How drug dosage error will kill your flock in a short time if you don't practice precaution in poultry farming

How drug dosage error will kill your flock in a short time if you don't practice precaution in poultry farming

Inappropriate Drug administration Causes Drug Error

I have seen a lot of farmers suffering from chicks mortality. However, Mortality is a major factor that can fold a poultry farm.

Of course, every farmer does expect mortality of birds on a particular batch of chicks because, no matter how superior or experienced you are in the farming system, just know that one chick must die in a particular batch of fowl which you have reared. Only a few farmers have encountered rearing a single batch without losing one chick and this normally happens to them once in a while.
Now let us move on to the point while this article was written.

Farmers are expected to have 5% mortality out of 100% in other to have their return of investment (ROI) and gain but in this case, mortality has increased and has made some farmers fold while some are still battling with 60% mortality rate. I have witnessed; 90% of farmers who experience high mortality rates are caused by inappropriate drug administration.

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Manufacturers who produce drugs have experimented with all that needs to be done on a particular fowl drug that they have invented to sale, they equally specify volume /dosage of the drug to be used during administration in poultry which is normally written at the pack of any fowl drug.

In this case, so many farmers have failed to use the right drug dosage, some decrease while some increase the specific drug volume limit prescribed by the manufacturer.

List of Fowl Drug Dosage Errors


So many farmers give their flock overdose this not proper because, birds are like human beings, they breathe, they also walk and eat, giving them overdose will certainly cause disability in them because the extreme drugs you have given can not be managed with their body cells. Administration of overdose will harm the liver and kidney of your birds which will certainly cause a 90% mortality rate.


Underdose is a very critical drug administration, it can make you depend on a drug, example: You may have given 1g of amprolium in 10 liters of water, ( its underdose), if you have supplied 1g in 10litters, its same as you have not given drugs to your chicken because 1g is very poor to be used with 10 litters of water. It’s a good practice you look into the manufacturer’s prescription concerning fowl drug administration.

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Note: If you are new to poultry farming and you don’t know how to administer coccidiosis drugs, this company write up which I’m linking below will educate you more about its product and how you can administer its amprolium drug. However, other company amprolium administration will be different from this as they all are a different company in different research. AMPROLIUM 250 WSP by KEPRO Company

Incorrect Label

Sometimes, Incorrect Labeling from the manufacturer causes mistakes on drug dosage administration by the farmer to its flock, This usually a machine error during label printing due to Fluctuation.

Incorrect Dosage from the farmer.

Every drug manufactured has its dosage administration written at the label of its container or pack, some farmer’s administer drugs wrongly, farmers who don’t follow dosage guidelines written on the pack of the fowl drug are eligible to destroy the kidney of their flock which increases mortality rate.

Drug Interactions

Drug interaction is a factor that can wipe your flock in a jiffy. The combination of drugs is what heals your flock when combined accurately and sometimes if combined wrongly it will kill your flock. Example: If your flock suffer from coccidiosis outbreak, using amprolium and antibiotic is the major substance that can heal your flock absolutely within 48 hours, In the other way, if your flock suffers from coccidiosis and you mix amprolium with vitamins that contain B1, there is no how your flock can be healed because the B1 in the vitamins disables amprolium to work and increases the coccidiosis disease.

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Note: Amprolium substance is not an antibiotic drug. It is a thiamin blocker, and the coccidia parasite needs thiamin to multiply in the gut of a bird so it’s advised to use amprolium without vitamins containing thiamin during coccidiosis outbreak.

Hence, Incorrect instructions regarding usage Administration of drugs outside the prescription which the veterinary (Expert) has given you is the same as “Fowl murder”, always follow guidelines from an expert.


Some serious and common side effects of fowl drug overdose include allergic reactions, heart problems, liver and kidney failure, weight gain/loss, overwhelming and dullness. excess of amprolium reduces fowl weight, There are types of equipment you need to use in other to supply drug accurately to your birds which I would list below, they include:

Syrup Dosing Cup

syrup container
Syrup Dosing Cup



It’s good you use the above measuring tools to avoid mistakes as its measurement is already written there. However, using teaspoon and tablespoon is not a good idea else it’s specifically designed for drug administration, 1 teaspoon is 5ml while 1 tablespoon is 15ml, some tablespoon and teaspoon are not designed for drug administration, most of them are lower while some are higher so using them will either cause an underdose or overdose.

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