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Shrine as one of the major factor that can deprive success in the poultry business

Shrine is a Factor that can still affect your poultry business

Good afternoon standcoders, I will be teaching on ways you could trace to know how shrine may have thoroughly affected your poultry business. Sometimes what causes diseases in poultry is not ordinary some might be charms imposed in your farm by enemies who vow you will never succeed, At times, you may have treated a particular disease in your farm till extend, “you are sure, you have administered the right drug for that particular disease outbreak yet there is no relief in birds”.

This mainly happens to new farm location and new people into animal husbandry.

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Warning: Reading this article does not mean that all your birds that are dying are charms by enemies, some are due to wrong drug administration while some are lack of appropriate biosecurity you may read my previous teaching about how improper drug administration might kill your birds.

Some lands and places where houses and farms are built are shrines in the past and secondly, most of those places were also used for assorted sacrifices in the time past, using such area to establish a business is suicide if the foundation is not broken by the power of God.


Shrine as one of the major factor that can deprive success in the poultry business

One major thing you should know is that any gods of lands (oracle) always like birds as a sacrifice to him/her in time past, and in modern life now, most of those previous shrine has been removed and the spirit who abide in them are left and not worshipped again if your farm is built In this type of land, once a poultry is established on them, there is no how you can prosper.

There are things you need to learn, the purchase of land for any Poultry use should be ordained by the word of God in other to change the foundation of that plot, (this not a joke) you may not understand until you are a victim.

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How to enable a breakthrough in the Poultry business
  1. Ensure your business premises is blessed and demons cast out by the word of God by simply engaging it by a real man of God.
  2. Do not purchase any land you know that has been in complications (quarrel) between two families and later was settled by the court of law.
  3. Do not deny debts of Carpenter, bricklayers, electricians and many other workers that have fixed your farm.
  4. Do not fornicate with your workers on your farm (A lot of sexually addicted men do this and spiritually, their farm can not bear fruit, this step is a spiritual law).
  5. Do not believe in any antidote by any man except the word of God that can boom your farm, treat your farm healthier just as you treat yourself and ensure you supply 100% adequate requirements of what your birds need, definitely you will boom.

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