How to formulate Broiler Starter Feed For Your Broiler 100kg

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How to formulate broiler feed

Broiler Feed Formation

Hello, Am teaching on how to formulate a starter Broiler feed.
Using this feed formulation properly,  supply enough food to your birds, this would enable your birds to grow before (8) eight weeks.
The reason its recommended for you to formulate your feed is that, the cost of production has been so high since finisher went upper to 3450 while starter went for 3550.

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Formulation properties

Gather the above supplements, meal and mix according to the kilogram written. you can ask questions from our comment box to know more about feed formation.

Broiler feed

  1. Maize(MZ) 61kg
  2. Soya Bean Meal 18kg
  3. Wheat offal (WO) 4kg
  4. Full Fat Soya 13.5kg
  5. Bone Meal (BM) 2.5kg
  6. Lysine 0.2kg
  7. Methionine 0.3kg
  8. Premix 0.25kg
  9. Salt 0.3kg

                   Total = 100kg

You May Consider to Add Moringa

moringa leaf

Moringa leaf


Most Questions We Have Answered

Apart from feed formulation, Moringa leafs is a nutritional natural leave which can be used in poultry to supply more protein to your flock its Rich in antioxidants, moringa boost the immune of your flock to resist against diseases. However, To get moringa ready, pluck the leaves, dry it under room temperature to retains its green coloration, blend/mix with their feed or orally through drinking water.

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