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These are Herbal Leaves to cure coccidiosis in poultry

Intrinsical ways to treat coccidiosis in poultry

Most farmers has cried about this particular disease about how it gets in touch with their flock even as the have vaccinated and treated their flock against it. Let me educate you on something you should know, coccidiosis in birds is normal, its a disease that float in their blood streams so far they are alive. However, you need to treat them often and make sure their environment is clean in other to disable this disease coccidiosis.

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coccidiosis is a deadly disease in poultry, coccidiosis appear in poultry whether you treat it or not.
This disease called coccidiosis is something you need to be mindful on, as its a slow killer. Many farmers has lost their flock because of this particular disease, this happened because they were ignorant of the disease and how it affects their flock.

coccidiosis is a simple disease to treat if you understand its symptom’s and the right drugs administration to administer,  I understand that most of the things that kill our birds today are farmers administering the wrong drug at the sick time and them also administering the right drugs at the wrong time.

The main substance that stops coccidiosis is amprolium. Most farmers will administer drugs which does not in anyway refer to a particular sickness, they kept on administering the wrong drug until their flocks are weak and vulnerable to other diseases then the would rise to the vet to ask if their is another solution the can get in other to heal their flock. Sorry, At this time, for you to heal your flock is complicated because you allowed their immune system to get weak.

Let me ask you a question; As a human being, When you have common malaria, if you are given pain/fever killers drugs for several weeks, what would happen to you?
I know you would die or by chance be alive by God grace. But you have to understand that one of the symptom of malaria is fever, though you have taken fever killer drug but since you haven’t killed the parasite of the malaria with Artemether  and Lumefantrine which are ingredients used in producing malaria drugs, there is no how you can get well. So now, lets bring it into farming system, if your birds suffer from coccidiosis and you administer fowl pox drugs, how can they get well? This are reasons why most farmers, their flock are wiped in jiffy by a single disease attack.

Don’t get tired about my illustration I talk too much, I would teach you about the herbal drug which brought you here, I will bring it to your own understanding just that I like to elaborate from the scratch so that an abecedarian would understand.

Once you own a poultry, there are things you need to be mindful On.
You need to understand and know the limit of feed your flock eat in a day, Your flock feed consumption is expected to be going higher than it decreasing, because broiler is for meat production, the are expected to eat more to gain flesh than been on mute and get lanky. However, if feed consumption reduces, kindly know there is problem with your flock either;

(1) there was not sufficient water for them to drink and eat.
(2) A disease preventing them from eating.
(3) the have over feeded and have no urge to eat again.

Note: If the have over feeded which is enabling them to eat less, its normal. Hence, enforce them and administer Rich vitamins like (vitamix supplement) to help them digest their food quickly. Remember, when the eat more the grow fast as to reach in market before time of Harvest, this will however save some cost of feed for you.

Broiler Stool Changes

You need to know when their stool changes, this role is the highest role a farmer would learn, studying stool changes is a vital way you can use to save your ass from your flock of a disease outbreak, every disease have its own stool colour.

Sometimes, farmers administer fowl cholera substance when its due to administer coccidiosis drugs. example, when your flock stool changes to Red or you notice a redish substance in their stool, kindly know, the are suffering from a minor coccidiosis and will lead to dead if not treated with amprolium and antibiotics.

how to treat coccidiosis

coccidiosis fowl stool

Symptoms of Coccidiosis in  birds

Symptoms of coccidiosis mainly involve the digestive system.
symptoms  include:

  1. Severe diarrhea that can be watery, bloody, or contain greenish, whitish, yellow mucus
    There will be Depression in birds performance’s.
  2. They will start to  Loss  appetite, This means they will eat less.
  3. Weight loss, their weight gain stops, their feathers starts to be ruffled and lanky.
  4. Coccidiosis will shorten your flock growth, there will be Decreased on  growth rate. if your birds suffers coccidiosis outbreak, just understand that their growth rate reduces and might not meet upto market price on time.
  5. If it happens to layers birds, the will have poor production of egg in farm.
  6. Pale skin, the ill be looking feeble.
  7. Mortality rate commences.

How to Avoid coccidcisis

1. good management
Good management is a vital way birds needs to be set, a bad production manager can never raise a company, because his/her company fails because he/she lacks experience, As a production manager, ensure your birds management is stable. You provide a nice space for your farm, Quality and fresh feed, Administration of drugs properly not overdose, washing of drinkers each morning.

Use of drugs
You don’t act stingy, always examine your flock and know the exact drug to administer at a particular time of any problem.

Vaccination is a crucial way you can use to protect your birds, though most farmers hates to vaccinate their birds because it comes to be of vaccination failure and this will expose their flock to that particular disease. However, most farmers work hard to treat and secure their birds even without vaccination, you can read how I trained my birds without administering Newcastle virus vaccine lasota on How to treat Newcastle disease.

How to control a farm against coccidiosis.

Providing adequate dry litter
Have you cleaned your litter? Is your litter dirty? If yes, this where your most problem comes from, as a farmer, you are recommended to keep your litter dry as to enable your flock bath themselves against lice and for them to be neat and disease free.

Bird bath on sawdust

Bird bath on sawdust

Proper nutrition
Changing of feed has been a problem of most farmers, (The change top to amo, amo to hybrid, hybrid to animal care) most times  farmers complains about their flock not growing. just know, your flock is not growing because you are under-feeding them or the are bad specie.

Note: Changing of feed exposes your flock to coccidiosis, 70% of farmers experience this change and suffers from it.

If your bird came from a good hatchery, any feed brought to your birds would grow them absolutely so far you don’t under-feed them, all feed by company are formulated by nutritionist and are good for birds, make sure your feed is fresh in other to enable the lysine In feed to work in your birds system.

Below I would show you pictures of broiler poo you should be aware and mindful on, below are it.

Newcastle virus poo

Newcastle virus poo


broiler Diarrhea

Diarrhea in broiler poo


dangerous coccidiosis poo

This particular poop is a symptom of many illnesses such as diarrhea, infectious bursal disease (Gumboro), fowl typhoid, and pollurum.


how to treat coccidiosis

Red coccidiosis fowl stool this one is minor

The main reason why I wrote this epistle is to teach you about the herbal medication to be used during coccidiosis outbreak. Treating coccidiosis in a medicated way with modified and modernized drugs are with amprolium and antibiotics but that is not what I came to teach.

All leaves created by God has a worth its to human, just that sin has made us to be ignorant of the gift of God to man.

Pawpaw leaves is a vital solution to treat intestine problems both in human, You  have to know,  coccidiosis affects the intestine of a bird that’s the major place its effect occurs. Pawpaw leaves and bitter leaves are good natural leaves you can use to destroy coccidiosis disease in birds, the nutrients of pawpaw and bitter leave are essential to birds.

Am holding Pawpaw leaves

Note: You have to boil these leaves as to kill the antinutrients, raw leafs has a lot of antinutrients, you are recommended to boil all of them mentioned all together and serve your birds when the are cool.

I have used this leaves severally to exit my flock from a coccidiosis outbreak, it helps me, it saves and cures my flock without much time wasting.
If your flock suffer from coccidiosis, I advice you to use this leaves, kindly pluck  pawpaw leaves and some  bitter leaves, You have to pluck according to number of drinker you have.

Note: All leaves has to pass through Decoction, This simply means  boiling raw leaves with water as to  enhance it’s essential value. Example; boiling natural herbs  leaves to get a better medicinal value.
Now Lets proceed to our lesson, I just explained about decoction in other to enable your birds safe now lets move to its procedure.

After plucking the herbal leaves mentioned, Boil them all together as to remove the antinutrients,  remember to make it concentrated as to heal the birds quickly, starve your flock water at least for few hours in other to enable them thirsty as to drink the natural herbal drug  which you boiled.

After boiling, keep it to cool, once it cools, fill the herbal drug prepared in their drinkers and serve them.
Administer this process and drug for 5 consecutive days to disable coccidiosis.

Note: Its good you start to administer this herbal drug to your flock before coccidiosis occurs  in your farm in other to build immune against coccidiosis.

Like you can see me in the picture holding those leaves, those leaves are example of pawpaw leafs, bitter leave and moringa leave.

bitter leaves

bitter leaves

Moringa leaves are  excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, moringa leaf is an excellent source of protein, moringa builds the immune system of animals, Moringa leaves are   with numerous nutrients, including antioxidants, protein, calcium vitamin A, potassium and vitamin C.

Am holding moringa leaves

After the administration of pawpaw leaves and bitter leave drug formulation at 5 consecutive days, After the five days, administer moringa to them as to enforce their immune system to resist disease and for them to recover quickly remember the moringa must be boiled just as you boiled the pawpaw and bitter leaves as to kill the antinutrients.

Question We Have Answered

Note: If you haven’t experienced coccidiosis yet in your farm, I mean if your birds are healthy, kindly pluck pawpaw, moringa & bitter leave, gather them all in a pot and boil all together, serve your birds always to enable them build a strong immune system.

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