How To Send WhatsApp Videos As Animated GIFs

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GIFs are supported by WhatsApp on both iOS and Android.

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WhatsApp is arguably the most popular chat platform available in the internet world. WhatsApp is responsible for connecting up to a billion people across the world.

One can say it is boring given the lack of features to make sharing of information interesting like stickers which are readily available on Messenger. However, stickers have been added to the latest updates but they still lack the dramatic appeal as they do on Messenger. That might take a while.

One of the beauties of WhatsApp is the ease associated with sharing of audio, video and graphic files. Also, the addition of GIFs to this platform is an interesting one too. Now, you can create and share your own GIFs from videos on your device instead of searching for appropriate GIFs from GIPHY.

Here the steps to follow to convert a video into a GIF:

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • Tap the attachment icon given inside the box.
  • Select the video you want to make a GIF of.
  • There will be a preview and an option to trim the video.
  • Tap the box reading GIF.
  • WhatsApp will convert your video to GIF.

Remember, GIFs are have low file sizes and do not always exceed about 5secs.

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