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This is the reason why farmers must add milk to their vaccine and ways to stop death in poultry after vaccine administration

Why poultry vaccine is mixed with milk

In poultry farming, one thing you should know is that Vaccine is not called drugs.You may handle drugs with care but you are required to handle vaccines with extra care if not, Vaccine can act maliciously to your bird’s period!

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 Difference between improper drug administration and improper vaccine administration



 Overdose of drugs in a single day will only make your birds performance too slow and may equally damage their liver or kidney if not controlled, When this happens, your birds can only be reversed back with an administration of a quality vitamin while underdose of drugs to birds will certainly make the drug not to work up to 50% from 100%.



 vaccine: immunogen consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells injected in order to stimulate the production of antibodies;


 Overdose/underdose of vaccine is very critical unlike drugs because Vaccine is same as a killer if you fail to administrate the accurate measure to birds,

 The vaccine will turn to a killer in birds a few days after administration if it’s abused, unlike drugs that slow birds’ performance. 

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 Why skimmed milk is to be added to water before mixing the vaccine.

Warning: Make sure you use a skimmed milk.

 The use of milk in the vaccine mixture is not that the milk has a major role to disable the virus from coming. adding milk in water before vaccine (i.e. Lasota & gumboro) is to neutralize organisms in the water which may prevent the vaccine from working 100%, example; Water that has been disinfected has nothing to do with vaccine administration, using chlorinated water will certainly make the vaccine to brake, However, to be on the safer side you are required to add a Skimmed milk in your water before adding vaccine in a way to make it stable. All vaccine is a live vaccine, you need to keep them alive by storing them to their recommended cold chain.

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 How to administer vaccines safely and still make your flocks live without dying.

 Note: Every 100 doses of (i.e. Lasota) vaccine is meant for 100 birds in 1 liter of water for an effective result though some farmers use 2litres but in all, ensure you keep vaccine to their cold chain in a way to achieve a good result.

  Below, I will teach you how to conduct a proper vaccine administration. Hence, before I explain further, there are things you need to be mindful of. 

 Do not purchase vaccines a day before the vaccination day, vaccines are recommended to be bought at the exact day of vaccination to avoid it been hot by you, only buy vaccines from reputable agents who are eligible to store their vaccine without it been damaged / hot. A vaccine is meant to be in a fridge less than 8° and a minimum of 2°.

 If you have taken the above precaution, now let’s begin about the vaccine conduction.

  To make this tutorial easier for you to understand I will use the days of the week as an indication.

 Let’s assume you want to vaccinate on 11th Wednesday 2020,

“many people vaccinate their birds and after their vaccination, their birds die either due to improper vaccination or their flock been sick without them knowing”.

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 Note: To vaccinate a sick flock is the same as flock murder.


 To stop the death of birds after vaccination, Mix any antiviral drug like Viral Terminator, adamacine extra, admacine, or kamas antiviral with any anti-coccidiosis and antibiotics bird drug especially embarzin forte and serve them starting from 7th Saturday of the previous week, serve them the above solution from that Saturday 7th till Monday 9th that’s maximum of 3 days then on Tuesday, serve them quality multivitamin like (ALBOVIT) in other to boost their immune system.

 On that same Tuesday which you have served them good multivitamin been Tuesday, During evening period of that same day (Tuesday) remove all drinkers in a way to make your flock thirsty the following morning which is Wednesday (Vaccination day).

 After you have removed the whole drinkers and feeders, make sure you don’t give them light at that same night. the following morning which is Wednesday, At 6:40 am, mix your vaccine in a small quantity of water 100 doses for 2 liters and serve your birds, make sure every one of them sips the water.


 Warning: While administrating the vaccine, do not stress your birds, monitor them very well while they drink it, set a stopwatch, and monitor them while they drink and do not allow the Vaccine to stay more than 2 hours with them in the pen.

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 Once two hours have elapsed, remove the whole drinkers, take it 50 meters away from your farm and dispatch the remaining water, bury the containers of the vaccine and wash the drinkers at that same place, enable yourself clean and do not allow anything with that vaccine to reach your birds again.

 Make sure you wash your hands and legs before entering the pen again if you have accidentally matched the used vaccine.

 Since your birds have taken the vaccine and you have successfully removed the water, serve them vitamins again to ease the heavy stress of the vaccine and do not disturb them while the rest and make sure you feed them again.

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 overdose and underdose of the vaccine will certainly cause a vaccine failure or form a pathogen that will kill your birds while overdose or underdose of drugs will certainly make birds performance slow or may not certainly work although, but this will not kill birds in days like vaccine kills except the overdose destroyed the liver or kidney of the diseased bird.

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In my next article i will teach on How to fumigate poultry against viral infection and bacteria

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