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These are Questions and Answers about poultry diseases, treatments, prevention on poultry management

What happened to my birds, they are just dying and their anus are always blocked?

Answer: Use Glucose D, Multi-Vitamin like ( anidone supervite ) to enforce your chicks digestion for 7 days this will help your flock get stable during digestion.

What average of protein should I recommend to my chick on 1Week to 4Weeks?

Answer: You are recommanded to use starter feed formula which has minimum of 20% protein and at least 22% to 24% availablity in feed.

My noiler layers are not laying eggs, the are above 5 months going to 6months, what could be the cause?

Answer: Just understand, Noiler layers are only good for its heavy weight and Meat production, its egg production is very low, But if you are concerned about
Noiler layers not laying, You are recommended to feed them extremely in other to enable them lay, You also have to Re-think about “how good
their vaccination programme goes“, always ensure your management is enforced with good management both on drugs and feed.

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My birds are having cough, can I vaccinate them?

Answer: Do not try to vaccinate sick birds else the will die, you have to treat them first before any vaccination programme.

What are the difference between Kuroilers and Noilers?

Answer – 1: Noilers birds are crossbreed of broiler and cockerels, Noilers birds maturity is usually at 13 weeks with the
weight of 2.7 to 2.8kilograme for the female noilers. Noiler female birds egg production are commenced at 5months.
Noilers birds are for mulitpurpose production, the are good for both egg and meat production but their egg production capacity is low unlike the real layers we know.
However, noiler layers are known to yield egg upto 170 to 230 eggs at each bird per year. noiler layers do not brood their egg at any cost, however, if you need to hatch
their egg, you would need to establish an incubator to your farm.

Answer -2: The high difference between this two birds are; Kuroiler and noiler are same birds, Kuroilers are crossbreeds between layers and broilers, while noiler is between
cockrel and broilers. Kuroiler is an Indian breed of birds that is known for its good quality meat and good number of eggs that it produces every year in
Kienyeji farms in india.
Kuroiler chicken were first introduced into East Africa through Uganda before migrating to other third-party countries.
Kuroiler birds grows very fast, the grow even without any commericial feed administered, the mainly feed on left over foods, the also feed on grasses, termites and
many more which is good to their health.
Kuroiler chickens starts to lay egg starting from 4 to 5 months this depends on your feed consumption by them.
Once the start their egg laying, the lay to a period of 2 years. Kuroiler chickens do not sit or brood eggs, if you need to hatch their
eggs you would need an incubator to do that.

What is the difference between White cockerel and black cockerel?

Answer: The black and white cockerel are same bird, The only difference in these two birds are minor, the white cockerel is susceptible to disease while the black
cockerel is resistant to diseases unlike the white cockerel.

How many months does a laying bird (Layers stock) stay before one can sale them as old layers?

Answer: This depends on your production ratio, you may stock more than a year and half to two years; 18 to 24 months before the egg production of the layers
reduces to 40 to 50% then you can put them on sale.

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Rat has been killing my day old chicks, What can i do to stop this?

Answer: If rat disturbs your farm, kindly note; you have waste bins around you. Rat invade to a farm in search of food, the badge in, the contaminate your birds
feed which causes coccidiosis in birds and will most times kill your birds because of how small the are during brooding stage.

How to control rat killing in poultry

  1. To contol rat killing problem, always Ensure your enviroment is clean and filled with no waste bins.
  2. Ensure your unopened feeds are preserved and stored where rats do not tamper.
  3. Ensure all holes and roads of rats are closed with the mixture of cement and sand.

WARNING: Do not set rat posion as to disable them from contaminating your flock feed. This step means, if you set rat posion; A rat might eat it successfully
but would spread the little substance of the posion in your flock feeder before it dies.

RECOMMANDATION: Your are required to buy to set a rat trap which are likely sold in the market. Rat traps are recommanded for every farmer because this would
deactivate the wide spread of rats in poultry.

Snake has been disturbing me in my farm what can i do to stop this?

Answer: Snakes are known as flock killer, the usually invade on layer birds unlike broiler birds. The invade themselves to a farm where layer birds are mostly
reared because of the wide lay of eggs in poultry. When a snake comes to a poultry, it may not swallow upto 8 eggs but would kill several  birds so its good you
take precaution in other to disable the existence of snakes in your farm today.

How to control snake killing in farm

  1. The precaution which are the solution to un-exist snake in farm today is by you clearing bushes around your farm.
  2. Do not allow trees and unwanted fruits around your farms because this may cause the wide spread of snakes.

NOTE: if you have taken the precaution of clearing bushes and tress around your farm, the next thing to do is for you to grind Garcinia Cola mixed with garlic
and spread it around your farm where snake invades from.

My flock of chicks are sick; I have used medicated drugs yet the don’t respond and I’m tired of using drugs, what should I do?

Answer: In these condition, many things are recommended to do; The major factor you are to detect first in other to know the illness of your chick is by checking
the condition and colour of their stool. Example; A red stool is a symptom of coccidiosis in bird.

NOTE: Before you treat a chick, the first measure you have to take is by checking the condition and colour of their stool, if you can examine the changes of their
stool, definitely, you would know the appropriate drug to administer to them.
Hence, You need to make sure the temperature the are is conducive/well ventilated.

NOTE: If the are on brooding stage, ensure the have warm temperature as to enforce their body system to regulate their body temperature.


Question We Have Answered

Check your drug management and drug schedule administration, Remember, when you administer the wrong drug at the right time of treatment, there is no
how your chick would survive.

  1. Ensure your environment is clean as to enable them out of vulnerability/disease.
  2. Ensure your feeders and drinkers are clean, also, enable the litre of your farm to be dry.
    After completing the above steps listed and you are not satisfied, kindly Ask us questions from the below “comment box” for a secondary solution or consult a vetinary
    nearest to you and request for further help if needed.

Do you want to start a poultry today its fine and easy!


1. Choose your Poultry area or portion where you opto establish your poultry.

2. Choose the type of Birds you opto rear, choose among layers, broilers; you may extent to other type of fowls, it depends on your choice.

3. Get a Business Plan to establish.

4. Enforce your Farm Location spot.

5. Raise a Start up Finance

6. Start Your farm, hire an expert to teach you on how to start a farm / brooding of birds or you may call / Whatsapp us @ 07010723429 or mail us at to set a portable farm for you if needed. We establish farms for invididual and commercial use.

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