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How to beak trim your flock of birds in the poultry farming system

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Beak trimming in birds

Good evening I’m Elvis Chris, A standcode official. Recently I noticed some farmer’s incompatibility on layer bird’s beak trim. Many have complained about how their birds pierce off their eggs after laid, it’s annoying to see eggs breaks after a successful lay from each bird.

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Lay birds don’t have the aim to hatch their eggs when laid, and if you are on away from your farm after their successful lay, If you have failed to beak trim (debeak) them during their early stage of life before the commence of their egg production they will pierce off their egg each time they lay, they will, however, cause the decrease of egg production in your farm. So today, I’m using this medium to teach all you need to learn about layer bird beak trim in a way to disable them from Egg pierce.

poultry beak trimming

Steps on how to beak trim layer birds against Egg pierce

  1. You will need to cut off the beak of the older birds separately and make sure you cut off the upper beak first before the down beak.
  2. You must cut off the upper beak to two-third while you cut the down beak to one third.
  3. Before you continue to beak trim your birds you need to care about your bird’s stress and blood bleed.
  4. Do not vaccinate your birds against any virus before beak trimming, your birds must be in good health condition before the beak trim in a way to reduce stress-causing mortality after a successful beak trim.
  5. You must create a large space in a way to perform a successful beak trim, you will need to create two rooms with a demarcation to separate beak trimmed birds and un-beak trimmed.
  6. It’s recommended you serve your flock with a quality vitamin containing especially Vitamin K for 5 days before beak trimming, the supply of Vitamin K for 5 days will however control their blood bleed during the beak trim. Vitamin K is used to stop bleeding in poultry because as you beak trim, there must be a bleed!
  7. It’s recommended you beak trim during the cooler time especially during morning and evening times due to stress and bleeding.
  8. You are required to use a sharp blade or a good cauterizing blade to perform this operation for a successful outcome and you are also required to seat while performing this operation.
  9. Do not burn the tongue of the birds and make sure you cut the beak of the older birds using sharp cutting equipment and in case there is a bleed you are required to cauterize the wound.
  10. If you are using an automated electric beak trimmer, ensure you set to an accurate voltage that will not burn you and bird.
  11. Always make sure that no birds are bleeding after a successful cutting, ensure you handle your birds with care during this period, you have to treat them like a newborn baby!
  12. You can decide to rotate a shift during the operation if tired and try and maintain quality work.


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This is things you must do after a successful beak trim

beak trim

  1. You will need to increase the rate of feed and water in poultry to enable them to feed well.
  2. You are required to lower the height of their drinker lower to how low or high it was before the beak trim, the reason why you are required to lower their drinker is to enable their beaker to reach the drinker since its shortened.
  3. After a successful beak trim, if your birds decline to eat sprinkle some water on their feed and make sure you administer vitamins and antibiotics to them in a way to enable them to have the appetite to eat. 
  4. Ensure you supply them enough light all night to enable them to eat and drink perfectly during the recovery of their wounds and make sure you study to know when they will be attacked by lice because they can’t clean themselves very well. After all, their beak has been cut off.
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In my next lesson, I will teach on Between layer/pullet and broiler birds which is profitable?

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