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These are several skills you need to learn as a poultry farmer in poultry farming system

Good morning, you been here is for educational purpose however, you been here is maybe you have searched about the keyword on poultry farming in google or you followed our educative epistle from social media handler. After reading this article, you will understand on how you can secure  your poultry farm from distinct diseases. This not a tutorial rather these are most of the biosecurity questions on poultry farming we have answered. Having knowledge about these which we have explained would totally improve your ability on poultry farming system.


Can broiler lay eggs for return of Production (ROP)?


Answer: Broiler lay eggs starting from 5 – 6 months depends on your feeding regime but I want you to know this; keeping broiler for more than 2 months will enable it complicated to return your investment however, Keeping broilers for return of production would not be sufficient for the return of investment to your business.


Most of my birds eyes are closed the seems can’t see with an eye from the two, What can I do?


Answer: This typically symptoms of coryza infection, you have to treat this in order to balance the health of your birds.


Water wetting litre improves the wide spread of disease in farm, allowing water to wet  litre improves Ammonia in poultry system. The Ammonia which comes out from the droopings of your birds, if its deep litre system you are practicing then ammonia from bird droppings will definitely enable this happen.


However, to treat this,  you are required to clean your farm litre and ventilate the entire surroundings of your farm to enable the wide flow of oxygen from plants to your birds, Do not allow carbon monoxide flow near to your farm hence, administration of antibiotic would eventually heal your flock from the eye infection.

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How to exit your birds from eye infection that seems  symptom of coryza.

Step 1.

Pack out the droopings of your flock and introduce new wood shaving.

Step 2

Separate the affected ones from the good ones.

Step 3.

Wash their drinkers and feeders and introduce fresh feed to them.

Step 4.

Before you administer any drug, look into getting coconut oil and apply the affected eye.

Note: To Get coconut oil, you may decide to buy from veterinary shop.

Step 5.

Administration of antibiotic plays a crucial role in this, Get a powerful antibiotic and administer to them.

This totally would bring your birds out from that state. If the symptoms continue, then try to contact a veterinary.


Where can I buy quality broilers that grows? I have been buying broilers but the kept on giving me white cockerel in place of broiler.


Answer: On this answer, the first question you have to ask yourself is, where did I buy this broiler? If you have bought broilers from a native local hatchery, how do you expect a good result? Broilers grows from gene of their parental stock, if you have been a victim of un-growed broilers, kindly dispose them and search for a good agent who can supply you birds from quality hatcheries like Agrited, zartech and chi if you are still not satisfied, I recommend you to buy online from poultryplaza or afrimash the are good suppliers on quality Stock.

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 I like to be a poultry farmer, I want to venture into poultry farming business, I have been afraid after knowing the challenges in poultry farming so now, I dont know if am to venture into broiler farming or layers, I need one that would be managed properly without problems?


Answer: The truth about farming is that, you must face problems. The problem in farming is mostly the production but not the marketing. Layers and broilers are two distinct birds, layers production is for eggs while broiler is for meat. In all birds production, there is protocols of rearing them.


The protocols are;  Drugs administration and feeding regime. During the process of their growth, you should expect many unfortunates like; Coccidiosis outbreak, diarrhea, coryza, Newcastle is optional and many other diseases. but I want you to know; the risk of poultry farming is not the investment but the major risk is the health of your birds. However, Enable good drugs administration and good feeding system for broilers or layers both of them are profitable it depends on your choice but I suggest you goto broiler farming if it happens that you are still an abecedarian into farming system.


Note: Its a must that you will experience problems whether broiler, layer or noiler but kindly understand that, the problems you see / experiences are the rearing process that makes you a farmer.

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What could cause stunted growth in a new poultry?


Answer:  The major factor that slows birds from growing are;

(1) Health situation.

(2) Feeding ratio and rotation.

(3) Environment.

Health Situation

Every farmer who takes his / her farming system as business should know that Health is wealth, If your birds are not healthy, there is no guarantee that the would grow because at that point of sickness many things in their body system are weakened.


These are major demerits the above factors would cause;

Once the are sick, their immune system response becomes weak and would not be able to respond to the enzyme nutrients of feeds and drugs. However, this will disable them from eating, drinking and walking. Most times the die because of disability of their system.

Note: If they are sick and do not eat enough or drink, kindly know that; the cannot grow because it wont be magic, feed and water are the two main thing that grow birds.


(2) Feeding ratio and rotation.

How do you feed your beeds? Do you feed them on 24 hours basis? Birds are meant to be feeded extremely expecially broilers however, you may ask the veterinary about feed rotation on layers.


(3) Environment

The environment is another major factor that can slow your birds growth. If your farm is not proper ventilated, When the sun is much, your birds would eat small due to stress in their system. You are required to ventilate your farm in order to Enable them feed well and disable diseases like Coryza, fowl pox.

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I want to stock layer birds but am thinking if am to buy point of lay (layers) or  should i brood chicks from scratch to lay, What can I do?


Answer: Coming to this aspect, its very risky though many farmers involve themselves to this platform of layers business. Buying layer birds at point of lay is dangerous if you do not know the drug  administration programme of the farmer who sold it to you. But if you are 99.9% sure of  drugs and vaccine administration conducted by the seller then you can involve yourself because the risk is low.


Note: The reason why buying point of lay birds are bad is because, if the seller did not conduct his drugs & feeding administration properly, it will definitely slow them from laying. This will however overwhelm your resources because the failed to lay.

Questions We Have Answered

Why is it that whenever i rear birds in cage I treat them of diseases but whenever I leave them to roam in the compound the all will be fine without a single disease?


Answer: The reason why your birds died in cage is because you never practiced biosecurity, most times you introduce unexpected things to your birds without proper examination. Most times, you bring in Visitors to your farm without a proper examination of disinfection.

Most times disease which appeared in birds health are from farmers clothing, shoes and vehicles that came around the farm. This called disease transmission.

most times farmers do not take proper care of disposal of dead birds’ carcass and litter, This however causes unfortunates in poultry farming because of poor biosecurity in the poultry system.

If you dont wash your drinkers on daily basis, it will get Contaminated this means, birds whom have eaten from the contaminated feeder and drinker would contaminate the disease too.

Rodents and wild birds nearing caged birds is improper because the would transmit diseases to your caged birds though the disease will not affect them because their body is a resistor to it since the are wild, the have built immune against the disease the transmitted.

I want you to know; if your caged birds dies, this means, your biosecurity and proper drug administration is weak. Caged birds are responsive to only drug, the only place the depend to get supplement of vitamins and treatment is from you whom is the owner but the free walk away birds in your compound cannot easily go sick because the don’t depend on you for food and treatment, the eat natural leaves and some nutritional insect like cockroach this would however abstain them from diseases because leaves are medicinal.


Do you take care washing and cleaning your birds feeders? Its vital to practice cleanness, keep everything about them clean in order to enable them safe.


My birds are 1 week old when will I stop using charcoal for heat?


Answer: Since chickens cannot regulate their body temperature, The regulations of their temperature would be done by you as to help them regulate by process of heating the brooding room.

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