Tutorial – How to watch all format of video in window phone mobile including MKV and FLV

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How to watch all format of video in window phone mobile including MKV and FLV

Today i will be teaching about window phone and the bug it has on its users watching videos which result as file not supported.
ever since nokia enrolled with micro-soft to establish window phone, micro-soft softwares has
not functioned effectively with nokia device or sometimes called microsoft phone mobile.

Am not saying this to hype you, micro-soft application crashes automatically on MOBILE in nokia without no identified fault this made nokia to enroll back to andorid platform like NOKIA 2, NOKIA 6 & 7, because the experienced a poor sales during there establishment of window mobile,

nokia andorid

Nokia andorid series

Recently i noticed window phone dont support various formats of videos
the matroska video (mkv) format with its default micro-soft video application.


Video listing in Video X Player

Video listing in Video X Player


The home page of video x

The home page of video x player

Today, i would teach you on how to play various formats of movie with your window phone even without the use of micro-soft default window video application.
so many application from different developers has promised to play video format of different video files in window phone. however, i noticed whenever you waste your
internet plan to
download them the all fail to be junk applications that can only play an MP4 file.

The intrinsic video application which can play 99% of window phone videos are explained below.

You can search for this application on microsoft store It Supports all video files,
i have tested and it was compatiable with me on playing various types of video files including MKV and FLV.
Video X supports all codecs and dual audio.
Since i started using Video X, This application has been a good video app which has enabled me watch every video on my mobile device.

There are other video application in micro-soft store like VLC PLAYER, we still have X VIDEO PLAYER PRO, TRIPLE X PLAYER FOR VIDEO, VIVA VIDEO PLAYER.
There are many video application in micro-soft
store but Video X PLAYER is the most rated.

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Note: Video X & X Video Player Pro are not same, Video X Player is developed by 0vz company while X VIDEO PLAYER is developed by Tubemate Youtube.

These are Video X Player Specification By the developer.

Video X Player – FREE video player with Extra features! No features for money, everything is free!

1. Supports all video formats supported by Windows Phone.

2. Supports MKV (Matroska) and FLV

3. Supports audio codecs and dual-audio.

4. Supports subtitles: SRT, SUB, SSA, VTT + built-in MKV-subtitles!

5. Easy to use and customizable interface in Metro style.

6. Three customizable sections to browse your video files. You can select any folder that you want (e.g. Pictures\WhatsApp to browse WhatsApp videos or your SD card).

7. Playback speed controls!

8. Adjusting brightness.

9. Zooming videos (use pinch to zoom gesture)

10. Adjusting video size (3 modes)

11. Fullscreen playback for phones with on-screen navigation bar.

12. Share videos just from the app!

13. Quick navigation mode – just tap on folder name to see folders list.

14. Always saving position, where you stopped.

15. SD Card supported (by default it’s the second section)!

16. Software decoder for unsupported files!

Before you download Video X Player your device is recommanded to have this requirements as minimum.
OS Windows 8 Mobile
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
Touch Integrated Touch

Specification That are required, the both specification would accept Video X Player, the second optionis for the best

This system requirements are presented for the best user Experience
Your device should meet these requirements for the best
OS Windows 8 Mobile
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
Touch Not specified

Always make sure all your window phone softwares are upto date like i thought in my previous lesson about How to update a window phone.

Questions We Have Answered

To download Video X Player visit this page.


Goto your phone menu

this is microsoft store application

search for store

Open your micro-soft store application.

how to search application in microsoft store
On that window search for Video X Player like the screenshot has shown.

Download and install video x player

After a successful search, the next window would appear like the screenshot has shown this where you install video x player application.

Thats all click on install to activate the application.

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