How to trade safe in online marketing using Escrow

How to trade safe in online marketing using Escrow

Scammers Who Trades & How to avoid them using Escrow Method

Have you been scammed by fraudsters online, by means of trading?

You were scammed because you were ignorant Just “Note” this, online marketing is unsafe if you easily trust people you trade with period!
In online marketing, you are expected to be wise, you are also expected to be calculative because you will meet many lifes and patterns across it.
however, you are expected to be not only wise but you are expected to be active in it.

In facebook, people post and claim the are ultimate marketers, the post and lure you to purchase their goods, most fraudsters would tell you to pay before the can
release their goods to you but you found out that once paid the ill run and deny your ass without delivery.

I have experienced and have seen thousands of people posting online about their hard earned money been scammed from them.
This was as same as i thought on my previous article about What is and how people use the Owner name to fraud innocent souls.

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This days, people use their fellow human being to enrich themselves, people dont hustle again to make money what people do now is to make quick money
without minding its demerits, This means, you as a marketer have to becareful about people you trade with because in online business, not everybody fulfill what he/she
has agreed to do from begining.

Most people who were scammed ( victims) threaten the scammer about them using native doctors charm to get back their lost money, Let me educate you on something you should
know, Never in life would a scammer fraud you and you waste your money on native doctors hoping the would return your money, just know, before your money got
deposited to the scammer account he/she has exhausted the money based on things he/she bought on credit from people.

Scammers withdraw money so fast as for the victim to not report the account so that even though the bank ban their fraud account it would’nt affect them.

There is a type of bank account scammers use, this you should know and understand fully.
Though everything is called account but their rates differs.

Example: A current account is different from savings, fixed deposit, joint and a student account. This you should note.
Let me teach you about types of account this scammers use mainly, the dont use fixed deposit, current, joint account which is
fully verified with their home address, The normally use student savings account, opening student savings account is unlike current and the rest of them because during student account
registeration which the signup online, The can decide to use any type of identity card even when the ID CARD is not valid.

During account opening, you are to fill a form of yourself, sometimes the bank will send one of their officials
to come to your house in other to verify if the house address you listed was truly yours.

Example of bank form online
Example of bank form online

Scammers dont normally goto bank in person to open an account by filling their real details in the form Rather when the want to create an account, the simply signup
for an account online by simply going to a particular bank website, the signup and submit fake details including picture and autograph.

There are many things you need to learn online, Let me teach you about how to trade and be scam free,
When a marketer tells you about a particular product which he/she sells, Dont call him/her a scammer in first place rather you need to examine him/she in other to
conclude with.

Steps on how to trade Using Escrow

  1. When you see an advert online and decide to venture in the business,
    Hook up the advertiser/buyer.
  2. Talk about the product and how important the product is to you. Get serious about the product dont just talk only, enable the marketer to understand that your aim of hooking him/her is to purchase a product, Nothing else, you have to be truthful and formal.
    Dont sound informal or semi-formal, remember this is business.

NOTE: You may go informal maybe later after a successful purchase.

  • Make sure you Negotiate with the marketer in other to reach an agreement, talk about your price and offer.
  • After negotiation is accomplished, tell him/her about means of payment, on this role, dont easily admit steps brought by the marketer by paying directly
    to his/her account.

You have to bear it in mind
that most female account of marketers you see are male. the use a female account in other to enable you trust them easily and for you to get seduced by them during payment as
the will use their sweet voice maybe from their sister or friend to defeat you.

Lets proceed about payment as i was saying, Tell the marketer you will pay by ESCROW. Always make sure the escrow man is popularly known and trusted as a successful deliver. But remember, when using escrow, Escrow is not free!!!.
You will have to pay the middle man in other to enforce him because this is the business
he does.

Warning: Avoid paying with paypal when trading with escrow, because using escrow process while trading will require the buyer to transfer to the middle man while
the middle man will transfer the fund to the marketer, during this process, their might be error on paypal because most countries didnt support paypal, but in it,
Those countries who dont support paypal transaction, there
individuals uses virtual private network to open paypal accounts and this might result account ban and money in account to get lost if it happens that the middle man (ESCROW) is using
un-supported country paypal account.

Note: I advice, Dont use paypal else you are convinced about if the paypal platform would work successfully During Transaction.

Learn: During transaction, you are expected to pay through cash to bank on the escrow man account, maybe by mobile transfer or ATM transfer.

Immidiately you deposit money to the account of the escrow man, screenshot your payment information and send to the marketer,
tell him/her about your successful transfer made to the escrow man account.

At this point, the middle man has gotten your fund, he dont transfer immediately rather he orders the marketer to send him/her the product the buyer wants to purchase.
once the marketer sends the product to the middle man (Escrow), The middle man sends the fund which he received from the buyer to the marketer and finally send
the product to the buyer.

At this point, you will know how successful you are using escrow to trade online than been ignorant of self by transacting money without verification of oneself.

Warning: Once you are trading online and you reminds a buyer / marketer about escrow platform and he/she declines,
kindly ignore the offer/product and save your ass from been burnt.
Always be serious about business and dont be stingy about escrow payment else you might get scammed by scammers.


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These are things you need to consider if you desire to make your product and blog viral by increasing your search engine optimization

  1. Have you registered your website in google search console?
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