, mushy chick, yolk sac infection in poultry birds. Omphalitis is not limited to poultry farming it still exists in human beings you can read it from here omphalitis in an adult.


Poor egg hatch

Signs of Omphalitis

Dejection, Closed eyes, loss of appetite,
diarrhea, Vent pasting, and Swollen abdomen and mortality can be up to 90% if it has affected many of them.

Omphalitis is not something you should play with, it’s usually advisable to buy birds from reputable agents who bought from a reputable hatchery.

Birds that came from poor hatcheries are usually not healthy because of poor medical and hatching facilities such as Incubators and electricity.

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Prevention of Omphalitis

The prevention of this disease is highly required to harvest healthy chicks

It’s good to sanitize the incubator and make sure the uncracked eggs are placed.

Every egg must be clean before Hatch, Incase there are still dirty eggs consider hatching them differently out from the good ones in a way to be at a safer side of production in poultry farming.

Advise on Omphalitis in poultry farming
  1. Ensure you disinfect the incubator before hatching eggs. you might read my previous article on how to disinfect a poultry farm.
  2. Ensure you handle the eggs with appropriate care and clean gloves and do not allow them to get contaminated from the poultry or hatchery soil.
  3. Ensure you serve day-old chickens Multivitamin or glucose on the first day and serve them Multivitamin and antibiotic on the second day, this to ensure you care about them to eradicate all pending bacterias in them which they might have contacted from hatchery soil or egg such as salmonella.
Treatment of Omphalitis

There is no specific treatment to infection as most of the chicks will die before 6-7days of brooding, however, the administration of antibiotics is to help the birds recover if their condition is not extremely bad or if their naval is dried up, the required antibiotic is based on the particular bacteria which have affected the flock with Omphalitis.

It’s good you meet your veterinary and request for an antibiotic drug that can treat gram-negative or gram-positive bacteria in birds and administer it with multivitamins in other to heal and stimulate the immune response of the birds within 7 days to their death.

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In my next lesson, I will teach on 5 things Why Organic drugs kill your birds

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