Fowl cholera and Fowlpox occurrence in poultry farming

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fowl cholera and fowlpox in poultry

Good evening, I’m Mr. Elvis Chris, A standcode official. In a brief explanation, I will be explaining things about fowl cholera and fowlpox you should learn in case fowl cholera or fowlpox affects your flock.

Fowl cholera is an acute diarrheal contagious bacteria disease especially in chickens and it’s caused by the microorganism that causes hemorrhagic septicemia known as Pasteurella multocida a gram-negative bacteria.

Fowl cholera and Fowlpox occurrence in poultry farming

What are gram-negative bacteria? According to Wikipedia, A gram bacteria are bacteria that do not retain the crystal violet stain used in the Gram staining method of bacterial differentiation.

However, Treating a gram-negative bacteria is complicated compared to a gram-positive bacteria because a gram-negative bacteria reaction to the gram stain test causes a lot of infections however, treating it is complicated because of the type of cell structure they possess which makes antibiotic difficult to kill or attack it.

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Symptoms of Fowl Cholera in birds
  1. Dejection
  2. They will begin to Loss appetite to water and feed
  3. They will experience Cough
  4. Nasal discharge will occur
  5. They will experience swollen wattles and face
  6. Swollen joints
  7. Lameness
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Ruffled feathers
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Fowl Cholera transmission

Fowl cholera can transmit from so many ways, it can transmit from Direct contact with infected birds, Ingestion, contamination from cages, clothing material, feeders, drinkers, predators like cats and dogs and many others, most of this wild and domestic predators have so many bacteria in them, if your flock have contact with these predators that have developed this bacteria in them, it will lead to a bacteria spread in poultry, however, if your bird has contact with a predator, kindly serve the victim bird antibiotics to prevent any bacteria occurrence.

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Treatment of Fowl Cholera

Antibiotic will treat to cure your flock against fowl cholera, this are the ingredients of antibiotics you should be looking into that is eligible to treat fowl cholera they are; Sulphonamides, erythromycin, penicillin, streptomycin based antibiotic drugs.

Warning: If your older laying bird’s experiences fowl cholera, do not administer sulphonamides based drugs to them. Sulphonamides residues in birds eggs and if used it’s a public health risk.

How to prevent Fowl Cholera

Fowl cholera can be controlled using the vaccine and can also be controlled using drugs prevention against it. Good hygiene will never allow any microorganism to cause havoc to birds. Always make sure your biosecurity is up to date.

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Fowlpox virus Information

Fowl cholera and Fowlpox occurrence in poultry farming

What is the fowlpox virus?

Fowlpox is a virus caused by Poxviridae and the genus Avipoxvirus family, fowlpox virus spreads from bird to bird slowly and may affect the entire flock within 1-2weeks, fowl pox is a virus and it has no cure, it usually affects chickens wattle, comb, and beak with lesions.

What are the factors causing fowlpox?

The main factor causing the fowlpox virus in birds is mosquitoes! Make sure you don’t store used waters or allow stagnant waters around your farming premises and make sure you clear bushes around your farm.

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Can a bird recover from a fowlpox virus since a virus infection cannot be cured?

YES! A bird will recover from a poxvirus through appropriate control of it simply by culling the bad ones out from the good ones. There is some broad-spectrum antibiotic designed for its control too.

How can I know when my bird has a fowlpox virus?

They will have lesions, a pox on their eyes, nose, and beak, and secondary respiratory issues will occur.

Will antibiotics respond to the fowlpox virus?

NO! Antibiotics cannot and will never respond to virus infection.

What drug can I use to treat the fowlpox virus?
There is no treatment for fowl pox however; the administration of its vaccine is extremely required for its prevention.

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Is the fowlpox virus the same as coryza infection?

Some farmers treat coryza infection as fowlpox virus while some treat fowlpox virus as coryza infection, this is because both infections look alike and develop almost same symptoms, coryza drug cannot respond to fowlpox virus because fowl pox is caused by a virus and its replication can be stopped using an antiviral drug while coryza is caused by a bacteria and will be cured with an antibiotic based drug.

What drug can I use to treat or control fowlpox in poultry

Fowlpox care, pox-CID, pox off and other related fowl pox controlling drugs that have promised to help and improve the immune of birds against fowlpox occurrence will help to control the existence of this virus in your flock to recover, to get these drugs, kindly go to the nearest vet and ask them for any drug used in controlling pox existence in poultry farming.

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