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What is family planing? Who provides family planing? The importance of family planing and methods

What is family planning or contraception? and who provides family planing? The importance of family planing and methods.

Family planning / contraception as the name implies could differ to some individuals as to the meaning and general understanding, average person may understand the word “Family planning ” as the ability for couple to plan the way forward of their family, well, such idea could be acceptable because you are very close to the meaning.

In this epistle, we will help you to get the understanding of “family planning / contraception ” and the important of family planning and methods of contraceptives.

What is family planning or contraception ?

Family planning is the ability for people to decide the number of children and the space of pregnancy couple could desire to attain or the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases by using scientifically proven method to control their sexual organ.

During uncivilized era, Couples could decide to have many children where some children die at young age, so therefore, they want as many children as to help in day to day work and to be sure that some remain who will take care of them when the grow old.

The idea of having too many children nowadays could be seen as an uncivilized and this could cause a lot of problems to have too many children. For instance :

. Parents who have many children pass through difficult time to feed, cloth, and to give them proper education to their children need.

. When a mother gives birth, after birth, without much space between, she often become weak, her breasts produces less milk, her babies are more likely to die.
Also, after many pregnancies the danger is greater that she might die in childbirth, leaving many children motherless.

. If couples have many children, there may not be a left over property or land for them to grow their own family needs, their children might die of hunger, this is happening in many areas today.

Important of family planning or contraception

It is important to provide a preferred contraceptives to women and adolescents because it secures the well being of women .

These are the benefits or important of family planning / contraception

1. Family planning help to prevents pregnancy and healthy related risks.

2. Family planning help to reduces infant mortality

3. Those who uses condom as method of Family planning help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, for example HIV / AIDS.

4. Family planning help empowering people and enhance quality education.

5. Family planning help to reduce adolescent pregnancies.

6. Family planning help in slowing population growth.

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Who provides family planning?

The important parts of this, is that, family planning is now widely available to people, or those who are sexually active , and you can get the service through midwives or well trained health workers, and it also important that adolescents who are also sexually active can also go for family planning to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but know that family planning do not prevent Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Midwives are trained to provide well acceptable and accurate contraceptives methods, Community health works that are well trained can also provide or give counseling on some family planning methods.

Methods of family planning

There several methods of family planning, here are some methods which you need to know, this methods are best provide by midwives or health workers , it is better for people who considers family planning to meet their doctors to discuss the method of family planning that would be of great benefit.

Here are some methods of family

1. Condom

2. Diaphragm

3. Contraceptives

4. Implants

5. Injection

6. IUCD: intrauterine
contraceptives device

7. Spermicide

8. Vasectomy

Avoid self medication

Qualified health workers/midwives are the ones to provide the best family planning that suits your health .

Always consult a doctor when health challenges arise.

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