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The most important nutrient and how water helps the body in functions

Most important nutrient we need to function

In the last article, I tried to elaborate literally how water is important to life. Today i will be explaining about the most important nutrient. As humans, water plays major metabolic roles that include the following:

    1. On days that are hot, or after intense work, if your mouth is dry, you need water to produce saliva and keep your mouth moist. Besides its role in digestion, saliva also helps with speech and prevents mouth injuries.
    2. When the inside of your body gets hot, there is a cooling system turned on which is evident from the sweat that appears on the body. If one is lacking water in their body at the time (dehydration), serious damage could result. It is also important to replace the fluid lost through sweating, especially if you sweat a lot.
    3. The body is a machine as such, it has moveable parts that need to stay lubricated all the time. Water is a major component of the lubricating fluids around the joints and between the discs of the vertebral column.
    4. Digestion is easier when you drink fluid before and after meals. Especially, when the meal has high carbohydrate content. Also, fluid ensures adequate oxygen circulation. This is done by ensuring the blood remains fluid. Aside these, water is an important part of the blood which is responsible for carrying nutrients to the parts where they are needed or stored.
    5. Do you need drugs when you can easily control certain illnesses by drinking enough water? Aside from constipation and dehydration symptoms, water can help keepKidney stonesHypertensionUrinary tract infectionsStress-induced asthmaLow sperm count, etc… out of your body. Great huh?
Why we drink the most important water

The most important nutrient and how water helps the body in functions

  1. Enough fluid in the body directly affects the rate of metabolism. Thus, this can have a direct effect on the amount of energy produced in the body. Studies show that this energy boost can last for more than an hour, if one can consume up to 5litres of water daily. Imagine not having to resort to energy drinks? If you can keep up with all that energy, who is to say you can’t last longer during se.x(men)? Or orgasm faster as a woman?
  2. Just like adequate exercise, proper hydration can help improve your mood, mental focus and short term memory.
  3. Forget oils, creams and lotions, proper hydration is a cheaper and healthier way to achieve that skin glow you have desired for a long time.


For optimal health, increase your water intake if you only drink water when you eat or when you are thirsty. The average healthy amount for both men and women is about 3litres daily.

You can always pace yourself to end that much intake about an hour before sleep. If your job or daily involves much physical activity, you should probably drink more to avoid dehydration. This also implies to those who live in hotter regions.

Again, in the image below is a Urine Colour chart to help gauge how much water is in your body.

 important nutrient and how water helps the body in functions

Urine Chart

Fluid is generally important to anyone that wants to live longer, healthier and happier.

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