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How to start up lucrative poultry farming on good poultry management A-Z

Illustration of process to start up a poultry farm

There is profit in poultry farming. Poultry Farming is lucrative if you take it as the crucial role you play in life. You dont learn poultry farming by self knowledge rather you  learn it by attending to seminars, You can also learn poultry farming by registering online, engaging yourself in poultry forums like backyardchickens forum, achieving certs and reading of tutorials. However, this would help you venture into full time poultry farming without problems.


If you have intention of owning a poultry farm, this article which I wrote would guide you in all aspect you need to learn about poultry farming, I will be working out the analytics of poultry farming by using 100 birds with a mortality of 5.


Poultry Farming.


Before you venture into poultry farming there are things you need to make done, These things are;


Setting up brooding house where chicks would stay for 5 to 7 days.

Brooding house:  You need to build or set a brooding house where chicks would be kept when the arrive from the agent, this brooding house is recommended to be warm before the arrival of chicks, you are recommended to warm the house with charcoal heat or electricity to a maximum of 30 degree Celsius for a proper chicks temperature regulation.


Do not jeopardize the health of your chicks by keeping your brooding house cold because your chick would die if the brooding house is cold because their body cannot regulate temperature from a day to 5 to 7 days.


Chicks are recommended to stay in brooding house for a period of 7 days (1week) before transferring them to the main ventilated farm.


The main farm is where chicks would be transferred after 5 to 7 days of brooding stage.


Ventilated poultry house: poultry farm houses are recommended to be ventilated, the reason of ventilation in poultry house is, you need to ventilate your farm to enable the safety of your flocks health. This reason why birds are moved out from brooding house because brooding house is too compacted / small.

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If your birds have no ventilation or space, this would probably slow their growth and would also create disorders like chronic respiratory disease (C.R.D) in their body system. respiratory infection symptoms consists of cough, slow breathe, sneezing and diseases like coryza and fowl pox. Always build your farm in a way it would be proper ventilated 99.9%.


To start up a farm, you also need to buy equipments such as feeders and drinkers.


fowl drinker


Before you move  into poultry farming, the first agenda you have to write on your paper plan is the survey of the prices of feeders and drinkers. This equipments are highly mandatory because your fowl must eat and drink, many unserious farmers who rear 5-10 birds prefer using ordinary bowls or plates as feeders and drinkers; This probably bad and not recommended for any poultry farmer.


Note: If you plan to set up a poultry farm in order to make money and establish good health for your chicks, you need good equipments in management.


Fowl health and reasons why drugs are used in poultry system.


Fowl drugs: Fowl health are important, if you don’t treat birds, vaccinate birds with the appropriate drugs recommended for them, Definitely, you ill bear loss because the will all die. during poultry farming, famers are recommend to buy drugs that would be used to improve the health of their flock. You can read more about drugs recommended for a poultry startup in my previous article about the prominent ways of drug administration in poultry.


Poultry Birds are recommended to be served drugs in water on 1-2 days basis till day of slaughter, either you treat  your birds through herbal organic leafs which are of less cost or if you are not savvy about herbal medications, you may move on to the vet to buy medicated drugs, herbal medication’s are Intrinsical leafs, the are leaves created by the word of God, the are effective, using herbal organic leaves for poultry diseases in farming is of less cost just as I wrote previously on how to prepare an organic antibiotic syrup using mango bark natural leaves, after reading that post, you would understand that  the antibiotic syrup prepared through natural leaves are effective to heal internal and external bleeding because the bark of a mango tree used in the tutorial given is astringent and styptic.


Before you start up a farm, plan about Fowl budget and the type of breed you are venturing into.


 The most important feature to be surely known is the  broiler breed.


I want you to know; if you buy  wrong breed, you ill regret it because buying wrong broiler breed would not be able to return your investment (ROI). The return of  investment determines the growth of your stock, this main reason every farmer is looking for supplement in other to boost the growth and weight of their stock, However, if you have lanky stock, there is no how you can return your investment on poultry farming.

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Factors affecting broiler growth.


There are four main factors that affect broiler growth and weight they are;


Breed Types: We have many types of breed / strains of broiler, broiler breed are also known as Broiler genes, if you purchase a wrong broiler that has a bad gene, Definitely, you would waste much bags of feed and drugs to enable them grow due to their poor gene.


Poor genes in breeds are usually brought out by those underground farmers who own no company but the train parental stock and hatch the eggs of their birds in other to put on sale and Make more money.


Most of them are farming agents, the hatch, the brood; Whenever the hatch eggs of their parental stock, each time the opto sell the hatched birds, the purchase empty cartoons of original companies birds like Agrited, zartech, amo and set their own birds into the cartoon, However, the still sell it to you in the name of  original company products, once bought, you ill train birds till your gray hair shines.


These are few list of broiler brand and breeds / strains;

Company Name | Company Breed

Agrited Farms – Ross 308
Zartech Farms – Cobb 500
Chi Farms – Arbor Acres Plus
FIdan Farms – Arbor acres plus
Cascada Farms – Arbor Acres Plus
Amo Farms – Arbor Acres Plus

Other brands are;

  1. Sayed
  2. Rto
  3. Farm Support
  4. Nastech
  5. OBJ
  6. Dammex
  7. Vertex
  8. Tamas


Feed consumption: How eligible are you feeding your birds?

This you have to note. Broilers are GIGO, they garbage in the garbage out. Give them a right data; the will process it and give you a right information. if you also give them bad data, the process the bad data and give you bad information. This means, Feeding  broiler insufficiently can not yield a good result, during broiler feeding programme, you dont need to economize because you can never cheat them. The feeding schedule of broiler is by you to enable feed in their feeder on 24/7 basis and making sure the have light to eat during night hours.


Self formulated feed: Feed has been the main source of growth in broilers. farmers who are still  abecedarians to farming should abstain from producing their own feed its recommended you buy already made feed like top and hybrid feed.


Formulating your own feed needs 100% nutrients just as the top, hybrid, vital companies produces. If the nutrients of your feed is not enough for growth definitely your birds won’t grow massively. Example: Protein source in feed is required to reach 22% to 24% for starter feed, if you have formulated your own feed and the protein source is not upto the required amount of protein content definitely, your birds won’t grow massively. This the reason, before you look-into formulating your own feed, you need a guardian or a tutor towards it, you may look into my previous post about how to formulate starter feed.


Lack of Vitamins & mineral: Do you know that lack of vitamins slows your flock growth? its not that vitamins grows birds, rather its food that grows them mostly. Vitamins are essential in birds because it builds and nourishes their body, vitamin like; Vitamin-B2 prevents weight loss and lesion in birds. Biotin is another source of vitamins & mineral that promotes growth.


Vitamins helps birds digest food easily. If you supply quality vitamins like (vitamix product), the food consumption of birds in your farm would be much and in return the would gain enough weight.


Steps on how to set up a successful poultry and income you would achieve on a certain investment which you have invested on it.


Before I move into this explanation, I have explained everything you need to know about brooding house, but I extremely recommend you to wash your brooding room with bleach mixed with water and izal on 5 to 7 days before chicks arrival, this will However, disinfect your farm against diseases.


Do not worry, I still haven’t forgotten about the illustration I said to explain about using 100 birds with a mortality of 5 birds, I haven’t forgotten just that I need to explain the fundamental knowledge you need to learn about poultry management before going into the advanced practice. However, we are proceeding to the illustration below.

The required equipments needed for a successful poultry management are listed below;


  • You are required to buy Fowl Feeders.’
  • You are required to buy Fowl Drinkers.
  • You are required to buy Fowl Drugs.
  • You are required to buy charcoal.
  • You are required to buy wood shaving.



You are required to buy cage at least 5ft length, 4ft width with not less than 3ft height. This cage would be used during the time of marketing. However, cage are used to transport birds from one location to another depending on the buyers location.

You are required to set / buy lantern / electricity which will be used at night hours during feeding.

You are required to buy 4 bags of starter feed for a start,  later, you will need to top up the starter feed by buying another 4 bags to complete total of 8bags starter.


After the first 4 weeks your birds ate starter has passed, In the next 4 weeks which would complete it 8weeks, you are recommended to buy more of finisher feed by purchasing extra 12 bags of finisher feed making it total number of 22bags of feed for a 100 birds farming.


Note:  You need to introduce starter feed to your birds for the first four weeks. Do not fail or contradict.


You will equally buy vitamins drugs which will be first given to birds on day of arrival in order to reduce stress in birds because of long distance the have passed from the birds agent to the farmer.


If you are confused on drug and vaccine medications for birds, you may read my previous epistle about the prominent ways of drug administration in poultry.


Charcoal: Charcoal is vital during poultry establishment, charcoal is  one of the major thing used in brooding birds. Example; myself have a charcoal pot which I use in brooding birds, Each time I notice my birds are feeling cold especially during evening to midnight hours, I set charcoal in my charcoal pot, I light it to steam and place it in a place my birds can not jumb into, but I make sure the heat of the charcoal circulate the entire brooding room in order to keep my birds warm. I also make sure the charcoal steams gently without producing carbon monoxide which will be harmful to my birds. Since you plan to venture into poultry farming, I advice you to buy at least one (1) bag of charcoal, its sold at 2800 naira in nigeria.



Wood shaving: Wood shaving plays a crucial role in poultry, before you establish a poultry farm, make sure you have access to wood shaving.


In some location of the country, wood shaving is premium while other locations are free mainly at places where wood are carved, sliced with chainsaws. Hence, you are recommended to spread the wood shaving on the ground of your poultry before chick arrival.


Heat source: Use charcoal pot; one (1) bag of charcoal is 2800 naira depending on your location, the consumption of the charcoal which you bought will not exceed the half of its whole bag for a number of 100 birds production except its above the number mentioned. However, in your brooding house, while you are waiting for check arrival, heat the room using charcoal pot to at least 30 degree Celsius.


After you have accomplished spreading wood shaving, heating brooding house, the next thing to do is to set the placement of drinkers and feeders then you can bring in your birds once the have arrived.


Note: The water which you served your birds on first day must be mixed with Multivitamin or Glucose but make sure your birds are vaccinated of marek disease on first day by a vet or an agent whom you bought the chicks.



Vaccine administration in poultry.

Before I move into vaccine medications, I would like you to understand this. Vaccine are not for treatment but the are only for vaccinations. Vaccines are mainly prepared for disease with no cure example Newcastle disease. When you introduce vaccine to your farm, this means, during the process you are rearing your birds the cannot contact that disease you have vaccinated them on except there are vaccination failure.


Mainly, there are 3 vaccines recommended for broiler birds  production, these vaccines are meant to be given at first four weeks, the vaccine names are; merek, gumboro and lasota vaccine. Below are prices of these vaccine but might be higher depending on your location.


Merek vaccine is to be given to birds on the first day of purchase by the veterinary. Its usually 10 -15 naira per bird.


Lasota – 100dose is 600 naira but might be higher depending on your location. Lasota vaccine is to be given on the 14th day of age in birds.


Gomboro vaccine  is sold at  1000 naira for a 100 dose. Gomboro vaccine should be administered at the 21th day of age in birds.


Note: The administration of these vaccines are meant to be prescribed by the veterinary.


Normal broiler drug administration.


You will need to buy antibiotics, vitamins, coccidostat drugs and may need to buy further when you observe problem of disease in future.


Fowl Drugs recommended to buy for your production.

Pantacox or Mycodox antibiotic.

Vitamins like (Vitamix product) or anidone supervite as (vitamin source)

You are recommanded to buy Embarzin or dramacine forte for coccidiosis. However, I recommend using dramacine forte to fight coccidiosis because of its amprolium content.


Feeding gage to reach maximum weight of your production.


Feeding is the major activity in farming, of course your broiler must eat in other to grow, Giving broilers quality feed is crucial because it will enforce their immune and enable them grow faster so you are required to buy fresh and quality feed. Each bird is required to eat 4.9kg to 5.5kg of feed at 7-8 weeks depending on your poultry feed regime, the weight availability would be 2kg to 2.5kg depending on your feeding regime too.


The cost of broiler feed are as follows;

Top feed starter – 3,650 to 4,000 naira

Top feed finisher – 3500 to 4,000 naira

Hybrid starter – 3,500 to 3,900 naira

Hybrid finisher – 3,300 to 3,800 naira.

Vital starter – 3,600 to 3,800

Vital finisher – 3,400 to 3,750

The cost of feed varies and depends on your location and seller. However, we still have other feed which are suitable which its prices were not listed, the are; amo feed, animal care feed and many more of them.

Animal care feed


If  You have successfully done the above explanation, now the problem is how you can make income from it. In this lesson, I would explain all you need to learn about poultry farming as i said earlier. No poultry farmer invests without making an income for the fact your birds didn’t die/wipe away.

Starter feed are sold at 3,650 * 10 =36,500 naira.

Starter feed is sold at 3500 * 12 = 42,000 naira.

Broiler birds are sold at 12,500, 14,500, 16,500, they have no static price but I would be working with 14,500.

Wood shaving are sometimes free in some locations but sold at 250 per bag as location varies.

You may need upto 7 bags for a 2 months production. That’s making it 250 * 7 = 1,750.

For 100 birds production, you need 2 pack of Dramacine forte anti coccidiosis sold at 600 naira per packet of 100g.

2 packet of Mycodox antibiotic sold at 600 naira per packet.

2 packet of supervite multi vitamin sold at 500 naira per packet.

100 dose of Lasota and gumboro. Lasota is 600 for 100 dose, gumboro is 1,000 for 100 dose making it 1,600 for vaccination.

You may read how I rear my birds without vaccination to reduce cost of production learn more

The calculation here is 36,500 of starter + 42,000 of finisher + 14,500 for birds + 1,750 for wood shaving +  Dramacine forte, mycodox 2 packet each at 2,400 + 2 packet of supervite at 1,000 + vaccination drugs at 1600 + 2,800 of charcoal

This total expense of = 102,550 naira.


Question We Have Answered

If you have reared your birds successfully and less than 5 died then its your luck but here I said to work with a mortality of 5 birds. This means, since you bought 2 cartoons which is 100 birds, In the cartoon, companies like agrited and zartech add extra one bird to their cartoons making it 51 birds at each cartoon. This means, the two cartoons you bought is maximum of 102 because each cartoon is 51 birds. However, if 5 birds have died, that is 102 – 5 = 97 birds.

If you have trained your birds with 22bags for 100 birds without any disease slowing them from growth, this means, you would have 2.5kg to 2.8kg as each fowl weight.

Depending of the marketplace, fowls of 2.5kg to 2.8kg are sold at 1,700 to 1,900 sometimes it might be higher.  if you have sold at 1,700 * 97= 164,900 – 102,550 =62,350 naira gain.

On this information which I have written, you have seen, you are now good to go into farming.

If you have accomplished doing the above tutorials, this means, your poultry farm is ready.

I have literally explained everything you need to understand about poultry farming however, if you still have something missing, dont fail to notify me in the comment box I ill reply within some minutes.




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