How to predict sure 3odds in bet9ja and other bet platforms – Wining strategy

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how to win bet9ja

Bet9ja has been one of the earning and rising method of many Nigerians.
Bet9ja is a gaming scheme established to reach people on there various homes in other to play and for them to make money.
Bet9ja is lucrative but also none lucrative if you are not part of it in anyway.

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By reading this post I know you are above 18+ according to bet9ja policy.
I would be teaching tips & skills about how to win bet9ja.
The tips are simple but This requires capital (money) from you in other to stake.

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Bet9ja has other bet platforms like racing, basketball, casino, visual, dog race and many more but only football platform is mostly known by people and is also recommended in this article.

Word of Intrinsic:
Bet9ja has no fixed game.

Most people has paraded themself as a bet9ja fixed game giver, this people are fraudsters trying to fool you to get a token from you.

Bet9ja gaming are sport games from Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, north America, south America and Australia soccer leagues and cups, example is premiership and Seria A. Whosever telling you that he has a fixed game that you should pay money to him by means of social media, kindly report the person in facebook with the facebook report button like facebook policy has said.

Examples: the screenshot below which is showing you of people piloting themself as fixed games givers.

fixed game givers fraud


Don’t listen to them, dont waste your hard earned money on them, the are prank and junks, the have no value, all the do is to guess.

Caution: You don’t guess on someone’s hard earned -money that’s while all those fraudsters are fools, sometimes the fall to be fairy tales.

Bet9ja games are real, the are awesome, all you need is the setting. You need to set your games in a proper way in other to win.

We have various won by clubs to there opponent on daily basis. Calculate this, visit Livescore on each day to see various won by various clubs, Ask yourself this questions.
What failed me?

After looking at sports analytics on those that won, if you have played (*2) which is away win and the home team won them which crashed your ticket, your next question would be

Why didn’t I select those that won on home (1) on my ticket instead of selecting those that lost on away (*2).

This means after the calculations you might have done on your forecasting, you played TEAM B to win TEAM A which is option (2)
After 90mins TEAM A wins TEAM B tearing your ticket along.

Hmmm. I pity people most times when the spend money and I hate it when the loose money by staking games which are not recommended to play. But with this guide I know you would make your first win.

Smiles…. Just wait I would explain further. This lesson am teaching and illustrating also applies to other gaming companies like merrybet, Nairabet, surebet247, betway, superbet,parkbet, naijabet,1960bet, betking and many other bets.

We have more than 20 gaming companies in Nigeria but the leading company is Bet9ja followed by Nairabet.

Note: Nairabet commenced in Nigeria before bet9ja. However, bet9ja has gone ahead of them because of there business strategy.

Nairabet = 40%


My lesson today on bet wining is still on point, bet9ja has affiliate programmes for blog and web owners, if you are a blogger, you can decide to sign up to there affiliate programme now in other to earn on there marketing platform.

You can read about there affiliate marketing if you wish to be part of them. Before you Implement there code to your website, make sure you agree to there terms and policy on affiliate programmes.

Most Nigerians complain on everyday matter, the complain saying, “I will not play bet9ja again“, I have loosed a lot of money on them” , this funny and ridiculous of you, let me ask you a question which you don’t ask yourself today.

How can you win 32million with 100naira?

How can you win 10million with 100naira?

Why do you accumulate games that’s about 10 on maximum, some even accumulate 15 games as minimum. This funny…

Note: You can win 48 million with 100 naira but its a hell.

Why do you play expensive, greedy, high, risky games?

Let me tell you something you don’t know bet9ja don’t like you to win. The want you to loose so that the gain money so all you have to do is to accumulate and select wisely.

Bet9ja has high tech analyzers who programmes there live football games. However, this crew of analyzers deceives you with bet odds. Bet9ja deceive every puncher with odds.

Example: Lets assume Alves was in segunda division and Villarreal is In laliga.

Illustration: Alves and Villarreal might be playing a friendly match at Alves home, 90mins later, Alves won 2 -0 victory to Villarreal, then later of the year, Alves qualifies to play in laliga.
Since Alves has played with Villarreal previously at there home when the was in segunda division with a 2-0 victory, In the new year which the have qualified to laliga, If laliga table appears that Alves will play with Villarreal again at there home for the second time, the bet9ja tech analyzers will programme the odds In a way you would be confused.

If you really dont contemplate well, the would deceive you because this where the confusion comes in..
Example: The would state the odds as I have stated below.


Like seriously if you don’t really calculate well, you would think Alves would win, this a lie.. Villarreal is good and a nice team but some times the fail. The above odd which the gave Villarreal would scare you from playing Villarreal to win at away.. However, the Main thing to consider in this feature is to check if during the transfer window, if alves bought quality players.

If the bought quality players during the transfer window, this means the would play well at least at 89% to Villarreal.
So all you have to do is to play alves (Home over 0.5) because the must score one (1) goal but might not win because now the are in laliga the would struggle to be on list at first ten (10) than going back to segunda at last three (3) to relegation.

bet9ja owner

Bet9ja owner

The chief executive officer of bet9ja is known as Ayao Ojuroye while the owner or chairman is Kunle Sonamekunle Soname is one of the wealthiest person in Nigeria.

Kunle Soname was the 1st Nigerian to buy an European football club known as Clube Desportivo Feirense its a Portuguese club..
According to there wikipedia page bet9ja was Launched on September 10, 2013.

Bet9ja owner Kunle Soname net worth

Bet9ja owner Kunle Soname net worth is estimated $100million. Kunle Soname has known and several unknown business excluding bet9ja.
Kunle also owns Remo Stars Football Club in 2016.

Bet9ja minimum & maximum cash to stake for sports bets
minimum to get staked is NGN 100 per bet as bet9ja policy has said while the maximum to stake is not defined by the company. This means you are good to stake with any amount of money you have but cant stake with 99naira since 100 naira is the minimum.

Question we Have Answered

The maximum to withdraw when won on payout is NGN 50,000,000.
However, you are adviced to accumulate odds not more than the amount on maximum of payout.

Winning 1million in bet9ja with 100 naira is what kills punchers,
Its possible to win 1million with 100 naira but the possibility is 29% because higher odds are included and remember the more odds you accumulate the more chances you create to fail.

Note: If you want to win bet9ja, choose a simple option and stake high with a lower odd.
To win bet9ja, there are satin options you need to choose in some satin features of games, lets assume you want to predict 3 odd which you would stake with 3,000 naira.
3odd*3,000naira = 9,000naira

The 3odd which you need is hard to predict if you want to win, but by this post in standcode you would understand how easy it is.

Most people accumulate 3,000 to 8,000 odds but after every staking the will still fail, the failed because the didn’t know the way to it.

If you plan to win big at first you will find out that you win fail a thousand times.
The real way to win bet9ja is to stake high, staking high does not mean you boost to stake all you have. However, the illustration is as follows:

If you are new to bet9ja or other bet platforms you are advised to apply same to all I have said.

“Looks like I almost forgot something”

Let me keep on elaborating about the 3odd
Getting 3odd on a game which would win depends on your effort and selection.
Most people select (Home win 1, Away win 2, double chance 12, Home win or draw 1x, Away win or draw x2, Over 1.5, Goal-Goal, First half draw, 15 mins draw) this few I mentioned are void if you upto win a 3odd,
Winning 3odd means you must select the cheapest option, most people don’t know rates of options in bet9ja. However, the rates are listed below.

Standcode Nigeria Analysis

Home win 1 29% May disappoint
Home score Yes 71% May not disappoint

Note: Home win may be hard to win but playing home score is cheaper because home win warrants the club to win, this means if the draw on 1:1 your ticket has failed. playing home score is cheaper because all you need is one goal from the home team or away according to what you have selected to enable your ticket to be In progress.

I want you to know, In bet options there are ones which are similar to each other but could be risky if you select the wrong one, remember the more odd you accumulate the more risk you apply, also remember you don’t need to accumulate not more than 3odd.

Let say you want to select a Home win on a particular game, since you are working on 3odd, you don’t need to select the home win (1), remember from our table home win has 29% to win while the Home score has 71% this happens because before a club must win the must score, so here if you have selected home score, once the score one goal your ticket has qualified but if you select home win straight this might fail because the may draw anytime, working on 3odd to get it staked high Means you will select the cheapest option.

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