Between layer/pullet and broiler birds which is profitable?

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The chronicle of layer and broiler birds

Good evening I’m Elvis Chris, A Standcode official; recently I received a message on my desk concerning the most profitable strategy of birds to poultry business in the animal husbandry. I will be teaching on this contradiction between pullet/layer and broiler birds on the most profitable line just as so many farmers have requested from me to explain, however, reading this epistle which I have written will educate you in all you need to learn about the contradiction between farmers.

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One thing you should note is that everything you do as a business is lucrative, everything depends on how you manage them.

In poultry business, broiler and layer birds are lucrative which any farmer can venture into except for layer birds which are highly recommended for experienced farmers because it’s an investment of 5-6months.

There is no contradiction here, though some layer birds start their laying production from the 4th month. a broiler is an investment of 2months while layer/pullet is an investment of 5-6months this means, when you purchase broiler birds to rear in a way to make money, you will need to wait for 2months in a way to meet a hotel seize at 2kg per body seize, but this happens, unlike layer birds, when you purchase a pullet/layer, you will have to wait for 5-6 months before they can reach the point of lay.

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broiler birds

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In this explanation, the period a broiler keeper is rearing to sell at 2months is the period a layer keeper is rearing in a way to meet egg production at 6 months when the broiler keeper sells after 2months is the 2nd month of rearing a layer without a single income, However, when the layer begins to lay starting from 5-6 months, it lays up to a year or more before it can be sold as an old layer, Every layer is recommended to lay 260-280 of eggs per year from each bird, this means, if you have 500 layers starting from 5-6 months till the next year before it becomes old layers, you should expect 280 eggs per year from each bird * 500 birds = 140,000 eggs.

pullet birds

pullet/layer birds


I have seen people who have wanted to venture into poultry businesses asking this question concerning the contradiction between layers versus broiler.


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Poultry business depends on you, it depends on how you set to manage it, example;

  1. What species of birds are you dealing with?
  2. Is your bird’s good specie to deal with?
  3. What is your poultry hygiene status?
  4. Do you feed your flock well?
  5. How eligible is your farm set to not contact viral infection and diseases often?
  6. How is your management status?

 If you fail to manage your poultry very well just note that, there is no how you can make a profit from it, Broiler and layer/pullet are lucrative it depends on you.

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