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Water: The Most Important Nutrient (1)

Most Important Nutrient in human body

I will be teaching today about the most important nutrient in human body, water is extremely needed in the body because without water some organs of the body will turn disable however, i am using this article to teach you all you have to learn about the most important nutrient in human body.

In a conversation one time, someone said,

‘you need to eat to keep your energy levels up but, you need to drink water to live.’

How so?

Water is probably the most important substance that gets into the body. The blood is the largest tissue in the body and it is 90% composed of water. Water is responsible for energy flow in the body, food digestion, body heat control, transfer of drugs to the right places, waste management, etc.

Have you ever felt faint? Like while carrying out your daily activities or while at work, you just suddenly feel thin? There is that feeling that you’ve just been sapped of every energy in your body? In extreme cases of stress, you might even faint? Now, imagine not being in a place where people have a clue on how to revive you or, cannot get you to a nearby hospital?

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Water: The Most Important Nutrient (1)

My friend shared an experience she had not too long ago and that opened me up to a line of thought: A lot of people don’t know just how important water is in keeping one healthy, ensuring long life too. In her story, she had noticed the blood in her menstrual flow was thicker and clumped. She complained to an apparent nurse around whom insisted that the clumps are normal sometimes.

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Two days, she would return to this nurse and make the same complaint. Funnily enough, while there trying to catch her breath as she has had a long day in the hot sun, she passed out. She would later wake up in a hospital and have a chat with the doctor, who told her that had passed out due to dehydration! Imagine how bad it could have been if she dropped in an isolated place, or when home alone?

During extreme droughts or climate heat in some parts of the world (Asia), people drop dead due to dehydration. The same story happens in the desert where people die from thirst than from hunger. Even if you have the world to eat, your body cannot make use of the energy in the food if it is short on water, see?

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A nutritionist once said,

‘when sick, drink more water than you eat food.’


Water: The Most Important Nutrient (1)

If you look at the food pyramid above, you’d notice that a healthy diet contains more water than any other food. As much as vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins are important, water is much more important. The body needs at least 3litres of water daily to keep up adequately with the metabolism processes. Lack of body fluid can cause migraines, dry skin, even low sperm count, poor ejaculation, smelly/dry vagina, etc.

Question is, what then are the benefits of drinking water?

Find out in the next article!


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