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How & factors combating stunted growth in poultry birds in the agricultural system

Ways and agents causing stunted growth in poultry birds

  1. Stunted growth in poultry birds is a huge loss to farmers.
  2. Stunted growth in poultry birds will make a farmer feeble towards his/her farm.
  3. Stunted growth in poultry birds activates poor sales during marketing.

Poor growth in birds is usually caused by poor management. At times, the genes of birds you buy are considered because poor genes deprive birds from reaching the market on time due to poor parental genes which causes stunted growth in poultry birds.

Advise: If your flock has reached 2months and you found out that they didn’t grow well, Don’t seek ways to make them grow more or fast instead dispatch them.

“Waiting for them to reach 10 -14weeks because of poor growth is jeopardy, kindly dispose them in other to return your investment (ROI)”

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 Finding ways on how to make them grow more since they have passed 8weeks is jeopardy and this will Enable you to waste your resources extremely if practised, if you continue by the way to make them grow since they have suffered from poor growth, just note, you cannot return your investment.

Warning: Dispatch stunt growth birds; do not waste your money.

Factors causing stunted growth in birds include:
How & factors combating stunted growth in poultry birds in the agricultural system

stunted growth in birds

Poor parental gene will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

Good & Big birds are inherited from their parental gene!

Buying quality birds from a quality hatchery is extremely important because poor gene birds grow lanky and stunt which will however deprive the farmer from making his/her profit. Stunted growth birds are however caused by a series of factors, it’s however left for you to detect the area baffling you.

This is extremely important in poultry farming, getting the right breed of birds is mandatory. Getting the right breed of birds will enable your birds gain enough weight and with a responsive growth in a short time when feeds are continuously given to them.

Poor number of feeder and drinker will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

Supplying an adequate number of feeders and drinkers is extremely important because, if the supply of feeders is less, they agile and strong birds will deprive the fragile ones from eating this will indeed cause un-uniform growth which will result loss to the farmer.

Inadequate supply of water will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

Water is very important to any living thing, not even only birds, Water helps in the absorption of nutrients and digestion. Water helps birds response to feed, it helps the nutrients from feed to get converted to flesh, if you don’t have enough water supply, your birds will eat less because of how thirst they are, it’s not a good practice supplying inadequate water to them because it will cause them dehydration and they will die, this indeed a bad practice.

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Poor feed consumption will cause stunted growth in poultry birds

On their own; without food and water birds cannot grow except they eat!

High feed consumption in birds gives 90% value to their growth, high feed consumption impact a major role that would enable them to be sold in 8weeks. Their roles include nourishment of the flesh, growth of the flesh, strong bones, and active immune response. As a farmer, you need to feed your birds Ad-libitum, Ad-libitum feeding means feeding birds 24/7 in a way to achieve good results in 7weeks.

Poor feed nutrients will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

This aspect has killed millions of flock, myself have experienced it too when I thought a particular feed I was feeding my birds was the best, at times in feed quality, there are factory errors during mixing / formulation of feed.

Sometimes you might have noticed this in your experience in poultry farming, at times when you feed your birds a particular feed, with time, they become paralyzed though a lot of factors can cause this such as Newcastle virus but the major factor that causes it is lack of calcium and phosphorus in feed this especially occurs during their early stage of life, it’s a good practice you add some rich multivitamin to their feed if you have noticed or not sure if the feed you are feeding your birds is not 100% rich in nutrients.

Lack of proper drug administration will cause stunted growth in poultry birds

Lack of proper drug administration will kill your birds and secondly will deprive growth from them; I have taught about this topic in my previous post, you may read How drug dosage error will kill your flock in a short time if you don’t practice precaution in poultry farming.

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 Worker poor knowledge about poultry farming will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

Another factor that can cause stunted growth in birds is when you have Ignorant workers. workers who haven’t been experienced or trained about poultry farming for 1year or more are not eligible to handle a good farm because, they will rarely understand poultry faults and needs and more on how to manage your birds, it’s a good practice you hire clerks with good experience and secondly, you have to give them some test as interviews in a way to know their ability before you get them employed.

Viral diseases and virus outbreak will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

Prevention of viruses is necessary in poultry than allowing the virus to prevail before you apply treatment. Viruses like Newcastle virus can be controlled but can’t be cured, it’s a good practise to prevent viruses and diseases by vaccinating your birds.

if you opt in to rear birds without vaccination, you are required to practise 99.9% biosecurity in a way of treating them with antiviral drugs even when the virus havent occured. If your flock has reached 2.5kg and fell into gumboro outbreak, the bad news is that before they will recover from the affected outbreak, their weight must reduce and growth will stop. This indeed a factor stopping growth.

Stocking density or ratio will cause stunted growth in poultry birds:

This aspect is neglected by the majority of farmers.

 Over crowding leads to high rate of cannibalism, injurious pecking among birds, retarded growth and increased mortality due to less ventilation. To achieve a uniform rate, stocking rate needs to be considered as it can extremely deprive birds growth.

Free flow of movement in birds is extremely important to enable good growth and development in birds. Stocking a high rate of birds in a small farm will deprive birds from eating and moving normal and this will move them astray.

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