What To Expect With The New Android 9.0 Pie

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The Android 9 Pie is the ninth major update from Google. It is also the sixteenth version of Android OS. This update became available for public use on August 6th, 2018.

Unlike the previews updates by Google, Android Pie seems to be the only one that has offered something tangible, different and thoroughly exciting. A new navigation system, a spicy app overview, and better notification management. You could say its leaning towards Apple.

So, down to business:

Artificial Intelligence:

Our geniuses at Google think your phone should have an intimate relationship with you, know you better or at least your routine. The Android Pie is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and every feature in it taps from this well.

Navigation System:

Android Pie comes packaged with a new navigation system. The basics are,
1. Tap for home
2. Long press for Google Assistant
3. Swipe right and release for the most recent app
4. Swipe right and hold to scroll through recent apps
5. Swipe up to show recent apps menu and suggested apps
6. Swipe further up to open app drawer (or swipe up again from app overview)

These gestures are available for any screen. However, concerns remain that it might take a little getting used to by people with a slower learning curve.

App Overview:

Android offers a new screen overview that is rather impressive. This allows you to toggle between active apps by lining them up horizontally. Adding to this is the search bar and full app list just below, allowing you to get to any in a blink.

Android Pie also allows you to copy anything from the Overview, whether text or a photo, you need not to minimize apps for such a simple reason. The smart selection also is cool as it can read the content of your text and make suggestions as to the next line of action.

Adaptive Brightness:

If you’re like me and tweak your phone brightness a lot. Say, when inside you switch to a dim screen and when outside you want ultra-bright, you need not bother about this anymore.

The new Android Pie brightness feature isn’t some cheap ambient light sensor. This is another AI upgrade that allows your phone to keep track of your favoured brightness settings, when and where you want it and automatically adjust when you change locations. This saves you the stress of manual tweaks.

Native Notch Support:

For those whose phones have a notch, this upgrade will definitely suit you. With Android Pie, the OS is smarter and significantly more predictive. This goes all out to include App actions as well.  This means that your Android Pie phone can predict your next move and pop up options to save you the stress of unnecessary taps.


This doesn’t necessarily mean the drop down the window but it’s a tweak that will improve your user experience. For example, if you reply to a message or e-mail from an alert, you will be presented with smart replies that will save your time. Also, these pop-up replies don’t disappear even if you navigate to another app, meaning you can easily come back and finish what you started.

Powerful Lock Screen:

Unlike the previous updates, Android Pie comes loaded with a rather complicated lock screen. Unlike the boring time and date and maybe allowed notifications, the lock screen in this update with include information like weather updates and upcoming calendar events.

Smarter Battery:

With each new update, battery life has always been a focus for the users and Android Pie paid homage to this issue. The Android Pie prioritises battery power to the apps that are most used than the ones that are less used. Also, the battery saver mode brings new options like disabling always-on displays, plus background restrictions towards apps that use too much battery life.

Enhanced Bluetooth:

With the Android 8.0 Oreo, users were equipped with the ability to connect two Bluetooth devices at once. In Android Pie, you get three extra slots. This allows you to build a network of speakers around you, giving yourself maximum sound. Oh, incoming calls can be directed to any one of the speakers to reduce the creepiness of being surrounded by voices.


Digital Welfare:

For some users, this last piece of the Android Pie may be the best thing that has happened to them. This involves a series of tools that inform the user how they actually use their phone and why you should do it for less.

With the Dashboard, you get daily accounts of how many minutes you pour into each app, how much notifications get in and how often they pick up and unlock your phone.

The Wind Down feature turns your screen greyscale at a certain time of the day and there is the Do Not Disturb feature which silences notifications, allowing them to get some sleep.


Are you ready?

I know I can’t wait to get this upgrade.

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