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How to fumigate poultry against viral infection and bacteria

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Poultry fumigation against diseases

I’m Elvis Chris, A standcode official. Today, i will be teaching on how to fumigate a poultry. Poultry fumigation should be done once in a week using a none harmful disinfectants like polidine or diluted bleach. 

It’s a good practice to move your birds to the second room and wash their floor and split the medicated water of disinfectant unto the four partitions of the walls and its edges using a hypo bleach or polidine disinfectant mixed in water according to dosage and allow it for 3 hours to dry while you move back your birds to your farm from the second room. 

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Practicing this type of biosecurity will close your loophole from bacteria and virus occurrence in poultry.

Fumigation of a farm should be done once every week using none harmful disinfectants like polidine or diluted hypo bleach but formalin disinfectant is harmful and shouldn’t be used in a poultry farm when they birds are still unsold. 

The use of formalin, polidine, or bleach to fumigate every surrounding before stocking for another batch is extremely required in other to kill all microorganisms in the farm.

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Hypo bleach is an effective disinfectant that can eliminate all poultry germs and viruses in 15 minutes.

Hypo bleach is used for fumigation against poultry disease

Hypo bleach

Hypo bleach can be used in pipes drainage, toilet urinals, industries, and can also be used against bacteria/virus kills in the animal husbandry.

Hypo bleach can be used for basins, bath, sink, and floor disinfection against viruses and bacteria.

Hypo bleach is effective against virus / germs kills up to 99.9%

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It’s good you use hypo bleach too, and mix according to directions as written by the manufacturer, if mixed improperly, the solution will not work so it’s recommended you look at its sachet and mix according to the direction.

Warning: You can use hypo bleach to disinfect your farm during the process of a viral / bacteria farm attack but do not allow your birds to drink the medicated water of hypo but even if the hypo mixed water touches them, it will not harm them, it’s normal because it’s been diluted with water, the hypo medicated water will only kill microorganisms when it touches them, not birds. 

How to fumigate a poultry farm

 Step 1:

Hire a pesticide battery sprayer for this process but if not hired because of financial blockades, you can use a bowel to mix, then use a broom to split on walls simply by Deeping the broom into the bowel then split on floor and walls.

Step 2:

Tidy all premises and wash off all drinkers and feeders with bleach and detergent, and clean the chicken poop and wash off the poultry soil/floor with detergent and bleach and allow it for 15 minutes or more to dry.

Notice: The reason why all this is been done is to enable the disinfectant to work perfectly, a dirty environment absolutely will not enable a disinfectant work.

Step 3:

Brush off the poultry nets and walls to eliminate all poultry spiders and webs, make sure the webs do not circulate the poultry roof.

Step 4:

Clear the bushes around your poultry farm in other to disable the flow of mosquitoes in poultry because the wide flow of mosquitoes causes a virus known as fowlpox virus which mainly affects layer birds at 90% during their lifetime and affect broiler 50% during their lifetime too.

Notice: Polidine is a good disinfectant and will probably be used on this tutorial.

Looking at the below picture is me at a client farm during fumigation with pesticide battery sprayer.

Elvis chris mixing polidine for poultry disinfection

Mr. Elvis Chris extracting polidine with a syringe to be mixed in a pesticide battery sprayer

Polidine iodophor used for fumigation against diseases

IODINE has been proved and recognized to be a cost-effective and potent disinfectant, POLIDINE is combination iodine releasing complex which has multifaceted action as a disinfectant and deodorant.


POLIDINE protects birds from the spread of infectious diseases like fowl cholera, chronic respiratory diseases, colibacillosis, fowl coryza, salmonellosis, aspergillosis, and many more.

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Notice: Polidine disinfectant is not harmful to birds because it can be mixed in water combined with other antiviral or vitamins like vitalyte, agrovit in chicken drinking water during any bacterial or viral infection outbreak like Newcastle virus. 

Polidine Warning:


polidine disinfectant


Do not make polidine solution in hot water

Do not use polidine for cleaning brass or copper vessels.

Polidine will appear amber on dilution

In case of change of color, prepare a fresh solution, However, polidine disinfectant can be used to disinfect Empty shed, plastic and metal equipment, foot bath, Drinking water sanitation, incubator Hatcher, hatching eggs, and outside the vehicle.

Step 5:

If you have successfully gotten polidine disinfectant, mix it according to directions in a pesticide battery sprayer.

Spread it on the premises of your farm, poultry floor, poultry net, feeders, drinkers, and other poultry types of equipment as you walk with the pesticide battery sprayer.

Step 6:

After spraying, Allow the poultry farm and environment to cool for up to a week and restock again.

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Advice: polidine is none harmful disinfectant either served in drinking water or poured and mixed in pesticides battery sprayer to disinfect farm, you can decide to serve your bird’s polidine in water whenever you are having an outbreak.


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Polidine can be used in three different ways, either it’s when the birds are not sold or when they are sold and can also be served in bird’s drinking water but formalin can be used for fumigation only in poultry each time you have dispatched all. 

Warning: Do not use formalin when the birds are unsold!

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Warning: Do not fumigate with formalin once every week as you fumigate with polidine and bleach because polidine is not harmful while formalin is harmful. 

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