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How to restore soil fertility, formulate 100% Organic manure on organic crops farming

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Organic poultry farming is a farming system whereby a farmer rears his / her birds without any medicated drugs and vaccines; Organic farming system is also known as a process whereby farmers base on natural organic leafs for the appropriate health of their flock.

Fowl Drug boosters like vitamix, supervite are medicated boosters to the immune system, They are sold at the vet while natural leaves like moringa, taro and bamboo leafs builds the immune system of birds naturally. Leafs like taro is high in protein and would enable proper growth in birds. This means, you can formulate your own organic multivitamin without buying the medicated aspect of it.

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Organic farming system also means by you  planting corn, cassava, melon without the apply of Fertilizer (NPK), organic crops farming relates by you as a farmer using the combination of the Following organic matters / droppings to compose the formulation of a manure which can be used in a farm as an organic manure;

Fowl dropping’s

Pig dropping’s

Goat dropping’s

Wood ash

Fish pond waste water has great amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, it’s vital, you have to look into this aspect of organic crops farming, simply by pouring the waste water of your fish pound in your garden.

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How to Formulate 100kg of organic Compost Manure

Before you start this tutorial, make Fowl droppings, Pig droppings, Goat dropping’s and Wood ash available to you. Fish pound waste water is optional but it’s highly recommended if you want to restore your soil fertility.

(1)  Dig a Square fit hole about 3 Ft depth, 4ft width and 4Ft length.

(2)  Its good and awesome practice to call a brick layer to lay blocks inside the squared hole, the blocks layed must be above the square hole depth.

(3) If the brick layer has laid blocks on the squared depth hole, make sure the hole which blocks are laid is also plastered with cement to avoid the wall being weak. After the block with cement has compacted together maybe after two days, now, you may decide to formulate your own compost manure inside the squared formed hole.

(4) Pour the first 40kg of chicken droppings in the hole, ensure the droppings are from deep litter system in order to get a nice dropping nutrients for the soil.

(5) Pour 25kg of pig dropping + 20kg of goat dropping + 15kg of wood ash and mix all together in the squared hole with a strong paddle which you can handle, ensure its mixed well.

(6) When mixing, if you have fish pond waste water; pour 10 liters of it and mix but if you don’t have since it’s rare to see, you may use 5 liters of pure water instead and mix, ensure you mix extremely.

(7) Once you are done mixing, close the squared whole to propagate for 24 hours, after the propagation, your manure is done and ready. you may decide to refill the manure and transfer to a 100kg bag and transfer to your farm, make sure the manure does not stay long in the bag or dry surface without you spreading it in your farm for a long time. Once refilled in bags, send it immediately to your farm and spread, In order to get a nice result, do not spread little by little, make heaps of manure on the root of your crops.

Note: The six matters / dropping’s including fish pond waste water which I have listed above are greatly practiced by few farmers and ignored by ignorant ones, A great practice of quality mixture of the six dropping’s is highly to out-perform medicated fertilizer and is low costed to farmers than purchasing a medicated fertilizer.

However, I have practiced this aspect of organic crops farming system as a farmer and it out-performed the use of medicated fertilizer hence, I advise you to practice  this aspect of organic crops farming too because, this would reduce the cost of your production in crops farming management.

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Demerits Of Fertilizer (NPK) to farmer soil fertility

Below,  I would explain the disadvantages of medicated fertilizer to our soil fertility. Fertilizer as a matter or medicated ingredient to the soil is same as a disaster to the natural fertility of the soil. Farmers who have depended on medicated fertilizer on lands for a decade (Period of 10 years) cannot cultivate again on same lands without the apply of medicated fertilizer because, medicated fertilizer as a substance fertility kills the natural micro nutrients of the soil.

If a farmer has used medicated fertilizer (NPK) on a piece of land, if he/she has decided to stop the use of NPK fertilizer on that particular land, if he cultivates on that same land again without the apply of NPK fertilizer, it will be very complicated for crops to survive and it would be very hard for the farmer crops to yield a nice harvest, this happens because, the natural nutrients  has been destroyed by the process of using medicated fertilizer previously.

Note: If your  farm is addicted to NPK fertilizers, it’s a good practice you proceed with the NPK fertilizer farming system than to stop the use of fertilizer although in your farm and depending on the natural nutrients, reason is because, the natural nutrients has been destroyed already by the process of using medicated fertilizer.

But if you have being using medicated fertilizer and you think your soil natural nutrients is no more, this epistle which I wrote would totally help your farm to restore itself to default of God setting to soil fertility.

Hence, its advised you practice crops organic farming in other to keep your soil naturally fertile.


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How to Restore Your Soil Fertility If Its Nutrients are Dead

The restoration of soil fertility in farming system is a very complicated issue to lazy farmers, only those farmers with zeal and morale can restore this because, it needs a lot of process and proficiencies which am explaining below, However,  I would teach you about the processes and how it can be restored. Below, I would use the estimate of a plot of land, on your own practice, you may need to increase these processes been used depending on how many plots of land you choose to restore.

Farming system in Nigeria especially the eastern parts are during the months of march and April due to excess dry season which occur in January and February while raining season starts from march and becomes much on April till October.

To restore your soil fertility, you need to fertilize your farm soil for 6 months without cultivating on same land.

How do I start this? Example; A woman must have intercourse with a man in order to conceive and give birth to a child, (Bring that example I have given into your farm), your farm must have a nice relationship with you in order to conceive and produce a nice harvest, the relationship starts from you since you have losing its virginity by process of destroying the natural micro nutrients with NPK fertilizer.

To enable your farm conceive, this goes by you as I have said to use one plot of land as an example to teach you on how to restore your farm fertility.

Step 1:

On the affected land, starting from the month of October before the next year of April which cultivation of crops starts like I have said before, you need Six months (6) to fertilize your farm before any cultivation in the next year starts, this will lead your farm to its permanent restoration, To start the process of this restoration,  you are required to spread 5 bags of chicken droppings on the affected farm on each month of October, November, December, January, February, march without cultivating on that land before the next year of April which cultivation commences, The chicken droppings which you have spreaded its bags on the farm should be a dropping from deep liter system, Deep litter system I mean is; chicken dropping which birds has dropped their stool for a period of one to two months.

Step 2:

While you spread the chicken droppings on each month on the affected farm, do not allow weeds, erosion, unwanted dirt’s like plastics, nylons to occur in the affected farm, this means, you have to clear weeds, control erosion and do not allow it to be littered with nylons and plastics.


Step 3:

Fish pond waste water has a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium components, it’s recommended you fetch fish pond waste water and pour it on the chicken dropping which has been spread on your farm on each month, this would however enable the farm 100% fertile without an artificial fertilizer.

Once you are done spreading the organic droppings for 6 months with 5 bags on basic, then, you can start your cultivation on the next year.

Note: Artificial fertilizer does not enable your farm fertility fertile rather it improves your crops growth with its artificial nutrients even if the natural soil fertility is 20%.

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Reason: If you have been using medicated fertilizer on a land and at a time, you stopped to use it and concentrated on farming without that same medicated fertilizer, There is no how you can get a big and nice harvest, but if you have been using organic fertilizer on a land and at a time, you stopped to use it and concentrated on farming without that same organic fertilizer, you will still harvest big and nice till your soil fertility becomes overwhelmed as you have stopped to apply the organic fertilizer.

Analysis 1: Medicated fertilizer works with low natural fertility and still grows well but will not grow well if not applied on a single season of farming. Medicated fertilizer kills the natural soil nutrients.

Analysis 2: Organic fertilizer continues to keep your farm fertile and improves your crops growth, even if you have stopped to apply it at any particular season, your crops will continue to grow well until your soil becomes overwhelmed. Organic fertilizer builds your farm soil fertility.

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If you have accomplished the whole process on soil formulation and restoration as I have explained, your crops would grow massively without the apply of any medicated supplement. Organic crops farming remains the major way a farmer can save money and still harvest largely.

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