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How Stampede in poultry cause mortality in poultry farming

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Ways stampede can affect poultry farming

I’m Elvis Chris, A standcode official, I will be teaching about how stampede becomes one factor causing mortality in the animal husbandry. Stampede is one of the  factors that affect bird’s growth and sometimes it causes mortality in poultry farming. 

The few things that can cause a stampede in poultry are listed below. 

Thirsting your birds

Thirsting and starving your birds causes stampede

Whenever a farmer is ignorant about the number of liters and bags of feed her birds will drink and eat in a day, she will probably supply a less water and food to her flock, when the flock consumes the less water and food, they will become thirsty, dehydrated and hungry, In that way when the farmer notice that the water and food have finished and decide to submit another food and water section to here flock, the whole of her flock will run and battle with each other to drink and eat because they are all thirsty and hungry. 

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The wrong thing about this practice is that it will overwhelm your bird’s health due to stress while running and sometimes they will get injured on their legs which causes bleeding on the poultry floor because of some feeders placed on the floor are so sharp to cut their foot. 

machine noise

Machine Noise causes stampede

 Many farmers have set the mindset of implementing a mechanical industry which will be nearby / close to their poultry, this not a good practice in the animal husbandry because whenever the machines are off and the operator decide to on it for work use, the first sound of the machine will cause a stampede in poultry which may lead drop in egg production or an injury. 

A white garment

A white garment causes stampede

Spreading a white garment In poultry will cause birds to stampede. Example: Do this experiment while at home and it will work, bring a pure white wrapper or clothes, then hold it with your two hands and go into the poultry farm, try to spread the white garment on your broilers or layers, they will probably run and will not certainly come near to you because you are having a white garment. Bringing in the white garment will certainly cause stampede because birds are always afraid of white and this might get them injured or create stress as they run around.

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I am warning farmers who gamble with their flock because there are things you need to learn in animal husbandry, venturing into broiler management is an investment of 2months, this means, you will feed them for 60 days so you should be prepared to empty your bank account because you don’t buy broiler birds and expect them to feed on sand or their flesh. However, I will teach you about the controls of a stampede in poultry farming.

  1. Do not allow the feeder of your birds to get dried up.
  2. Always study to know the liters of water the can drink in a day
  3. Supply enough vitamins to them
  4. In case there is stampede already among your birds and there is bleeding on their wings, neck or legs, go to the nearest vet and buy a vitamin K supplement and serve the injured birds.
  5. Cull out the big birds out from the small birds and supply enough feeders and drinkers.
  6. Expand your poultry in a way it will accommodate the number of the contained birds.


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Stampede cause stunted growth, higher blood pressure, drop in egg, and injury in poultry However, Poultry biosecurity is crucial in the animal husbandry, you need to be calculative, you need to study to know the value and problem of your birds, and you need to see them as your investment of hard-earned money, in that way you will boom the marketplace.

In my next lesson I will teach about How to beak trim your flock of birds in the poultry farming system

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