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Strategies i used to make excess sales on broilers and layer eggs on poultry farming system

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Strategies of fowl marketing on poultry farming system

How I stormed the marketplace of broilers.

I noticed some vulnerabilities in poultry farming system, I also received a report from complaints whom are farmers about the decrease of fund on the return of their investment.

Poultry farming system in Nigeria has been a way most folks are surviving, secondly, Nigerian citizens alone is not agricultural savvy compared to some other third-party countries who practise agricultural science.

This issue of lack of job opportunity in the nation has however migrated many folks from their various businesses to practise agricultural science.

I am not trying to condemn most farmers or the nation because, I is also a farmer rather, am writing this to improve your ability in your farming business.

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When I go to “ RELIEF MARKETPLACE IN OWERRI” where fowls are been sold in flocks and some other commodities are been sold in large quantities, I see folks who are farmers soliloquising about their business income not responding to the return of their investment in poultry farming system.


Relief market owerri

Relief market owerri

Some even said that, “the business of poultry farming is not yielding income like the have expected it to yield”.

This happened because the were not educated enough to upgrade their poultry farming system in their various strategies.

In poultry farming system, I really want you to know this; poultry farming as a business is not magic rather it’s a process from you, so, you have to upgrade yourself in the way you think in your various strategies on poultry farming system.

What are the strategies That has made your business unable to return your investment?

The strategies I’m talking about are the process whereby you dispose your birds to buyers. The followings are questions I would need to ask you in order to know your weakness in poultry farming system;

  1. What essence do you use to dispose your birds?
  2. Do you base only by going to the market? Example; Relieve market in owerri.
  3. Do you distribute manually at home to people who comes to your house in search of a bird to buy maybe by them hosting a meeting whereby the would need birds to kill in order to use to prepare meeting organization meal serve?
  4. At what week do you dispose your birds to buyers?
  1. Do you dispose directly to retailers or Do you dispose directly to consumers?
  2. Do you have a banner of your business whereby you explain to people about what you sale?
  3. How often are you in the market, Do you have a static place you stay whereby people knows the can reach you anytime any day?
  4. Do you have at least a 50,000 facebook like page which bears your business name that expresses to folks about the product you sale?
  5. Have you really thought of hosting a bonanza strategy of business?
  6. What price do you sale, Do you sale at a costly price/rate?


What essence do you use to dispose your birds?

The essence which you use to dispose birds are what you need to consider most, the consideration of this aspect would increase the volume of your production if it happens that your customers are massive. If you use a wrong strategy to dispose your birds, Definitely, it would equally give you a wrong income. The nature of business strategy has been the investor but not its product, However, every investor needs to think about its strategy of business in order to balance the equation of his business either by improving its product quality or availability of product in its nation.

Today, reading this epistle which I wrote would totally move you out from the abecedarian lane of business to a professional state of income in business lane, Don’t feel am bringing you down from what you are in your business, my destiny is to help people so am here to help you absolutely. Am sorry to do that if I have really offended you by my words, forgive me if I have really let you down.

My explanations are what you need to consider on deep breathe, am once again sorry for any let down. Now, I have to continue in other to accomplish our discussion on poultry farming marketing.


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Do you base only by going to the market?

How often do you depend in the marketplace of birds, Depending only on  the marketplace lane of poultry farming marketing would totally ruin your life because, those folks who claim the are retailers that buys from you in large quantity with a small amount  are proudly cheaters of business. Marketplace disposal of birds are most ways people sell their whole flock in a jiffy, but there are many things included which you may not be aware off. These things are what am detailing below;

“Before you go to marketplace of birds for your flock disposal, the main thing that deducts your income from your poultry farming system is the revenue paid to governmental bodies who claim the are entraco’s, these bodies of government makes sure you pay the ”matching ground fee” as you arrive in the market with your birds.”

Myself have really experienced this issue on several. The last time I went to the market though it has been happening but this last effect about it got me amazing. I reared flocks of birds, on the day I wanted to dispose them in the marketplace, this governmental bodies billed me 30% cost of my production instead of 10% which the use to bill initially, the worst is that, each time I refuse to pay the 30% and pay 10% instead, this governmental body would seize my cages and equipments which I came along with, till I pay the remaining 20%, I’m not against of them billing, but am against of the rate the bill, why I said that was because, there are poultry farmers whom their poultry system has a high rate of mortality, if the pay 30% cost of their production to the government, returning their investment would be complicated because of the mortality the experienced including the billed charged.

The next thing you need to consider is the fee used for the transportation of your birds to the market.

Of course, you can’t take the cages along with you with bare hands, you would equally need a truck for that… Renting a truck which would carry your number of cages would be costly if it happens that the distance of your  farm to the market is far, the truck driver would equally bill you if it also happens that the cages number are much. If the truck cost is 10% of your production expense and the ”matching ground fee” which you pay in the market is 30% of your poultry expense in production, this would be total of 40% expense, this means, after selling your birds, you are only able to gather 60% of your production cost. If you always receive 60% of your production cost, there is no how you would gain as  profit in poultry farming system and if you are not enforced during this expenses, you will totally be overwhelmed because of excess loss.


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Do you manually distribute  at home to people who comes to your door step in search of a fowl to buy maybe by them hosting a meeting whereby the would need birds to kill in order to cook / prepare for their meeting organization meal serve?

I have seen farmers who sell manually at home, this a good strategy indeed if it happens to be that the demand is high. Selling birds at home is lucrative and this would enable you gain more than you have sowed. Because, retailers / customers who comes at home to buy price higher than retailers / customers who comes from the marketplace to price.

The most reason why birds are at higher price at home is because, In most villages,  it’s rare to see farmers who rear birds except in the marketplace where farmers gather to sell, this means, if in a village there are minority of farmers, this would however bring the high price of birds by the few farmers who have successfully reared. So all am saying is that, if you own a poultry in a community where farmers are few or a community where only you rear birds, this means, you can make enough money because the demand would be much from people why the supply would be few.

You know in business strategy, when the supply of a particular product is rampared, the rampard product  will be on low cost, but, when a particular product is few in the marketplace, that particular product ill be costly because of its scarcity.

At what week do you dispose your birds to buyers?

This a crucial question you have to ask yourself. Having an understanding about the particular week which your birds are sold would enable you figure out most of your vulnerabilities.

What do I mean by vulnerabilities; Having understanding about your vulnerabilities in poultry farming simply means by you knowing your weakness in poultry farming  which has been deactivating you from making profit. Vulnerabilities in farming also means loophole in farming or weakness in farming, you can read my previous article on technology niche about how vulnerabilities caused Google to experience splog in their sever system.

Your vulnerability in poultry farming system can also be caused by the weeks which your birds are sold.

Like I have said, broilers are Gigo, the garbage in, the garbage out.

If you haven’t  trained  your birds in a normal way it would reach up to 2.5kg in 8weeks, there is no how you would make enough profit from your poultry farming. Therefore, its healthy and normal for you to train your birds up to 2.5kg of meat at 8weeks. failure to meet 2.5kg at 8weeks  is abnormal and would cost you more resources  if your bird didn’t meet 2.5 to 2.8kg before the disposal time at 2months. Some farmers  train their broiler birds up to 16weeks especially during December and other festive periods  but only few farmers from them make profit from it. Hence, its normal to stock for 2months to make enough gain based on the flock seize and its also good to stock for 4months during December and other festive periods to make a good gain.


Do you dispose directly to retailers or Do you dispose directly to consumers?


As a proudly farmer, In business of poultry farming, the farmer is known and referred as the manufacturer.  Remember about  Aids to Trade. Every business is meant to meet the requirements of its organization. Farmers who stock for birds sell their stock when its due to be placed on sale at the marketplace. But, choosing the wrong people for the bird’s disposal is a mistake. This means, There are only two bodies a manufacturer can dispose his / her birds too, these bodies are; The retailer and the consumer. In the marketplace like “RELIEF MARKETPLACE IN OWERRI“, Consumers comes to buy from the farmer whose flock is in the cage directly rather than buying from the retailers who buys from the farmers legally. Selling to consumers directly both at home is a lucrative way to make profit from poultry farming system because, consumer pays attention to your birds weight, health and neatness and would price you higher unlike when you sell to retailers whose aim is to resell.

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Table showing the analytics of retailers and consumers


The buy in large quantity, The may buy upto 100 birds at a time The buy in small quantity, the may not exceed 20 birds per purchase
The buy at low price in order to make their own gain The buy at higher price so far your birds meet there requirements of weight
Population of them is majority, so, the can come as many that knows you are about to dispose your flock Only few will come to buy even if several of them knows
The are ever ready to purchase your bird each time its due to sale The are not always available
The supply to hotels, restaurants, festival and anniversary events The only buy to eat, the don’t supply
The are good source of disposal The are  good source to make gain

From the above table, I hope you are clarified on how birds are to be disposed in order to make a nice profit.


Do you have a banner of your business whereby you explain to people about what you sale?

Like I have always said, every business is meant to be advertised, if you don’t advertise your product, no one would know where you are. Simple!

Standcode advertisement

Example of my service on advertisement to people about what i offer.

Like myself, I advertise about my farm, product and services everywhere, I write this statement on walls of my house    “Matured Broiler Birds Are Sold Here”  I also write on walls of the streets, I write, “If you need broiler birds for anniversary, festival and other events call my number at 07067296115, I would definitely supply to you on your doorstep” I print banners and posters and paste in some certain location, junction where I know high traffic of people walk and stop on. This has made me develop massive sales of birds. i would like you to apply these strategies to your poultry farming system too, you would be amazed on the outcome. I hope you understand my explanation, if you are having issues, don’t fail to comment from the comment box we would reply your query in a jiffy.

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How often are you in the market, Do you have a static place where you stay whereby people knows the can reach you anytime any day?

This a crucial point for any farmer, most farmers who stock up to a thousand broiler birds do not stock the total number of 1,000 birds at a time while few may stock at a time equally. The stock 300 on month of January, 300 on month of April then 400 on month of July. This would however enable them to be static in the marketplace because, the stock of January would be due on February, if it matures at February the sell at March. The stock of April would mature at May, if the stock of April matures at may, the sell in June. The stock of July matures in August and the sell in September and may still proceed for December season. Hence, In order to make good customers and good sales, consider to make yourself known in the marketplace. if you don’t stay on static destination, you will be forever new to folks. Consider having a permanent place because, your farm birds may be known and recommended by customers of its good weight. Folks who bought birds from your farm may refer their friends to come to the destination where you stay during their bird purchase, but, if you are not static, the buyers will come and go without meeting you because they don’t know your new location.

Poultry Farm Online Marketing

Do you have atleast a 50,000 facebook like page which bears your business name that expresses to folks about the product you sale?

Going to this point is crucial and its what you must think on daily basis. Having thoughts on business promotions are intrinsical ways business stands. There are many strategies you should be investing your time into. “Looking Into Facebook pages”, owning a facebook page for your business is very important because,  this would be a step that would enable you to have extreme sales and also ways you can use to control your audience base. If you have a facebook page of high members, you may decide to create a whatsapp group bearing the same name which your facebook page name bears, after that, link up the facebook page account with the whatsapp group and enable people to join whatsapp group from your page using a single whatsapp group link which you have created.

On this step, there are things that are mandatory to be accomplished. They are;

Make sure you don’t hide your personal details from the group /page, you must enable your phone number options, office location and your website link if website is available… you may read from my previous post on how to set up a website for your business, we can help you on that.

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To gain trust in page, enable these done.

Decide writing quality articles about poultry businesses and publish it at your page.

Lure people to your page by facebook promotions / adverts, every business needs promotions like I have always said, you may decide to pay facebook for a page boost in other to reach more people using your master card.

Achieve the attention of your followers from your page towards your business lane.

Once you become relevant on the articles you have written in your page through members comments, keep record of interested folks who likes to comments on your page regularly, Tell those folks with a simple discount “message” by notifying them, you are on promotions and you are supplying your product on a certain price, In that way, manage to lure them to your whatsapp group by telling them about your product supply and sales including discount which will be offered to them when bought.

You may begin to advertise your product to members who has interest in your business because, From the group you created,  they may ask about your farm location which they may like to visit before paying you.

Note: Make them understand you are real, do not be un-serious with them, always be truthful to your business. If you have successfully done those steps, just know, your online marketing has already began, if you are on a process whereby the buyer is afraid of paying your money online before you supply the birds to him / her, you may need to trade using escrow then, this post I wrote previously would educate you on how to trade using escrow third-party to transfer money between two people safely.

You can see, from this process you are now able to convert your online article readers / followers to your product buyers. This called online marketing.


Have you really thought of hosting a bonanza strategy of business?

BONAZA setup in business is a relevant way of making much sales. There is no business without strategy. Just know; BONAZA as a term is same as strategy.

If your customers knows you as someone being self minded, if they know you like someone being selfish,  no matter how the patronize you, you still don’t offer gifts to them, you don’t even make them happy by topping up their products by quarter of what the bought from you especially during festive periods,  Let me tell you;  there is no how you can retain them all because, there are other farmers who are ready to double their products every 6 months since the make enough sales from the above customers.

Bonanza or Gifts is not to be offered to customers everyday or every time to avoid failure in business. Bonanza or gift to customers are done annually or basically this depends on how much your return of investment yields  (income) before stocking for the  next production. Bonanza is usually done by big / large farms, people stocking up to 3,000 birds are eligible for bonanza while farmers stocking from 1,000 birds below are eligible for gift giving. However, Its good to check your production and sales analytics before hosting a bonanza in business because, if your business is not firm before hosting a bonanza or gift giving, your business might get bankrupt.

What price do you sale, Do you sale at a costly price/rate?

Price engagement in business is another agent that grows a business, price engagement as an agent in farming system can still slow your business sales. What do I mean by these; most farmers are greedy, selfish, ignorant about the price the mount on a particular bird.  Most of them would sale higher to gain excess profit, this very wrong as it can slow your product sales, when customers knows other farmers are selling lower from what you are selling, your customers might fall away.

Price of birds are to be estimated by the farmer through the analytics which he/she has analyzed by process of calculating total money to be received when birds are sold minus total expenditure.

“Let me not speak too much grammar on this step because it has bankrupted many farmers.”

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Explaination; Every farmer is recommended to note down every fee he / she has spent on each stock production, example: price of birds, feeds, charcoal, wood shaving, drugs, All these resources are to be noted in a sheet of paper for the calculation of total expenditure. If you have successfully noted all the fee spent on a particular production, on day of sales, you are recommended to calculate total fee you have spent, Let’s assume you spent 96,000 naira for a 100 birds production, Remember, 96,000Naira is the expenditure, now, since 100 birds costed 96,000Naira, you are recommended to calculate the amount a single bird would be sold to be able to gain and return your investments, you have to also ask yourself this question;

WHAT PRICE WILL I SELL MY BIRDS TO BE ABLE TO GET BACK 96,000 + GAIN OF ATLEAST 50,000Naira that’s total of 148,000naira.

Now let’s run the calculation. You spent 96,000Naira for 100 birds with a mortality of 5 birds that’s total number of 95 birds remaining, at this step, many farmers do a lot of mistake… the best thing to calculate is to check and think about the cost of per bird in 96,000naira, now, the cost of per bird in 96,000 is equivalent to 1,011naira, at this cost,  you are recommended to check to know the amount you can add  on per bird to be able to meet 1,600. After calculation, you would know that,  you are required to add 589naira to 1011naira to be able to meet 1,600naira as bird price making  589naira as your gain in per bird.

But most farmers do a lot of mistake, when a bird cost 1011naira at their hand, they would add upto 989 naira again to a single bird, this will however enable them  sell at 2,000 naira per bird, this indeed a high price and would definitely turnoff your customers from you.

If a bird is sold at 1,600 * 95 birds of production would give you 152,000naira. This means, 152,000naira minus total expenditure at 96,000 naira would give you 56,000 naira as profit.

Note: Selling at higher price turn off customers.

Question We Have Answered





All birds reared are not to be sold at same price because, 20% of your birds weight might not meet 1,600 because birds seize are not to meet each other, some would grow higher  than others, so, it’s healthy you sell the bigger ones at higher price  to up to  1,700 but do not exceed 1,800. Sell the lower ones at 1,300 to 1,400, the ones you sold at 1,700, the 100 naira which you added on top of 1,600 will be used to balance ones sold at 1,300 to 1,400,  this depends on your bird growth.


Warning: Do not sell birds at cost price no matter how bad the market is, else, you can’t return your investment and you may get bankrupted.

If you have any query, don’t fail to comment below, we would answer you in sometime.

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