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How do i know if i have gonorrhea? All you need to know about gonorrhea infection

How do I know if I have gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea also known as “clap” has been known to be one of the most deadly disease in the world today.

There are about 90 million cases of gonorrhea each year globally .

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on :

.what is gonorrhea

. Symptoms of gonorrhea

. Causes of gonorrhea

. Preventions of gonorrhea

. Gonorrhea complications

. Women to child gonorrhea

. Treatment of gonorrhea

Let us consider the above outlined

What is gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is an STD caused by a specie of bacteria (the gonococcus) that affects the mucous membrane of the genital and urinary tracts.


There may not be symptoms of gonorrhea, however, about 80percent of individuals experience Symptoms, while others do not, most especially about 20percent of WOMEN do not experience symptoms of gonorrhea.


Men, who has been exposed to gonorrhea are more likely to experience symptoms, as outlined below.

.Pus discharge that looks like whitish, yellowish or green in color from the penis

.Throat inflammation

.Pains in genitals

.Painful urination

.Pains when passing stool, anal discharge.


Women with gonorrhea are more likely to experience symptoms below, although, about 20percent of women do not.

.Pains when having sexual intercourse

.Yellowish vaginal discharge

.Bleeding when not in mensuration

.Uncomfortable mensuration

.Bleeding after having intercourse

.Painful urination

.Swollen neck lymph nodes

.Eyes pain and eyes discharge that looks like pus

.Pains in the joint

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men and women, pus that comes out from the penis and discharge from the virgina



There are many ways one can become a victim of gonorrhea, however, we will outlined you the two common ways millions are contacting this infection. However, gonorrhea infection is caused by the bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoea, it does not only affect the reproductive track, but, it can affect mocouse membrane of the mouth, throat, eyes, and rectum.


.Unprotected sexual intercourse:

Gonorrhea can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person through the penis, Virgina, anus, or mouth.
Men can get gonorrhea or transmit it during sexual contact without ejaculating.
Gonorrhea can also pass from an infected mother to child during delivery.

.Public toilet :

Discovery showed that gonorrhoea can also be contacted through public toilet, most people today who suffers this infection contacted it through pit public toilet, when one contacts gonorrhea through public toilet , it can take more decades for the symptoms to manifest than when gotten from sexual intercourse.


There are ways to prevent gonorrhea and ways to acquire gonorrhea.

. Abstinence from sexual intercourse, most especially unprotected sex.

. Use of condoms for vaginal or anal intercourse

. Having sexual intercourse with one partner who has not acquired gonorrhea.



Gonorrhea has a lot of complications which are always serious and require quick action to treat, because when symptoms are left untreated, it can cause serious complications as follows;


. Pelvic inflammatory disease

. pelvic pain

. Infertility

. Ectopic pregnancy


Gonorrhea can cause serious complications, although, both men and women are likely to experience high risk of developing health challenges at times that are similar and when the diseases are left untreated it can cause complications in men like;

. Fever

. Arthritis

. Tensoynovitis

. Dermatitis

Those infected with this deadly diseases are also at high risk of contracting HIV, and if already HIV positive, spreading HIV in addition to gonorrhoea.


In this case, infant can be diagnosed with gonorrhea not because they have engage in an unpleasant sexual contact, but, because their mother does and has been exposed to gonorrhea, infected mothers are also at high risk of premature labour.

If a pregnant woman happens to have or infected with gonorrhoea, the infant ought to be given an eye ointment to prevent gonorrhoea transmission, however, if an eye infection develops, an antibiotic maybe required to treat the infection with immediate effect.

Child gonorrhea usually occurs during pregnancy or delivery,
This can also cause serious problem to the child, the problem that gonorrhea may cause to a child include :

. Joint infection

. Blindness

. Life threatening blood infection

Child with gonorrhea from birth are more likely to be blind.


Gonorrhea also known as clap can be treated with antibiotics.

When an individual starts to experience the symptoms of gonorrhea, you maybe ask to go for a test for gonorrhea in addition to other diseases, and this can be completed by analysis of urine sample or swab of an affected area.

Swab sample are commonly taken from the the penis, cervix, urethra, anus, and throat, This test would determine the type of treatment needed or the type of antibiotics ought to be prescribe by the doctor.

IF testing happens to be positive for a gonorrhea infection, the person and their partner will need to undergo treatment, the treatment involves;

. Antibiotics :

Doctors will be the one to administer for a right antibiotics.

. Abstaining from sexual intercourse:

Abstaining from sexual intercourse would help to reduce the risk of spreading gonorrhea and other diseases.

. Repeat testing in some cases:

It is always important and necessary to retest after treatment to make sure that the treatment worked.

However, the DCD recommends retesting for some patients and retesting should be performed a week after treatment.

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1. Gonorrhea is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria  gonorrhoea, which can pass to one person to the other during unprotected sexual intercourse, and also can be said to be An STD caused by a species of bacteria (the gonococcus) that affects the mucous membrane of the genital and urinary tracts.

2. Gonorrhea can be treated with an antibiotic.

3. When gonorrhea is left untreated at the first symptoms which appears about a week of contact, it can increase the high risk of acquiring HIV.

4. When gonorrhea is left untreated, it can also cause complications like;

In women:

. Pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition that can cause abscess.

. Chronic pelvic pain

. Ectopic pregnancy, a condition when the embryo attaches outside the uterus.

In men :

. Pain with urination

. Drop of pus from the penis

. Difficulty urinating (sometimes he can not pass urine at all)

. Fever

. Arthritis


. Dermatitis

Please always consult a doctor when health challenges arise.

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