How to make money with agricultural development

Introduction to Agricultural development

Agricultural development as a term is the emblem of many nations, although, Agricultural development has saved many countries from hunger and it is a branch where so many countries have relied on to feed their nation.


Countries like Egypt, Singapore, and the Bahamas are poor in agriculture while countries like CHINA, U.S.A, INDIA are rich in agricultural development.

Countries that survive by agricultural development are rich and their masses are not out-performed from the rich homes.

poor people eat what the rich homes eat too because of extreme agricultural development in their country.

The only difference between the rich and the poor in high agricultural developed countries is that the assets of poor families are limited compared to the rich homes.

So many Individual has joined agricultural development such as; investing their time and researching on how more they can improve themselves on their agricultural businesses while some folks are still confused and ignorant about the branch of agriculture they can invest their little money into, this article which I wrote will however educate you on how you can start your own business using agriculture.

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Branches you should look into on agricultural development

Animal farming => Snail, Rabbit, Pig, Fish, Turkey, Ostrich, Guinea-Fowl, Broiler & layer birds, Goat, Dog, Sheep, E.T.C


  • Fish, Snail, Broiler & layer birds, turkey, sheep, dog, and rabbit farming are easy and less cost in times of agricultural animal production.


Crops farming => Cassava, Pumpkin, cucumber, cabbage, yam, groundnut, melon, and watermelon E.T.C


  • Cassava, Cabbage, groundnut, Pumpkin, melon, watermelon, and cucumber are easy to practice in all fertile lands of the country except vegetables, corn, potatoes, rice, yams, black pepper, cayenne, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and sugar cane which normally, its production specializes in tropical areas.


The above-listed branches are areas you can venture on agricultural development however, they are not limited to that only, and there are still other animals and crops which need to be reared in other to make a profitable income which is not listed in the above lines too.


If you want to start up an agricultural development project, I would list all lucrative internal and external places you can go to buy everything about starting up an agricultural project.


This teaches you all about starting up a poultry farming project.

These are websites you may look into if you need to buy poultry types of equipment online.

This a website where you can purchase quality birds while they supply you by way billing based on your location.

This is where you can buy quality rabbits from people living nearest to your location.

It’s good you join several Facebook groups who have the farming niche; It’s a good practice for you to join a group of farmers who are experienced in animal husbandry or crop production.

Once you have started your agricultural project, if you have problems, maybe problems on animal viruses and diseases”, you can post your problem questions in those groups and get helped in a jiffy from the answers which will be given to your question.

If you want to learn about a few poultries diseases and how you can cure them before venturing into the business, you may look into these lines.

Poultry Guidelines

  1. Insecurities and how you can extremely treat cough in poultry farming system
  2. How to prepare mango bark antibiotic syrup and other herbal leaf mixtures
  3. These are Herbal Leaves to cure coccidiosis in poultry
  4. How to treat Newcastle Disease in Poultry Birds

In my next lesson, i will teach on how to control Newcastle Disease.

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