8 factors that deprive growth in poultry birds

These are the seven main factors that can deprive growth in poultry.

Inappropriate growth of birds in poultry farming system

(1) Breed type: Choosing Bird breed is the most important thing every farmer must do, selecting birds with a low gene from its parental stock will always deprive the growth of your birds.

(2) Feed ratio: It always recommended to serve starter feed or super starter to birds from day 1 to 30 then finisher feed continues from day 30 to day 60 failure to ration the above step will extremely deprive growth to your birds.

(3)Water and Vitamins: Vitamins works with water and feed, Vitamins alone cannot grow your birds rather vitamins enables your birds to eat more and drink more water in order to digest and easily convert to the flesh, dehydration will deprive growth in birds because once the are thirsty the can’t eat.

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(4)Feed quality: There are hundreds of feed companies (e.g Top feed, hybrid, animal care, and supreme feed), its recommended to feed chicks from day 1 to 30 with feed containing 22% or more of protein, failure to serve birds the amount of protein mentioned above will deprive growth of birds however, it will also bring up diseases against them because proteinous food fights diseases and enable them to grow faster.

(5)Insufficient feeders and drinkers: This the only factor that deprives equal growth in birds. In most farms, the number of feeders and drinkers positioned for birds to feed on is not sufficient compared to the number of birds reared, if done that way, The whole number of your birds cannot grow to 90% to 100% its only 50% or less of them will grow because those 50% or less are the stronger ones which will chase the smaller ones away while they eat.

(6)Ventilation: Inadequate ventilation is chicks murder, Insufficient ventilation increases the amount of ammonia in poultry and this will definitely cause chronic respiratory disease in birds which will cause stunted growth and extreme mortality.

(7)Light: During the first 1 week, its recommended you heat the room to a temperature of 32 to 35 degree celsius and the second week you have to reduce the temperature at 25 degrees both at night, if you don’t give light during night hours to your chicks, they will decline to eat at night and this will definitely deprive growth of them because they can’t feed at night.

(8)Disease: This factor is dangerous, Disease will reduce the growth of your birds even though they have grown already, e.g; if your birds weight is 4kg and unfortunately your flock falls into coccidiosis outbreak, they 4kg as their weight will reduce to a lower weight at 3kg to 2.8kg, (if fortunate you recover from the disease), it will take them a longer time to reach that same 4kg they were before because their Immune system needs to balance as they grow again this will Indeed prolong their reach time in the marketplace.

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