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If your farm has been attacked by Newcastle outbreak these are Methods on how you can control Newcastle virus in poultry

Newcastle Outbreak

Newcastle virus is a dangerous disease. Has Newcastle outbreak wiped off your flock? dont worry today, I will discuss this topic on Newcastle virus on how to revive your birds if you have experienced mild Newcastle or a Newcastle outbreak in your poultry farm, I am Mr. Elvis Chris, A Standcode official.

If your farm has been attacked by Newcastle outbreak these are Methods on how you can control Newcastle virus in poultry

Newcastle outbreak

First of all, before I explain about Newcastle outbreak, I would like you to understand the difference between a virus and a disease.

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Bacteria is a microscopic living organism in the world, they can live anywhere, they can live inside and still live comfortably outside living things, they can be found in contaminated food, water, and surface, they are usually harmful and they cause a lot of infections such as salmonella.


A Disease simply means a disorder, an abnormal functionality of a system. It can kill a living organism and can also be treated with antibiotics.


A virus is an infectious agent that replicates itself if not controlled, virus infection cannot be treated with antibiotics rather they can be controlled with the appropriate drug administration using antiviral drugs and Vaccinations.
Antiviral drugs are processed to eliminate widespread virus replication. In poultry farming, it’s advised for farmers to use antiviral drugs such as (admacine) starting from day 2 in other to deactivate any viral disease on their farm.

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I want you to know that bacterial infections are caused by bacteria, and viral infections are caused by viruses.
Just note that the most difference between bacteria and virus infections are, disease from a bacteria can be cured by antibiotics but antibiotics aren’t effective
against viruses.

Here, I want you to understand that the Newcastle virus is an infectious agent that replicates itself in cells of the living host. Henceforth, Newcastle virus has no absolute cure rather Newcastle outbreak our existence can be controlled that’s the reason why this article was written.
It’s a good practice to study your bird’s behaviour to know when they are abnormal, If you have noticed these changes which I have listed in your bird’s behaviour, Ultimate measures need to be taken else your flock will get lost.

These symptoms are;

Gasping, coughing, sneezing, Tremor, and paralysis of wing and legs twisted neck, circling and clinic spasm may occur.
Depression, watery greenish diarrhea, swelling of tissues of head and neck.
Any bird showing the above symptoms which I have listed on Newcastle Virus symptoms should be isolated immediately else other birds will be affected too since the virus replicates itself.

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How to control Newcastle outbreak if you have noticed the above symptoms in your poultry
  1. The first and most thing to do is to isolate every (ruffled feathered) affected birds out from the good birds. If you fail to separate the good ones from the bad ones, “they virus replicates”.
    Before you move the good ones to a new destination, ensure the new farm is well ventilated, disinfected, and clean.
  2. Clean and pack their poo in bags and send it out from your poultry environment.
    Wash your pen, and all drinker and feeder of your flock with disinfectants, you may use bleach, poldine or any quality disinfectants.
  3. Newcastle virus symptoms 90% are respiratory diseases, administration of antibiotics is highly required against secondary infections, antibiotics do not cure Newcastle rather it cut off the secondary foundation of infections.
  4. Enforce your flock with quality vitamins to rebuild their immune system.
  5. Do not stress or vaccinate them else they will die.
  6. If you have done the above procedures which I have listed, go to the nearest veterinary and buy an antiviral drug in order to eliminate the widespread of Newcastle virus, antiviral drugs such as (admacine) will build the immune of your birds for them to stand against the virus outbreak, Newcastle virus fowl poo is green, an antiviral drug will control Newcastle outbreak and their poo will come back to normal.
  7. Administer any available antiviral with a quality vitamin + antibiotics + any anti-Coccidiosis drugs to treat your flock for 5 days before vaccinating them. It’s a good practice to remove any ruffled feathered bird or affected birds during vaccine administration on the 6th day.
  8. Apply strict biosecurity measures in your farm to enforce your bird’s immune system.
  9. If you have bought a new flock, they should also be vaccinated before being introduced to the old flock.
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Warning on Newcastle outbreak: Do not use organic drugs, such as; pawpaw leaf, bitter leaf, garlic or ginger during Newcastle outbreak else you may lose your flock. use of organic supplements works when its administration is started on time before the widespread of the virus. It’s a good practice you meet your veterinary if such happens else you may lose your flock in a day because Newcastle is a disaster.

Note on Newcastle outbreak: Most individuals love their life and are afraid of this virus, each time they hear that it has no cure, they become afraid even to eat the affected bird would be a problem to them. Newcastle disease virus causes a mild symptom in man – conjunctivitis (Apollo) as a scientist has proven and has no other effect in man, so there is no need to fear about its transmission to man.

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In my next lesson, I will teach about How drug dosage error will kill your flock in a short time if you don’t practice precaution in poultry farming.

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