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Do You Know Medicated Soaps Are Not Good For Your Skin?


Reasons you should note why medicated soaps are not Good for our flesh


I remembered a friend who complained to me that whenever he has even the slightest cut on his skin, it would profusely one would think the head was cut off. I advised him to go see a doctor and he came back and said the doctor advised him to stop using medicated soaps.


I was discussing with my aunt today and this incident came to mind hence this post.


Medicated soaps are not good for your skin. They contain chemicals which are antibiotic – chemicals that kill important microorganisms in your skin, thus allowing pathogenic microbes to grow and establish on your skin.


According to Dr. Charles Uzor of Correspondent


“Many adults battling with chronic fungal diseases like Pityriasis versicolor have a history of regular use of antiseptic soaps.”


Also, avoid the use of creams that contain steroids. These steroids which usually are used for treatment of certain skin conditions like eczema may have damaging effect with prolonged use. One of this includes skin atrophy – this is basically a degeneration or weakening of the dermal tissues.


Allergies, skin thinning, skin burns maybe some local effects. Systemic effects include increase in blood pressure, blood and home thinning, etc.


Regular soaps and creams with natural extracts is the best way to care for your skin. When in doubt, seek recommendations from professional health practitioners.


It is important to note that damages to skin is caused by prolonged use of mild medicated soaps and steroid creams or short term usage of very potent ones.


The best treatment remains stoppage of use.

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