How to store files on cloud with microsoft onedrive system

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How to store files on cloud with microsoft onedrive system


Onedrive storage application from microsoft

What is onedrive? This an online storage provided by microsoft to enable its users to store files on cloud.
onedrive application has gone viral in our society today expectially since microsoft lumia phone got introduced.
if you are using window phone also known as microsoft lumia, using onedrive to backup your personal files would be intrinsic and good incase you may have a device format.
Onedrive application enables you to store music, pictures, documents including other formats of files so far you dont exceed the maximum storage given to you.

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onedrive has a free plan and paid plan,
The free plan has maximum of 15 gigabyte not until 2016 when microsoft announced to limit its maximum free storage authority to 5Gigabtye beacuse its users misused it, this means
you will not be able to store files more than 5 gigabyte in it for users on free plan.

HOw good is Onedrive? like i said Earlier, Onedrive enables you to store files in the cloud without paying a single fee to the company, but you can only pay to
increase your storage size IF you have exceeded the 5Gigabyte given to you for free.

Onedrive 5GB plan is free of charge, TO activate Onedrive in your Phone, all you have to do is to download the application from microsoft store
if you have found none in your phone. Sometimes, onedrive application is installed by default from its manufacturer known as microsoft.
Even when you flash, formats, phone or memory card, if you have backed up with onedrive, the whole of your application and documents
are safe because you can retrive it again from one drive all you
need is to synchronize your phone to restore all backup from Onedrive disk cloud like i thought in my previous lesson about How to update a window phone.

Onedrive has all storage features just as your personal computer storage folders. You can decide to create hundreds of folders in onedrive, you can also decide
to lock your onedrive application with a password, this will enable only you to access it and decline third parties application and human being from been in it.

onedrive application pin reset

onedrive pin set

onedrive supports recycle bin, onedrive recycle bin works in a way that each time you delete a file it stays in recycle bin for a period of 30 days before it wipes itself off.
This means, at that time which files you deleted are in recycle bin, you may choose to restore them by simply going to recycle bin folder like the screenshot has shown to get your files restored.

onedrive recycle bin

onedrive recycle bin

How to Backup Application, Text messages, photos & videos. you may decide to backup your application, text messages, photos and videos automatically in your onedrive as
you install them from store or capature them with your camera, setting your files to get backed up automatically enables you to be out of ignorance of uploading manually in onedrive.

To set your phone in order to backup automatically, all you have to do is to goto your window phone setting, on the list of phone setting click on “Backup”

Window phone onedrive backup

Window phone onedrive backup

you can  decide to turn the setting “ON” to enable your files get backed up automatically.

Window onedrive backup ON/OFF

Window onedrive backup ON/OFF

Note: if you backup automatically kindly know that this will deduct your internet data balance according to the file size.

Most Questions We Have Answered

microsoft has other software product excluding onedrive, the have other softwares such as micro-soft office which consist of microsoft word, access, excel,

This i mentioned are the most popular software application used in office today excel and access are used to calculate students result and workers salary.
Bill Gate the founder of microsoft has helped the word to invent this system which has helped the world today.

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