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These are top five (5 poultry feed additives that will increase your bird’s weight and growth

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Poultry Feed additives

Good evening standcoder’s, I am Mr. Elvis Chris, I’m here to teach you on how you can increase the growth and performance of your stock, However, reading this epistle which I have written will educate you in all you need to learn about feed additives.

The major factor that increases growth and weight gain in poultry birds are feed nutrient’s not feeding additives. Feed additives are enhancers to poultry birds.

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There are lots of growths and weight enhancer’s supplements which you need to know, in this lesson, I will teach about the fundamental ways you can enhance your poultry feed.

What is this fundamental knowledge of feed additives?

“hahaha, Don’t get yourself worried about these steps besides, they are basic”

When you hear about feed additives, this simply means something that can boost the existence of a thing into a boom existence. Example: Some lanky/thin women use waist and breast enhancers/supplements to boost their existence into a bigger style so that when men see them walking they will look attractive. What you have to know is that once the stop to intake the supplement which they intend to drink, the growth and weight gain will cut off and they will look ugly.

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Facts:  Women who take supplements to add up growth and weight gain do not mean they cannot get into a brighter shape in life; the truth is that they are forcing their body tissues to get bigger as they eat. When the intake this body enhancers, it exposes them to more ways of eating, if a lady who eats 2 cups of rice per day decides to take an enhancer to boost her body growth, the 2 cups which she eats in a day (previously) would be small compared to what she will eat after taking the pills. But in real life, if those women who have taken supplements decline to take the supplements and focus more on nutritional foods, you would see them in a brighter shape too without any supplement.

 (Now bring it in into poultry birds)

1st So whether you add feed additives to your feed or not, what matters is how eligible are there feed in your poultry, whether you mix feed additives or not to your feed make sure you supply enough feed to your birds, the supplement mixed with feed only cause them hunger and thirsty in other to enable them to eat more than they usually eat in real life, this will in return make them grow bigger in time!

2nd  The addictive you add to feed is not the main factor that can enable birds to grow; the major factor that enables bird’s growth is by you feeding them Adlibitum. The enhancers are just to improve their performance and to boost their body system into a bigger part by them eating massively to grow. If you deprive them to feed and depend much on vitamin boosters just note that they cannot get big.

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I’m not teaching that adding feed nutritional addictives is not good but in conclusion, I’m teaching about areas you should understand before administrating any particular supplement. It’s good to add feed addictives because;

  1. It helps the feed you supply to birds to easily convert to flesh in a way to expect a rapid growth
  2. It improves their performance in the poultry system
  3. It enables their immune to fight and resist infection and diseases
  4. Feed enhancers are made of a series of vitamins and minerals especially (lysine/amino acid), it helps them build and maintain their body weight gain.

There are lots of them, we have the herbal addictives we still have the medicated addictives.

I’m not teaching much about herbal addictives on this topic, they will be explained in my next epistle, I’m teaching basically on medicated addictives but I would not leave here without mentioning a single herbal addictive, when it comes to the area of herbal additives, dried moringa leaf is nutritional and it helps build the immune system of birds and it equally helps in a good performance in poultry system, moringa leaf is reached in protein!

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The medicated additives are these that I have listed below.

  1. Broiler boost extra; 5-way action feed grade 500grams
  2. Toks efficiency feed additive growth booster supplement
  3. Grow fast vitamins
  4. Fattener vitamins by anidone company
  5. 3 in 1 vitamin

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Growth and disease have been all farmers’ baffles. Broiler 5-way actions are a good feed addictive, it secures your birds against diseases such as coccidiosis and it also enables your broiler to grow massively. Broiler boost extra is a special blend of vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, probiotics, acidifiers, bacitracin. It is extra fortified with antimicrobial nodules against salmonella in feed and macduromycin for the control of coccidiosis.


Broiler boost extra enhances maximum growth in broiler chicks, ensures effective feed conversion, maximizes immunity in growing birds, reduces mortality, control wet litter, provides the required calcium-phosphorous balance, control salmonellosis avian coccidiosis and odor in poultry pens.

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  1. Feed poultry with Toks efficiency feed additives from additive from day old for best result.
  2. Allow animal free access to drinking water because Toks efficiency feed additive intake, make animals thirsty always.
  3. Toks efficiency feed additive helps domestic animals to nourish their body and also help for strong born formation.
  4. Toks efficiency feed additives is a food supplement of farm animal for enough nutrient from regular meals
  5. Toks efficiency is the active herbal extract component of asparagus Ricinus compound Vitamins, Bio-animals. Amino Acid and also all the compound enzymes.


  1. TOKS efficiency feed additives is a food supplement of farm animals for enough nutrients for regular meals such as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.
  2. TOKS efficiency feed additive speedily converts eaten feed by poultry animals into flesh that makes them reach remarkable weight sooner and also reduced the cost of feed.
  3. TOKS efficiency feed additive helps to optimum digestion and absorption of nutrients poultry animals such as broiler, turkey, pig, fish, cow, and goat.
  4. TOKS efficiency feed additives help to promote proper bone formation and strong eggshells.

3 in 1 Optimum BOO-STAPLUS

3 in 1 Optimum BOO-STAPLUS

This vitamin is formulated for weight, appetite booster, and strong bones. BOO-STA PLUS is highly recommended to boost and maintain optimal performance in animals. Due to the high level of amino acid & vitamin contents, it causes rapid weight gain and double breast development in broilers.

It increases bone density and results in strong bones. It brings out the bright red coloration of the combs. It stimulates appetite and maintains gut metabolism. It maintains firms dropping.

BOO-STAPLUS has no withdrawal time, its effective right from day-1.         


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Anidone Multivitamin fattener extra

Anidone Multivitamin fattener extra

  • anidone multivitamin is a product carefully formulated based on substance with proven efficiency in birds of all types.
  • Multivitamin is suitable for chicks, growers, and broilers.
  • multivitamin plays a crucial role in the poultry system, it fattens your bird’s lapse and wings, and it has a maximum amount of 15% of lysine.
  • fattens the birds and makes them vibrant and lively.
  1. This not the least, there are so many other feed supplements that may be available in your location. All you need to do is to visit any veterinary around you and request for a feed additive. Toks efficiency feed additives are usually one sachet per 25kg of feed while some are one sachet into 50kg of feed, all this depends on the company prescription.
  • DO not mix above what the prescription says else you might cause prolapse to your birds, it’s required that you mix according to the direction.

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Use of the herbal and medicated supplement is good and recommended if the directions are followed accurately, it’s a good practice you supply these addictives right from their day 1 till the day off dispose of in other to achieve a good result.

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In my next lesson i will teach about reason why farmers must add milk to their vaccine and ways to stop death in poultry after vaccine administration

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