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12 Question and Answers on poultry management recommanded before you venture into animal husbandry

Poultry Management skills

(1) How much is agrited birds or other hatchery stock bird?

Answer: There is “NO” specific amount given to a bird from a specific hatchery, the prices of birds changes on each week.
This means, A bird might be sold at 7,000 naira this week, during next week, it will increase to 14,500 naira.
The price range of broiler birds is 7,000 naira to 16,500 and in some cases of high quality production of hatcheries due to excess demand,
it increases to 21,000 to 24,000 naira during September, October & November periods due to Christmas celebration.

(2) My birds are coughing continuously thoroughly, what treatment can i give them?

Answer: if your birds coughs, this means, the are suffering from chronic respiratory disease. However, before you administer any drug,
there are some manual works
you need to do as to enforce them respond to the treatment when administered.

Ventilation plays a crucial role in poultry managenment. this means, if your birds
are not properly ventilated, the will suffer from chronic respiratory disease. if you have noticed “cough” in your birds you are recommanded to ventilate them as to
enable them survive the outbreak and equally respond to treatment. however, you are also recommanded to clean your pen and spread new wood shaving as to
enable them not to inhale ammonia which comes out from their poo. make sure you wash their feeders and drinkers to disable bacteria if it happens that the
it as to disable them not to pass it to another.

if you have successfully done these things mentioned above, the would definitely respond to treatment, Now you are recommanded to buy drugs such as tylosin
or tylodox drugs and administer to them based on vet prescription, if cough persist after administration of tylodox and tylosin, now you can go organic.
To treat your birds organically on cough, kindly get ginger and garlic and blend together, make it concentrated, thirst them water for 2 hours and serve them food
and the organic water for 5 consecutive days.

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(3) What other food can I give
broiler apart from grower feed?

Answer: Broiler birds do not in
anyway need grower formulated
feed to grow, broilers are for
meat production, the need
only to grow fat not lanky.
However, you are required
to feed them broiler starter
from day 1 to day 31 thats 1 to
4weeks then you can
finish them with finisher
formulated feed which is to be
administered from 4th week to
8th week.

(4) What of when i need my
broiler to grow fat and tall?

Answer: if you desire to make
your broiler tall and fat, you
will have to waste more
resource than making
it fat only. However, you are
required to mix 20% of
grower feed
into 80% of their finisher meal.

(5) How can i change to a
particular farm

i want to change to a
different feed because my
chicks are not growing.

Answer: changing of feed causes
coccidiosis outbreak in
farm you have to note this.
if you must change feed,
You may only choose to
the new feed bit by bit
(i mean gradually).
Like, mixing it with old feed,
then later, you can change all.

(6) Which company produce
the best feeds for pourtry?

Answer: Every company that
manufacture poultry feeds
is licensed
from the nigerian government
and approved by them.
However, feeds from company
not self formulated feeds are
vital to birds. Feed your broiler
27/7, enable light for them to
at night, give them fresh water or
medication if required,
your birds ill grow to market size
on the 8th week.

(7) what could have happened to my broilers feeding unlike before i noticed some kind of greenish colour in their faeces?

Answer: This would be a bacterial infection or you starved your birds. However, Give them antibiotics and anti-coccidiosis drug,
mix it with their water, the next day, you can administer glucose or multi-vitamin to enforce their body cells back to work.
if you notice the are having neck twist including the green poo, then its probably Newcastle disease, you are recommended not to administer Lasota else you
might loose your whole birds,
if its definitely Newcastle disease that’s green poo + neck twist read more from my previous article on how to treat Newcastle disease.

(8) MY chicks are having swollen and watery eyes, what is the problem and how to solve it?

Answer: This might be CORYZA disease, maybe you didn’t vaccinate them properly, the symptoms of coryza includes;

  1. Loss of Appetite
  2. Swelling of the Purulent Ocular and Nasal discharge
  3. Sneezing
  4. Swollen eyes which may end up being closed and filled with pus
  5. Foamy Eyes
  6. Sudden drop in Egg production

To treat coryza disease, you are recommended to administer antibiotics that includes the following ingredients Enrofloxacin, Chloramphenicol & Gentamicin.
Do not give antibiotics with the following ingredients (Ampillin, Pencillin though the are powerful antibiotics components and Cloxacillinol.
But do not give them.

(9) What vaccine can I administer to my birds on first day from hatchery?

Answer: You are recommended to administer Marek’s Disease Vaccine (MDV) right from the agent you bought it. The agent might request for additional
money as per bird vaccine maybe 5naira to 10naira.

(10) Can i give antibiotics to laying birds?

Answer: You can give antibiotics to laying birds when it demands or when the fall to a particular disease that requires its administration, but you dont give them excess of it because it would pass to thier eggs and would’nt be good for human consumption.

(11) Which is the best to spread on the floor of your Poultry?

Answer: You are recommended to spread wood shaving for proper health and growth of your birds, spreading saw dust or sand can lead your birds to have
chronic respiratory disease because it would block their anus when the eat it.


Question We Have Answered

(12) What causes my birds not to walk or stand properly?

Answer: This is caused by insufficient supply of calcium to birds, check your feed expiration date to know if your feed is truly active,
if yes, change feed stock to a different quality feed. but remember, changing of feed causes coccidiosis so you are recommanded to mix old feed with
new feed bit by bit as to enable their body system balance till you migrate final to new feed.
To cure your birds, make sure you supply them calcium in water then enforce them with quality vitamins, to get calcium, goto your nearest vet.

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