These are pests and rodents you need to keep off your farm

These are pests and rodents you need to keep off your farm

Pest and Rodents in poultry farming

Pest and rodents are agents that transmit diseases to your birds, this pest and rodents include houseflies, mosquitoes, rats, wildcats, and snakes, these pest most times kills your birds instantly even without any diagnoses of any disease.


Snakes are viral bird’s killer, if snakes continue to attack your farm, your birds will continue to die because sometimes it swallows their egg, small snakes are eligible to bite birds without swallowing their egg and they’ll die without any diagnoses of any diseases.

The main thing that brings in snakes to your farm is dirtiness, snake as a reptile is a smart animal, snakes hate noise, they will not come when you are in your farm but would come mostly during the midnight sections, they always like conducive and cool areas, it’s a good practice you don’t pack empty containers, used bags of feed, loads of different kinds in your farm because they will come to live there and multiply their infant ones secondly, they will operate during the night sections and will cause mortality to your farm. Reading this post on These are Questions and Answers about poultry diseases, treatments, prevention on poultry management will teach you  on how to kill snakes in poultry farming .

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Housefly transmits pathogens that cause fowl typhoid, fowl cholera, and many other intestinal diseases, if the housefly continues to perch on your flock’s foods, they will mostly contact an intestinal disease which mostly causes mortality in poultry farming development. It’s a bad practice to allow thousands of houseflies invade to your flock home, houseflies spread deadly parasites and will contaminate your flock’s food with a parasitic organism which would cause a disease outbreak.

They things that bring in houseflies to your farm include decayed fowl poop, dead fowls, unwashed feeding equipment, and local hen e.t.c

 Note: Normally houseflies do attack poultry farms but it’s a good practice to control the widespread of its existence.


Rat’s cause’s coccidiosis in birds and coccidiosis in birds secondly occurs if your flock feed got contaminated by rats, it’s a good practice you kill rats that attack your farm to be coccidiosis safe. Coccidiosis is a natural disease in birds primarily, your bird having coccidiosis does not mean rat have contaminated their food rather some other factor can still expose your birds to coccidiosis outbreak such as contaminated water, and change of feed sometimes feed changes causes coccidiosis in birds but the fact of avoiding rats is because it increases coccidiosis existence in animal husbandry.

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How to kill rats

Setting rat’s traps are intrinsically ways you can eliminate rats in your farm, I usually advise farmers to use a week before bird’s arrival to kill / poison rats in their farming environment to make sure every rat is eliminated from their farming premises.

Note: Don’t allow rats to your brooding house. rats kill infant chickens with their teeth on a single bite.

Soldier ant

Soldier ants may kill a million fowl in 1hour if they are extreme, it’s good to make sure soldier ants don’t invade close to your poultry farm.

many agents that bring in soldier ant in poultry, they are dirty environment, uncleared bushes, compost manure, dead fowls, and many more you can read 


Wildcats are very smart, they destroy flocks of farmers, a wildcat perch on fowl and tear them apart without eating them.

Get rid of a wild cat by setting traps, securing your poultry farm fences with electric wire.

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In my next lesson, i will teach on poultry diseases incompatible water can cause in birds.

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