The prominent ways of drug administration in poultry

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The prominent ways of drug administration in poultry
Animal Husbandry

Good evening, I will be teaching about drugs administration in poultry, infection and diseases has been the main way we farmers bear lose in our farm today. If you are planning to set up a farm to practise animal husbandry, using these drugs formulation which I have written would serve you better and keep your farm free from diseases. If you have a farm already and your previous drugs formulation is not leading you to a right point kindly change to this which I have been using and its 100% tested.
If this is your first time going into poultry business all you have to do is to goto your nearby vet and buy the following drugs which will be used for its administration.

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  1. Anidone Supervite or any effective vitamins.
  2. Mycodox antibiotics drug
  3. anidone anti coccidcisis drug
  4. Lasota, also buy milk to mix with it for Newcastle virus vaccination.
  5. Gumboro, also buy milk to mix with it for gumboro disease vaccination.

Any poxcure drug or you may use palm oil as instructed.
Don’t forget to deworm using the following leaves as written in this article.

Day 1: multivitamins or Glucose D.

Day 2 -6: antibiotics + anticocci + multivitamin

Day 7-8: deworm using onions or garlic or pawpaw leaves (1 small bulb in 1 drinker)

Day 14: lasota + milk

You may ignore Lasota vaccine and rather treat Newcastle Learn more.
Day 15 -19: antibiotics + anticocci

For anti-coccidcisis, use any drug containing amprolium for best treatment. Anidone anti-coccidcisis or dramacine forte is recommended both contains amprolium.

Day 21: gumboro + milk

If you are using Dramacine forte anti-coccidcisis, introducing gumboro drug is not recommended because dramacine forte cure both.

Day 24-25: deworm organically

Day 30 -34: antibiotics + anticocci

Day 35: Give them poxcure or use raw palm oil in water (2 spoon in drinker)

Day 38-39: deworm organically

Day 44 -48: antibiotics + anticocci

Day 52-53: deworm organically

Day 58 -62: antibiotics + anticocci
There are other medicated drugs which can be used to deworm a flock but most times we choose the organic ways to reduce cost of production.
Note: Do not deworm birds with medicated drugs under Day 1 to 30 else you can deworm using organic way.
Do not administer Lasota or gumboro vaccine when your flocks are weak/feeble else you may loose your entire flock, its recommended to treat a flock before introducing Vaccine else feeble ones dies, Learn more about vaccination and treating.
When you administer lasota, dont allow your flock to drink it more than 2 hours once its one hour remove the drinker even when the don’t finish it else it becomes a problem to them.
To enable this part, on day of vaccination, make sure your flock are healthy, starve your flock both water and food for at least 5 hours. After 5 hours has passed, you should introduce the vaccine and food to them so that the exhaust it within an hour.

Questions We Have Answered

Don’t allow rat in your poultry, the cause popular disease called coccidcisis.
Just have it in mind: Lasota is not a guaranty to exit from Newcastle. Always keep your farm clean and dry.

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  1. Rev fr Okafor Philip | March 28, 2019 at 1:28 pm | Reply

    Elvis good day! Thanks for your write up on drug administration broilers. But what should we be giving the birds at those gap margins before the appointed days of drug administration eg from day 9 to 14? Thanks

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