Insecurities and how you can extremely treat cough in poultry farming system

Question and Answers on poultry Insecurity

Question:  What can I do to reduce smell/odour in my poultry?

Answer; Ensure your wood shaving is changed regularly. Ensure your farm is well ventilated and do not allow water to pour on the wood shaving so that it won’t be wet. Untidy poultry pens develop ammonia which will be an agent in causing respiratory diseases in poultry birds.

Questions: What can be responsible for cough in birds?

Answer: Cough in  poultry birds is a chronic respiratory disease. It’s a disease characterized by the same respiratory signs like sneezing, nasal discharge, watery eyes, etc which leads to decrease in eggs. This disease is a respiratory infection known as  Avian infectious bronchitis.

Cough in birds can also be caused from inhalation of sawdust which you introduced to your birds. I would strongly advice farmers to in place of sawdust use wood shaving, When you introduce sawdust, as the bath themselves in it, the inhale the dust and this will, however, block their nostrils, to secure them, ensure you spread wood shaving.

Cough in birds can also exist through climate change, the other factors that can similarly cause cases of respiratory disease in birds are poor ventilation, expired feed and dirty environment. To treat them, ensure you administer tylosin tartrate and doxycycline antibiotic based drugs as the medicated way of treating cough, but if it persists, you may decide to go organic by grinding ginger, garlic and pepper enable the mixture in water concentrated and serve them ultimately.

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There are still other ways you may try. Sometimes when my flock have a chronic respiratory infection, if I have tried tylosin tartrate and doxycycline and they fail to respond, I administer a human antibiotic to eliminate the disease. I administer sulphamethoxazole and trimethoprim antibiotic based drugs.

Question: Can cough alone kill my flock?

Answer: Strictly, yes. Cough can kill your bird but it’s rare. If your birds suffer from cough only, if the cough wasn’t a symptom of other diseases, it would not readily kill your birds. Cough is unlike bird cholera and Newcastle which are pathogenic and kill over a short time. Cough would simply delay your flock growth and production by making the birds uncomfortable and unable to feed properly. If this persists, thebeds would eventually die from food defiency and maybe diseases that have been poorly treated at the time.

To prevent Cough in poultry birds, you have to:

  • Isolate every positive bird out from your flock.
  • Wash feeders, drinkers of birds with a disinfectant like bleach.
  • Tidy your poultry environment; ensure the litter of your birds is packed while new wood shaving is spread because the ammonia in birds litter increases the case of cough.
  • Ensure you have proper ventilation and serve them good antibiotic drugs like tylosin based drugs; your vet would give you a proper dose which will be served.

Note: When you notice cough in your poultry birds, it’s not appropriate to beleive that there is no serious infection as cough could also be a symptom of infection like Newcastle disease. In case you tried the above method I explained to practice and the disease persist, just know, cough is not only the disease troubling them rather it is a symptom of another and probably more serous disease. I would recommend you to consult a veterinary.

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Question: Why is my farm so wet and cold?

Answer; You have more chickens in stock than the space provided. Overcrowding is the major thing that makes any farm dirty and wet.  Always make sure to not have more birds in stock thatn the soace requires, this would help maintain good health for your poultry birds and have them giving maximum productivity. Also, it is important to note that overcrowding increases the chances of the birds contracting respiratory diseases.

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