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Syphilis: symptoms, prevention and treatment

These are ways on how to treat Syphilis in your body system

Syphilis is a common and dangerous disease that is spread from person to person and also syphilis has been one of the deadly disease known today and has ways it can be cured, but can be very difficult to cure if not treated earlier.

Today, we are going to look into possible ways you can cure syphilis, it’s symptom and many more, before you can come into conclusion that you have syphilis infection, first, you need to diagnose yourself in the nearest health clinic or hospital or better still talk to your  doctor about it, he would be in a better position to direct you on what to do.

Here we would  enlighten you more about syphilis, as we have earlier said that syphilis is a bacterial infection usually spread through sexual contact and it begins as a painless sore on a genital rectum or sore on a lips, it can also be contacted through skin contact or with mucous membrane contact with the sore.

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The first contact of this infection remain dormant in the body of an infected person if not treated when the first symptom appeared and it would last for decades before showing up again when first symptoms are gone.

Early or first stage of syphilis can be cured or treated with a single injection of penicillin, if not treated, syphilis can severely damage your heart ,brain or other vital organs and can be life threatening or can cause death.


Syphilis has stages of development and each stage vary with others and it’s symptoms don’t always occur in the same way or order, you might be infected with syphilis infection without any sign or symptoms for years.

 First symptoms

The first symptoms or sign of syphilis is usually a small sore known as chancre, the sore comes up at the area where the bacteria entered your body.
Most people develop a lot of chancre, this chancre usually show up in about four  weeks after being infected with syphilis.
Some people don’t notice this chancre because it is painless, and might be hidden within the vagina in a woman, this chancre usually heal by itself without treatment within two to Six weeks.

syphhilis rashes picture

syphhilis rashes picture

Second symptoms of Syphilis

After a few weeks of the chancre healing by itself, you may experience a rash which begins on

your trunk, later covers your whole body, including your palms of your hands and soles of your feet and this rash maybe itchy or not to some individuals, some individuals use to experience hair lose, muscle aches, fever, sore throat and a swollen lymph nodes, this symptoms goes away within a few days or might continually come and disappear as year pass by.

syphhilis rashes on the palm

syphhilis rashes on the palm


Hidden stage of syphilis

If you did not treat syphilis, the infection goes from the second stage to the hidden stage and these stage has no symptoms but the infection are still present in the body system.

The late stage of syphilis

Those who are infected with syphilis infection without treatment will experience or develop complications known as the late syphilis, at this late stage, the infection or disease might damage your Nerve, eyes, brain , and cause joint problem, these may show up years after the first symptoms that was not treated.

  Mother to child syphilis

Syphilis can be spread from mother to child through the placenta or when giving birth to the baby, babies born with syphilis might not have any symptoms but some might develop the same rashes on their palm and sole feet and these might cause the baby serious problem in the future, like, deafness, teeth deformities with saddle nose.
Mothers ought to try to see their doctor when such symptoms appear on the hand palm and sole feet of their babies and unusual discharge and sore.

Syphilis and it’s causes

There are several ways you can contact syphilis infection caused by bacterium called pallidium, which are outline as follows :
• Contact with an infected person during sex.
• Through cuts or abrasion in your skin.
• Direct contact during kissing with an infected person.
• Mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth.
• Men who have sex with men.

If you did not treat syphilis, it can cause serious problem that you or your health care personnel would find difficult to deal with in advance stage, and it might increase the risk of HIV infection, and can cause problem to women during pregnancy, therefore, treatment can help you to prevent damages that it would cause you in the future, but will not repair the damages that has been done by these infection.

Syphilis and future problem to your body

• Stroke
• Hearing
• Meningitis
• Visual problem
• Sexual dysfunction in men
• Bladder incontinence and many more.

Problem women face with syphilis

• Risk of miscarriage
• Stillbirth
• Death of a baby after few days of birth

The only way to avoid this infection called syphilis is by :
• Reject having sex or with mutually monogamous sex with one partner or wife who has not been infected.

• You can also reduce the risk by making use of condom during sex and make sure it covers the syphilis sore on the genital for men.

• Avoid use of alcohol or other drugs which can lead you to an unsafe sexual practices.

Question We Have Answered

Treatment for syphilis

• Inject procaine penicillin, 1million unit a day, for 12 days, to cure syphilis infection completely, it is very important to give the full 12-day treatment, person who are allergic to penicillin or who do not get better with it can take tetracycline ,3 capsules of 250mg,4 times a day for 10 days.

• If there is any chance that someone has syphilis, he should immediately see a health worker, special blood test may be needed. If test cannot be made, the person should be treated for syphilis in anyway or case.

• Everyone who has had sexual contact with a person known to have syphilis should also be treated, especially husbands and wives of those known to be infected.

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