Full Tutorial – How to host a website from scratch on domainking.ng A-z

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Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG
Full Tutorial - How to host a website from scratch on domainking A-z

Today, i will explain about host companies in nigeria that would be reliable for your business.
In this epistle you would know all about how to purchase a web host and how it works, like i thought in my previous lesson about what a web host is all about.

We have hundered’s of web host in nigeria but only few are good and reliable, this has made people to specialise on foriegn host companies due to inactivity
of some fraudlent companies in nigeria.

However, Reading this post would educate you about some good companies in nigeria which you can depend on.
if you are in nigeria, using a foriegn host is not all recommanded, if it happens that your business is a small scheme. however, its advised you use a
nigerian network
because this will enable you to meet the owner by offline, house, office according to the address provided by the company.

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selecting a nigeria company when you are in nigeria will also enable you to pay with bank transfer on physical cash without an ATM.

Now in this tutorial, i would teach you on how to host a website starting from step one.

The host am using below on this illustration is a popular nigerian and trusted host company, there customer care is robust, the are good and legit,
there client website approval propagation takes only 3mins while other nigerian host might take upto 12 hours.

In our website you can see the logo of the company, the are called domainking.
Domainking is a nigeria host company controlled by indians.
we have hosted some other of our client website with them for so many years now.
standcode.com is hosted with domainking, i must say the are a good company.

IF you are new in blogging or want to host your website, after reading this tutorial, you would learn all about hosting a website with domainking.
you can register domainking from HERE.

Step 1:
Make sure your computer is fully charged, launch your browser visit HTTP://domainking.ng

ON the homepage like the screenshot has shown, click on menu > click on Hosting.

domainking web hosting

Once you click on hosting, three (3) options would show namely

  1. Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Business Email Hosting
  4. SSl certificate

Click on Web hosting like the screenshot has shown.

Step 2:
Once you click on Web Hosting, this “window” will appears like the screenshot has shown.

domain configuration

This page is where you read to know about a host specification, example: In domainking we have three types of web hosting plan
namely Soldier, minister & King. like i said in my previous article about domainking host specifications, i meantioned and listed
about its host configurations.

SOlDIER PLAN: Pay N300 Per month * 12 months, 2GB SSD SPACE, Unmetered Bandwidth, Host two (2) websites on this plan, Free SSL certificate + 1 Free .com.ng domain for the first year
and will get renewed on second year it also consist of control panel.

Minister Plan: Pay N800 Per month * 12 months, 10GB SSD SPACE, Unmetered Bandwidth, Host six (6) websites on this plan, Free SSl certificate + It has upto 2x faster server resources
and also consist of inbuilt server caching for a faster loading website + 1 Free .com.ng domain for the first year
and will get renewed on second year it also consist of control panel.

KING PLAN: This is domainking highest web hosting plan Apart from VPS hosting, the king plan is higher than that of soldier and mninister, this plan consist of
Unlimited SSD SPACE, Unmetered Bandwidth, Host Unlimited websites with this plan, this plan has upto 4x faster server resources
and also consist of inbuilt server caching for a faster loading website + 1 Free .com.ng domain for the first year
and will get renewed on second year it also consist of control panel Pay N1599 * 12 months.

Duration: Domainking has 1, 3, 6 months host duration this means you can decide to host your website for upto a month to 6 months others are 1, 2, 3 years this means you can
equally host your website with them from a year to 3 years the above is your choice, remember the more years you select the more discount you get.

Now that i have explained about there hosting plan, i would like to move further to explain about how to host with this company.

Step 3:
You will have to select a particular plan which you have vowed for, you may choose to select any of the above plan in order to purchase a host,
like the screenshot has shown.

Step 4: On this tutorial, i choosed the soldier plan which i would be using as illustration. this means when you choose any of the above plan, clicking on order will add
your product to the cart and would refer you to this page where you will conduct the domain and host options, example, this is a page where you will choose a domain name.
Looking at the screenshot below explains the options which domainking supports example are:

domainking web hosting

(1) I want Domainking.ng to register a new domain for my new hosting package.

(1a)If this is your first time of buying domain name and hosting you are recommanded to use this option because it will enable you to register a new domain name.

2nd Option

(2) I want to transfer my domain to domainking.ng

(2a) This means, if you have an existing domain in other host companies and would’nt like them to control your domain again, choosing this option would enable you to
transfer your domain to domainking on your new hosting plan.

3rd Option

(3) I already have a domain and i will update its nameserver Or I will register a new domain from an another provider.

(3a) This option means, if you already have a domain and would like to update your name server you can choose this option or if you would like to register your
domain in other host company other than domainking you can select this option equally.

On this tutorial, i choosed the first option which is, I want Domainking.ng to register a new domain for my new hosting package and
i would be using my name “ELVIS CHRIS” as the domain name for example.

Step 4: On the box with (www.) behind, replace “elvis chris” with your preferred domain name to check if your domain name is available.
the combo box with a (.com) domain in it at the front
is where you can select types of domain which you may also like examples are .net, .org .in.

NOTE: A domain must be available before it can work. the availabilty must be in green colour.

domainking availability

Once your domain name is available, it should be written in green color, you would see many checkboxes on domains which are available, all you have to do is to check
the particular domain which you have budgeted, for example i selected (.com) as my budget, this means my domain name is ( elvischris.com).

NOTE: The boxes which has “more info” as its header are where you can select the duration of the domain checked and when its gets expired example,
you many choose from 1-10years of domain purchase.

After selecting your domain, all you have to do is to click on Continue.

Step 5:

Product Configuration


product configuration
After you have arrived in this page, this page explains to you the whole configuration you have choosen,
on this page you can decrease and increase the annual charge which applies to your product, example you might be billed for 1- 3 years according to
the rules specified by domainking. if you have made a mistake while ordering, this page notes the whole configuration setting which the server you
bought and what contains has.

Step 6:

 Domains Configuration


domains configuration
On this step you would have to check the whole boxes which are placed by domainking company, this page explains to you about the configuration of your domain
example, this pages explains about your server hosting, setting of Domain name server management, CNAME, MX & TXT. Others include like checking the email
forwarding & 2 free email account which would be given to you, remember the 2 free email account implies to solider hosting,
other plan of hosting has more or unlimited email accounts.

The Next step is to click on continue to the final checkout.

This page explains about the whole configuration of your hosting server from domainking.
on this window you are required to create an account for the products in your cart, the account which you create here is same as a client account to domainking.
If you have an existing account with domainking you may choose EXISTING CUSTOMER than selecting NEW CUSTOMER like the screenshot has shown.

domainking registeration

PROMOTIONAL CODE: This feature notifies you if in anyway domainking has hosted a promo, exanmple, if domainking sets a
promotional code, using it would discount the fee
charged by them according to the OFF% given. example, the might set DKNGHOST20OFF,
this code means, the are discounting by 20% on the fee you are paying, this option is only availabe on first purchase.

The most reason while i like domainking is that the accept cash payment, the support by you going to bank to
cash there vogue account while you submit your teller for
prove, once the approve your payment from vogue your products becomes qualified and approved.

Now since you have accomplished the shopping of the products, the next step is to pay for the products which you shopped.

domainking payment
On the screenshot you can see, there are so many ways of paying domainking but here we would explain about how to pay them
through bank transfer.

From the screenshot you can see there account details or
looking at your window on your pc you can also see the account details on bank transfer option which is selected.

vogue web solution

after you have successfully paid to there bank account, all you will have to do is snap the teller which you used in
paying which was comfirmed by the cashier, snap the teller, login to you client area of domainking from domainking.ng.
Your login details is same as the registeration details submitted on product purchase. however, once logged in,
Submit Ticket > Click on Support > the new window would appear like the screenshot has shown >

support ticket
Write the subject of the ticket
Example: NEW HOSTING COMFIRMATION, > select Urgency > Select the related service same as the product which you shopped



Question We Have Answered

once all box are selected, attach the teller picture like the screenshot has shown and click on SUBMIT. thats all.
IN 5mins time a domainking agent would attend to you to comfirm your payment, once the comfirm it the would create a New
registeration to CPANEL which would enable you to build a website, with this tutorial you have successfully hosted a
website from domainking.


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